[Zionism] "I truly believe that Israel is the energy center of the world."--Madonna

[The role model from Hell.  Use of the word Madonna, and Ziospeak, says it all.]


Style rip-off
Before and after

Orbit, William
Klein, Steven

This graph made by MTV shows the world’s richest rock stars. Notice how a bolt of lightning emerges from pyramid of artists to another pyramid with an all-seeing eye at the bottom. Is the image hinting at who or what made these artists as rich as they are?


Duplessis, Nicolas  [2012 Feb] Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Denzel Washington & Hollywood’s Black Illuminati Satanist. Madonna is a highly initiated, Illuminati Sorceress, that is very powerful and the only reason that the Illuminati will use a heavy weight like Madonna, is when they really want to bring about a new era and way of life.  Madonna aint no joke.  Madonna is an Illuminati Scud Missile, so even before the NFL Half Time Show, I was blogging about Madonna and her rituals because I already knew what was coming.

[2012 Feb] Madonna’s NFL Satanic Ritual disguised in the Half Time Show.

Madonna’s MDNA Tour Replete with Illuminati Agenda

Super Bowl 2012
[2012] Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots
‘Ye Shall Be as Gods’: Madonna’s Super Bowl Occult Satanic Ritual
Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry  Laced with profound imagery, Madonna’s halftime performance was a massive Illuminati ritual, one that was witnessed by billions of viewers. On this Superbowl “Day of Atonement”, Madonna, the High Priestess of the Illuminati industry, entered the Holy of Holies of America and delivered a 13 minutes sermon that was heard by all…but understood by few.

[2007] You Say She’s A Virgin? The Fallacy of Live Earth London By Matthew Delooze  Quote “Right now I don’t want anyone saving up their energy, I want you ALL to give it up now”. “I want to see you all jump up and down”. “Come on you mother-fuckers”.

[2012 Feb] Sad Sag Nicki Minaj Unleashes Roman, Consumating The Seven-Day-Ritual, From The Super Bowl To The Grammys  Whitney died on 2/11 or eleven twice (1111). The Staples Center where the Grammys were held is at 1111 Figueroa St. February 11th is also “Our Lady Of Lourdes” day. Its the day that Bernadette had the vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, thus honored and venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. Want to know what Madonna’s daughter is named? “Lourdes.” In fact she is “Lourdes Leon.” Leon is Leo/King. Madonna has been hyping Lourdes as the incarnation of the Universal Mother recently.

A great deal that is coming out of Hollywood is linked to mind control in some fashion. Some of the hottest entertainers are Monarch slaves, such as Madonna, a Marilyn Monroe replacement.  Co-author Fritz was given a catalog to Vidimax, which is an New Jersey occult porn video club by someone wanting to help his research. This cult video club sells actually snuff films. They sell the real life footage of cannibalism, virgin sacrifices, occult rituals, and worse. When Madonna was a teenage slave with the name Louise Chiccone living in NY East Village, a real life film was made of her being raped (a setup), and then her cult family taking the rapist and sacrificing him. Vidimax sells this for $19 to their members. Some of their videos are live footage of how kidnapped people have been tortured into becoming slaves. One of the catalog listing says, "tortured until their wills are broken and they become Olga’s submissive slaves!...WARNING EXTREME GRAPHIC VIOLENCE...BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND." The Illuminati Formula 12. External Controls

Roth oversaw Disney’s subsidiary Hollywood Pictures’ Evita film. Evita has as its main start "Material Girl" Madonna. Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slave who has appeared in numerous underground porn/& ritual porn movies. (This author has an underground catalog from a porn business, that has recently changed its location of business. The catalog offered a film of Madonna performing an actual blood sacrifice.) She also was the main actress in Disney’s Dick Tracy film which is reported to be used for mind-control. During an Arsenio Hall show, Madonna, who as a guest acted dissociative, was picked up by the cameras during the show kissing her Baphomet ring. ...... In Ruth Stein’s interview of Madonna, Madonna appeared bored with plugging Disney’s consumer products. When asked about the tango dresses and hats inspired by Evita that popped up in stores after the film, Madonna said, "Believe me, I have nothing to do with it. Disney is pushing the whole thing." (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/29/96, Datebook section). In one interview Madonna states she wants her daughter to grow up knowing Catholicism, but she doesn’t believe that it would be good for her daughter if Madonna married the father of her child from Lourdes, Carlos Leon. In another interview, Madonna says, "Actually, I’m a very good role model, because I say, ‘Look, these are my standards’..." She then goes on to plug homosexuality, same sex marriage, and single families in the interview. Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier: Disney

Reptile eyes (slits)

Style rip-off  [Style Puppets]

Madonna Stole From Marilyn Monroe


Crawford, Joan



Hair Lourdes

[vid] Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time Show Symbolism Explained - Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A

Runes  Cat/Kitten  Isis emerges on the Cancer Moon. On her throne, you can see just to the right of her, the symbol for the rune Dagez. It is generally associated with “breakthrough” but is literally a symbol of breaking light, or breaking dawn. Rapid illumination. It is announcing “The Dawn Of A New Day” and the arrival the “New Age.” Also take a quick note of the obligatory leopard print at the bottom of the throne and the two pillars (rods) on either side of her. [2012] Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots

