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Robert Green

[2011 Book] A Thorn in Their Side: The Hilda Murrell Murder by Robert Green

[1994 Book] Unlawful Killing: The Murder of Hilda Murrell by Judith Cook

William McRae & Hilda Murrell

Inquest and Autopsy Reports for Hilda Murrell

[2011 Nov] Did Mossad Murder Hilda Murrall? By T. Stokes   The general opinion in informed circles is that the killing was authorised by Sir Colin Figures, the Jewish Chief of MI6 who worked closely with Prime Minister Thatcher’s security advisor Lord Victor Rothschild. And here it’s worth recalling that Rothschild was instrumental during Harold Wilson’s years in office for the secret export of Plutonium to Israel.  Rothschild pushed for further British investment in the nuclear industry for his own ends, and he allegedly also helped orchestrate the miner’s strike, which crippled the country and put huge numbers on the dole. Defectors have suggested that the Russians assisted the industrial disruption while the murder of those people opposed to the nuclear industry has Rothschild fingerprints all over it.

[1997] The Death of William McRae by Seán Mac Mathúna

[pdf] Suppressed 1985 Police Review of the Investigation of the Hilda Murrell Case (offline) http://hildamurrell.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/northumbria-report.pdf  Following heavy criticism of their investigation into Hilda’s murder, in March 1985 the West Mercia  Police brought in two senior detectives from the Northumbria Police to review their handling of it. In June 1985 at a disastrous media conference, the police announced that, although the review had found little fault, it had been decided not to make public what became known as the Northumbria Report.  However, they had earlier said it would be made public. Over ten years later, Robert Green received a photocopy of the report from an anonymous source who had access to this and other police files. He has included a critique in his book A Thorn in Their Side: The Hilda Murrell Murder. 

Philip Griffith. An adopted son of Eileen Griffith who knew Hilda Murrell and  lived near her weekend cottage, Philip phoned Eileen  from Brighton soon after the first anniversary of Hilda’s murder to report he had overheard some men in a pub bragging about how they had killed Hilda, and that the police knew. He was followed to a callbox, and found by a work colleague early next morning in a park dying of a drug overdose.  It took two weeks for the Brighton police to inform Eileen; and when she identified Philip’s body he had a severe wound on his forehead like he had been hit with a hammer. The police dismissed his death as drug-related, amid suspicions of a cover-up. When his sister persisted with her own inquiries, her home was staked out by two strange men in a car until challenged by a male friend. His family sought legal advice (pdf) and challenged the police handling of the case and gave Robert Green  permission to use these documents.