Part 12


Why Kardashian  got free ride. Attorney cooperating with feds in major investigation

By David M. Bresnahan
(c) 1999

The attorney who allegedly hired a "hitman" to kill Nicole Brown Simpson has been given federal immunity as part of another investigation, according to an author-researcher who uncovered the murder plot.

Attorney Robert Kardashian, friend and business partner of O.J. Simpson, has been under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for conspiracy to commit murder for 18 months. That investigation was conducted unofficially.

Shortly after the murder of Nicole, the press attempted and failed to pursue claims by gangster Bill Wasz that he was paid by Kardashian to kill Nicole.

"We heard about him, but within 48 hours it was over. We were led to believe that Wasz created the notebook while he was in jail," explained crime writer Joseph Bosco in an exclusive interview with WorldNetDaily.

Bosco was one of only a handful of reporters granted permission to remain in the courtroom at all times during the Simpson murder trial. His book gives some fascinating insights and a perspective not found elsewhere. Bosco maintains that Kardashian did solicit Wasz to kill Nicole.

Did O.J. kill Nicole?

"The evidence tells me he isn't the knife man," Bosco explained. His book provides a detailed look at what Bosco believes was a combination of botched work by the prosecution, separate people with different motivations to alter evidence, and distortion of the truth for political reasons.

It was long after the trial of the century had ended that Bosco rediscovered the involvement of Wasz. In February 1997, he spoke with an deputy district attorney and some LAPD detectives. It was agreed that they would all work together in an informal investigation.

For the next 18 months a mountain of evidence was gathered which showed that Wasz had been telling the truth. Bosco worked night and day in an attempt to prove that Kardashian and O.J. had conspired to kill Nicole.

It was a unique partnership that was working far too well. Enough evidence was found to move toward getting an indictment.

"Unindicted or indicted co-conspirators can give direct testimony against the co-conspirator, and it's not hearsay," explained Bosco. "So what you would have is you would have the prosecuting of all the circumstantial evidence to support it, then it comes down to Kardashian on the stand telling his story, and Bill Wasz telling his story.

"Even with his years of many crimes, I guarantee you any 12 average Americans are going to believe his story over Kardashian's. That's what it comes down to. I think it can be won with the jury. But I also know how tough it would be,"said Bosco.

WorldNetDaily first learned of the Kardashian murder conspiracy in April 1998 when documents were leaked. The initial stories resulted in public pressure for the district attorney to interview Wasz in prison.

LAPD detectives conducted two interviews with Wasz last summer. Larry Longo, attorney for Wasz, and Bosco were present at both meetings. They witnessed the administration of a lie-detector test on the second visit.

Bosco confirms the claim made by Wasz that he passed the lie-detector test with flying colors, or at least it appeared that he passed. The detectives involved later claimed that Wasz flunked the test.

"They put us in check," Bosco said. "We will now forever be in the category of the JFK sort of thing, because they will always say, 'Yeah, but we have this polygraph he's failed.' No matter how many good ones we have, they will make that claim.

"Wasz is telling the truth," he adds, "but the problem is getting the public outcry. The cops involved were not part of the cover-up."

Wasz and Bosco have made known the names of the officers and prosecutors they have been working with, and that information has been verified. The case is not considered closed, and the sensitive nature of the investigation requires protecting their names so they can continue their efforts.

Bosco had a contract with a major national news magazine to write the details of the Wasz story. It was scheduled to be the cover story when suddenly it was cut. Bosco was furious, but frantic phone calls and heated arguments could not save the story.

The magazine's legal staff were frightened by the potential for legal action by Kardashian. Bosco explained to them that Kardashian would never do that.

"Once he sues anybody on this issue, we get discovery. We can depose everybody," Bosco told the worried attorneys.

"You're right, on a strategic, tactical basis. But, my employer hires me to give them pure legal advice. I can't say to them 'I don't think he'll never sue you.' I've got to tell them what their liability is if he does sue," explained the bureaucratic legal eagle.

"We came within 15 minutes of being the cover story on a major national magazine. A whole bunch of people were screaming and hollering at each other. We're down to the last second and all of a sudden it's
pulled," lamented Bosco.

Bosco does not drop an investigation he put his life into for so long. The investigators he was working with were not happy, but they knew there was nothing they could do.

A source within the U.S. attorney's office explained the facts of life to Bosco. It would be very tough to get a guilty verdict against Kardashian on a conspiracy to commit murder charge, and it turned out that the feds needed help to crack an organized crime sports betting ring.

Bosco was told about a secret federal grand jury that is relying heavily on help from Kardashian to get indictments against organized crime and sports figures. Many heads are expected to roll, including O.J.'s.

Indictments are on the way, how soon no one seems to know. The key point is that Kardashian will have immunity.

Now Bosco understood why everything he did met with resistance, and he knew that he was fighting a battle he could not win. Wasz would remain tucked away where no one could easily interview him, and the official line would always be that he had failed a lie-detector test.

But Bosco learned something else from the federal attorney. Now he knew the motivations of Kardashian and O.J. to plan the murder of Nicole. He was also convinced that O.J. was being set up in a double cross which failed.
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