William McRae
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[2014 Dec] McRae was killed because he was closing in on paedophiles says friend

 SNP activist 'killed over child sex files'

[2011 Nov] Did Mossad Murder Hilda Murrall? By T. Stokes  In April 1985 a Scottish Nationalist SNP activist and lawyer William Mcrae who was vehemently opposed to Scotland’s involvement in the nuclear industry was found shot dead in his car in the Scottish highlands.  Mcrae claimed he was under MI5 surveillance and at the time of his death he was due to give testimony at public hearing on waste processing at Dounray.

[1997] The Death of William McRae by Seán Mac Mathúna   Thus, it is my provisional conclusion that McRae was unlawfully murdered by a person or persons unknown, acting on behalf of the the nuclear industry, and ultimately, the British state. Members of the new Scottish parliament should call for an Enquiry to be set up, not only into the covert activities of the nuclear industry in Scotland, but also to reinvestigate how William McRae died.

William McRae & Hilda Murrell


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