Steven Klein

Madonna has become a frequent collaborator with Klein, having used his photography on the albums Confessions on a Dance Floor and Hard Candy. He has also contributed videos to her 2006 Confessions Tour and various magazine photo shoots.


Lady Gaga  directed the music video for Lady Gaga's single, "Alejandro."

Guinness, Daphne

Kevin Federline

''Elle Fanning and the other stars of the movie Neon Demon (which Iíll be writing about very soon) were featured in a photoshoot in V magazine. Shot by the occult eliteís favorite photographer Steven Klein, the photoshoot is all about making death and abuse fashionable. In this pic, magazine mentions that, Elle is wearing a dress by Maison Close. She is also holding a huge knife to the bottom of her mouth, threatening to kill herself. The eyelashes are by Dior''.  Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Bleeding, blood symbol

Stone, Lara   (MK Ultra, sex slave theme)

Karolina Kurkova and Crystal Renn by Klein for interview march 2012 (MK Ultra theme, again):

Kurkova, Karolina

Kurkova, Karolina

Kurkova, Karolina   BDSM

Kurkova, Karolina

Bleeding, blood symbol

Crotch poses  Madonna

Moss, Kate   Nun suit and sexy spandex always make for a "controversial" image. Even though it has been done hundreds of time, to the point that it is becoming a propaganda tool, some douchebag somewhere will always qualify it as "artistic". Also, for some reason, there's a head in jar in the background.

Moss, Kate   Cross, Inverted  Possession  Dressed in white, Moss looks somewhat possessed and holds a cross in order for it to appear upside-down. The symbol of the inverted cross is used in Satanism.

Moss, Kate   Baphomet