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Memorial Sloane Kettering  Cross, Salem/Baphomet (3 bars) & Tiwaz rune for the god Tyr, it's the warrior rune and focuses on the sacrifice of the individual (self) for well-being of the whole (society).

Super Bowl 2012   Madonna  Isis emerges on the Cancer Moon. On her throne, you can see just to the right of her, the symbol for the rune Dagez. It is generally associated with “breakthrough” but is literally a symbol of breaking light, or breaking dawn. Rapid illumination. It is announcing “The Dawn Of A New Day” and the arrival the “New Age.” Also take a quick note of the obligatory leopard print at the bottom of the throne and the two pillars (rods) on either side of her. [2012] Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots

Cross (broken) This is supposed to have been used by Germanic tribes as Todesrune, the rune of death...In the so called family system, it means man dies.

[vid] Sieg Heil means Hail Apollyon The Destroyer

Sol rune from the norse runic alphabet. The nazis took this symbol, changing it's anglo-saxon name Sigel into Sig, thus changing it's meaning from Sun to Victory (German: Sieg).

It is strongly associated with military power, violence, battle, death and war.


[vid] Marines pose with Nazi SS flag  Waitman Beorn: The only part of the Marine Corps response that is a little troubling is the automatic assumption that these Marines had no idea what symbol they were appropriating. For example, from CNN: "They determined that the Marines in the photo were ignorant of the connection of this symbol to the Holocaust and monumental atrocities associated with Nazi Germany." I have a hard time believing that. One or two Marines, okay. But all of them, including their leadership? Also, the comment by the spokeswoman that they couldn’t have known because that's not what Marines are about seems hard to believe, as does the revelation that this is NOT an isolated incident.

La Roux

This sign, a mirror image of the N-structure, is one variation of the Sigrune, the victory rune.