Anthony Fauci

[Psychopath  Fauci gets a gong for the pulling off the AIDS genocide scam, now running the Covid genocide scam.]

The Truth About Dr. Anthony Fauci (Dr Martin)

Robert Willner, M.D.

 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,


[2009] America’s H1N1 Expert Says Scientists Are Clueless About Immune System Reactions to Vaccinations

[2009 Aug] Did NIAID's Anthony Fauci commit fraud or did US News & World Report misquote Dr. Fauci? Part 1 Part 2  Exposes Dr. Fauci Part 3 Part 4
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, interviewed by investigative journalist, Sherri
Kane, sheds light on the dark subject of America's Doctor Oz lying to the
American people.
Interview by Sherri Kane

PCR test

Whitty, Chris