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[Dr Willner (a medical doctor of 40 years experience) was the author of The  Cancer Solution & Deadly Deception, and an outspoken whistleblower of the AIDS hoax.  He appeared on Spanish TV where he mixed his blood with the blood of an HIV positive man to demonstrate his belief that  HIV was not the cause of AIDS.  His suggested prime therapies were Budwig Diet, Chelation therapy, Laetrile, Ozone therapy, Pulsed Magnetic therapy, 714X, Glyoxide, Proteolytic enzymes, rectal Coffee instillation, Colonic cleansing, Mind-spiritual support, Therapeutic vitamin/minerals.  Died afore his time like many critics of Allopathy Inc (see: Murder Inc).]


Dr Sodi Pallares

CHELATION by Dr Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D.

The Budwig Diet by Robert Willner, M.D., Ph.D.

The Beginning of the End (The Needle Stick)


[1994] Interview

Deadly Deception by Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D.
The Cancer Solution by Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D.

Anthony Fauci

"My opinion, however, is that they (herbs) are superior 95% of the time to any pharmaceutical drug!"---Willner, M.D.


"During the last 10 years of my practice I utilised many therapies that were not in the mainstream of medicine.  they were safe, non-toxic and very effective.   When I retired I travelled and researched other therapies...I spoke with many doctors and patients who were getting excellent results from these alternative therapies and witnessed their success first hand.  It is time to seriously question and reject the standard orthodox cancer treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, except in a very few instances.
       You may have difficulty in obtaining some of these therapies..because the FDA has literally pressured Congress, under the guise of protecting the public, to keep time-honoured cultural and natural therapies out of the hands of the general public.  If you look at the record of the FDA, it becomes obvious they are serving interessts other than yours and mine
        The 'cancer establishment' is a network of extremely powerful and wealthy companies whose members sit on the boards of many non-profit organisations.  They literally control and direct all cancer research within the USA and throughout the world......Although these centres are non-profit they serve their masters by suppressing most, if not all, non-patentable treatments in favour of the expensive treatments therapies that have wrought havoc with patients while losing the war against cancer."---Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

"The anti-cancer effect of amygdalin was demonstrated in Mexico by government sponsored reserach under Dr. Mario Soto De Leon and its use is legal.  Dr Soto was the first medical director of the Cydel Clinic in Tijuana (taken over by Dr Manner) .It is very important that it be prepared and administred correctly in sufficient dosage or it will not be effective.  The trial performed at the Mayo Clinic in the early 80's involved the use of the racemic mixture rather than the levo-rotary form and thus was only 10% of the strength required.  In spite of this, towards the end of the experiment, the patients began to show improvement, but it was discontinued and declared ineffectual."--Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

Doctors truly believe that they have a monopoly on "state of the art" weapons at their disposal, and that all other approaches are the products of ignorance or downright fraud. This inbred arrogance and ignorance has hindered the advance of good medical practice more than any other factor -I know, I once believed in the same myth. Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

The second reason lies in the economic comforts and privilege that this allopathic medical monopoly provides. The Physician has enjoyed a unique status of wealth, power and prestige, unchallenged until recent years. The public is becoming educated and medicine has failed to deliver on one promise after another. Having spent close to forty years in medicine, I know that there are very few physicians who perpetuate the myth knowingly. The rewards tend to dull one's ability to be critical. It is also very difficult to challenge or search for the flaws in the basic meaning of an entire life's work. Can you imagine looking back and having to say to yourself, "I did it all wrong!" ? Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

Lastly, we have a corrupt, self-serving and often inept government bureaucracy that protects these special powerful interests. They can be vicious and fanatic in their zealousness. The result: pain and suffering, needless deaths and a waste of resources beyond imagination, which has been the greatest single contributing factor responsible for the huge national debt threatening to cripple our nation. Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

Chelation has not only improved heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, but also, Studies indicate a 50% reduction in the occurrence of cancer in individuals who have received EDTA! Chelation has been reported to improve asthma, emphysema, brain function, muscular coordination, Multiple Sclerosis and impotence Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

