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''I just want to let it be known that my husband was just recently diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumitica, aka known as PMR. He started having symptoms shortly after having the SHINGLES VACCINE. PMR is a rare but none the less, side effect of this vaccine. There is a deeply buried acknowledgement of this on the Merck website. PMR is an autoimmune disease, which symptoms are, extreme pain in shoulders, hips, buttocks and back of thighs. Conventional treatment is 4 to 6 months of high dose of Prednisone. My husband is 3 weeks into treatment, and we've asked his physician to ween him off within a month since we want to pursue a holistic means of treatment. His doctor reluctantly prescribed the proper dosage for weening down off the Prednisone. As I understand, many PMR patients wind up being on steroids for years or for life. Of course knowing the side effect of steroids being diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, liver damage, etc., this is not the treatment I want for my husband. We are trying to decrease his inflammation by changing his diet, taking Soul, which is a product by a company called Rain, researching herbal remedies, possibly starting on essential oils. My husband was always one to get a flu shot every year and others, despite my warnings and example. Now he is living with regret. I just want this information to be known, especially to the older community, who are the main target for this dangerous and unnecessary vaccine. I'm just heart broken and angry to see my healthy husband debilitate'' (Sept 2016) FB