Black Mass Super Bowl 2012

Energy robbing

Patch (eye)

The priestess card in Aleistair Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck. Superb Owl Worship: High Priestess Madonna Perform...

reminds me of the owl petroglyph from Twin Peaks:

Isis  Ishtar/Inanna   Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry

Winged-Sun-Disk  Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry

Chequered  X sign

Crotch poses  Klein, Steven

Look alikes  Lord Sauron  & Siren   Whore of Babylon


Mickey Mouse 

Pointed chin

Finger (Saturn/the)

666  From her 'What it feels like for a Girl' video

Demonic/Satanic look

Christ mocking

Skull and Bones (Death's Head)               Super Bowl 2012 (earrings )

Hand sign (Satanic)

666 hand sign

Eye (all seeing)

Finger (silence)

All seeing eye

Cat/Kitten alter

Porn Big Daddy Kane & Madonna & Naomi Campbell

Porn  Sexualizing children 

Pentagram  Hexagram  Moon crescent  Super Bowl 2012



Before and after [Before and after (visual)] Well I see 3 total...One Madonna and 2 Fadonna's. But who knows if the first Madonna was really Madonna?

[2012] Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots  Well, first of all, some of us are wondering if Madonna is even Madonna anymore. She sure as hell didn’t dance like Madonna. I also remember Madonna being a lot less leggy, more squat and dynamic. Then there’s that curious lyric from her new song; “Don’t play those stupid games cause I’m a different kind of girl.” What is this in reference to? Is she literally a different girl? Keep in mind that this was all lip-synched. I’m not clear if we’re in Faul McCartney territory just yet, but there is enough latitude for this to be at the very least, considered.








1983                                                                                                                      1985

Eye colour difference (could be photoshop or lens)

From the video "Express Yourself":

Madonna the cat (the sex-kitten) that lost her freedom, wearing collar with chain. Imitating the look of another MK sex-slave - Marilyn Monroe - with platinum blonde hair and red lipstick. The Marilyn theme is very common among these girls too... I will post about that soon too.
Madonna shots, categorized by year:

Martin Schreiber photographed Madonna in February 1979. That kitten photo is one of them.
Four of his pictures were published in Playboy Magazine in 1985.
The whole photosession can be found here:

Lee Friedlander's photosession 1978. The photos were later published in Playboy Magazine september 1985.
The six photos that were printed in Playboy:

From the same photosession:

One of Friedlander's most extreme nude photos of Madonna was auctioned at Christie's last year:

Christie's auction house says a 30-year-old nude photo of Madonna, which earned her a $25 modeling fee, is expected to sell for at least $10,000.

The full frontal image was taken by Lee Friedlander and appeared in Playboy in 1985.

Matthieu Humery, head of Christie's photography department, says Madonna was a 20-year-old dancer trying to make ends meet when she answered Friedlander's newspaper ad seeking a nude model in 1979.

He says six photos from the shoot were sold to Playboy and the one up for auction Feb. 12 is "maybe the most explicit one."


Warning:If you are squeamish about violence, then please skip this post.

I am a bit hesitant to post this link, because the material contained within is truly beyond horrible. I found it referenced in Fritz Springmeier's Illuminati Formula and visited a few years ago. At this point the site advertised that it was selling actual snuff movies, and there were a few clips of what looked like either an actual rape scene or something close, as well as some gory stuff that claimed to be a genuine murder. Some of it looked fake and some of it looked real. To find this portion of the site, click on Macabre videos. Many of them claim to be instances of satanic rituals. Now the site has been refurbished and the first picture there is of the Moloch statue at the Bohemian Grove!!! The link to the videos, including Madonna's aleged snuff film, is at the bottom of the page. Words cannot describe how horrible this website is. Please don't post anything from here on the thread! The nude pics that Lostworld linked to above are nothing compared to this. Truly astounding that sites like this are allowed to exist. I'm sure that BDSM people would probably argue with me about this, but if they want to put out videos of "consensual" rape scenes, then all it does is provide a cover for the real thing to exist in plain view. Maybe everyone here could work together to get this site shut down. Any ideas as to how this could be accomplished?
Here is the blurb about the Madonna movie.

The Rumors Surrounding This 8mm Film Two rumors persist online about Madonna's A Certain Sacrifice

One crazy allegation, splattered across the internet by a fringe Christian Armeggedon group who propagate "The New World Order Trilateral Commission" theurgy purports Vidimax MVU (as makers of the film, but were not) intended the super-8 epic as a satanic "brainwashing" tool. The fly in their ointment is there is no mention of a satan in the film. Ciccone's character is accosted in the rest room of a Times Square eatery. The heavy metal punk clan abduct the perv and use a mock grunge ritual to rid the world of a rapist. How the religious fanatics tie this in with a New World Order or satanism is incredible. The Revelation freaks also alleged Vidimax belonged to The Trilateral Commission of global elite such as Exxon, Sony and Proctor & Gamble. Vidimax wasn't even incorporated, it was a proprietorship (single owner/operated mail order business).

I won't post any more of the descriptions because most of them are far more explicit.

Madonna from 1980's till 2011 and the gap between the front teeth appears & disappears over time