I spent several days in Freudenstadt visiting Dr. Budwig and each evening I returned to my hotel with papers she gave me to read. In one of the papers, where she referred to the work of Szent-Gyorgi and Popp, it stated that they both mentioned growth regulation in the red field of light. That information was based on the work that Dr. Budwig had done involving her use of ruby laser (laser in the red spectrum of light) in the treatment of cancer and its relationship to the fatty acids. This especially interested me, because I had performed the world's first double-blind study on the use of low power helium neon and infrared laser, both in the red spectrum of light, which demonstrated definite therapeutic benefit in the treatment of arthritis of the hands. My paper was presented at the highly respected World Congress of Pain (1984) in Seattle, Washington. This carefully controlled scientific study, using an extremely safe level of laser light similar to that used to read labels on products in millions of stores throughout the world, was repeated and confirmed by two fully accredited, well-known American universities. The FDA has not given the needed recognition to these studies that would make this therapy readily available and reimbursable by health insurance. This inexpensive, completely safe therapy would naturally pose a serious threat to the multi-billion dollar market in the potentially dangerous anti-inflammatory steroidal and non-steroidal drugs. These drugs comprise the largest, most profitable segment of drug sales. Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

I listened to the cases of physicians who brought their family members for successful non-establishment treatments, but renounced and refused those same remedies to their patients. I was angered at one story about a physician who had treated a child with leukemia with non-toxic natural remedies and was brought to court by the medical establishment. The parents had refused chemotherapy from another doctor and had requested the alternative therapy from the doctor who was now being charged with depriving the child of proper medical treatment. The child survived the same amount of time she would have on chemotherapy, without any of the debilitating, painful and dehumanizing effects. Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

Establishment medicine, with little or no evidence to support their barbaric use of these highly toxic drugs, continues to make fortunes while their patients spend their last days vomiting, debilitated, baldheaded and without dignity. While patients suffer from "cutting edge" therapy, the physician places his head comfortably on his pillow at night, content that he has served humanity with the best "anyone" has to offer. His dreams and his waking hours know nothing of the other world out there that has existed for five thousand years. Besides, how dare anyone suggest that a tribal medicine man or a dissident colleague could accomplish more. It is incredible to me that physicians could accept the fact that a single artificial chemical compound created in a laboratory could cure or control a disease and reject the idea that a natural food, with its many chemical compounds, could do the same or infinitely better.

S. Fukushima, Nagoya City University Medical School -Demonstrated that 5 times the vitamin C dose recommended by Pauling could accelerate the effects of bladder cancer. He originally used the sodium form of vitamin C, but then later reported that the same extremely high dose of ordinary ascorbic acid did not have an adverse effect on bladder cancer! Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

In spite of all the claims that vitamin C promotes kidney stones, D. du Bruyn demonstrated that very high doses of ascorbic acid over a 20 months period did not cause any deposition of crystals (stones) in 16 baboons. Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

Vitamin D requires exposure to sunlight in order to be manufactured by the body. The Garland brothers proposed that sunlight is actually protective against the dreaded skin cancer, malignant melanoma. This is of course contrary to what is commonly thought about cancers of the skin and sunlight. Their premise was based on the fact the melanomas occurred mostly in sailors who worked indoors and far less in those who worked outdoors. Laboratory work had already shown that vitamin D suppressed melanoma growth! Their findings are represented in the Archives of Environmental Health, 1990. Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

Ovarian cancer responded three times better to Iscador than to standard chemotherapy involving Cytobal (W. Hassauer, et al., Onkologie, 1979). No wonder the American Cancer Society condemned it! Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

As an interesting addition to the on-going expose of the great AIDS-AZT fraud, documents of the National Cancer Institute in 1991 revealed that Maitake mushrooms were as effective in inhibiting the growth of the so-called HIV virus equally as well as the toxic killer drug AZT. Incredibly, the National Cancer Institute converted the natural Maitaki extract into a sulphate and thus rendered it toxic. AZT continues to make billions for the Wellcome Company, while committing mass murder. Other mushroom products have been obstructed by the FDA in spite of the fact that they have proved effective against cancer in other parts of the world. PSK, widely used throughout the world, has been blocked by the FDA. (You are better off with the Maitake mushroom itself, so, Bon appetit!) Deadly Deception by Dr Willner

Dr. Max Gerson takes his place of honor in the history of modern medicine because he has, like many other notable physicians, been attacked by the American Medical Association. It will be recorded one day, that if you wish to find a list of scientists who have truly contributed most to the development of effective non-toxic therapies, you simply have to look at a list of the victims of AMA treachery and viciousness (fostered by the pharmaceutical industry and aided and abetted by our unfaithful servants at the FDA). Max Gerson's "crime" was that he advocated the use of coffee enemas which, surprisingly, has a scientific rationale and is based on research done in Germany in the 1920's. It could even be found in the Merck Manual during its first twenty years of publication. The American Medical Association, in its usual attitude of arrogance and ignorance, claimed that there was no scientific evidence that the  "modification of the dietary intake of food or other nutritional essentials was of any specific use in the control of cancer." Today the AMA still lobbies the United States Congress as the outstanding authority on what is good for the health of the American public. Deadly Deception by Dr Willner