Dr. Contreras
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Website: http://www.contrerashospital.com

Dr. Contreras of the Oasis of Hope hospital located in Tijuana, Mexico details his amazing new protocol for the treatment of cancer. Using  only Oxygen and Vitamin C, Dr. Contreras has shown cancer cells can be killed by using pro-oxidant therapies
    Dr. Contreras gave this talk at the Advanced Detoxification and Gene Based Medicine conference hosted by Dr. Garry Gordon March 10-11, 2007. For more information on this and other conferences please visit www.gordonresearch.com or call (928) 472-4263.

 "In Mexico there is Ernesto Contreras, M.D., who, for over three decades, has operated the Good Samaritan Cancer Clinic (now called the Oasis Hospital) in Tijuana. He is one of Mexico’s most distinguished medical figures. He received postgraduate training at Harvard’s Children’s Hospital in Boston. He has served as Professor of Histology and Pathology at the Mexican Army Medical School and as the chief pathologist at the Army Hospital in Mexico City.  Dr. Contreras was introduced to Laetrile in 1963 by a terminal cancer patient from the United States who brought it to his. attention and urged him to treat her with it. The woman recovered, and Dr. Contreras began extensive investigation of its properties and use. Since that time he has treated many thousands of cancer patients, most of whom are American citizens who have been denied the freedom to use Laetrile in their own country Dr. Contreras has summarized his experiences with vitamin therapy as follows:
     The palliative action [improving the comfort and well-being of the patient] is in about 60% of the cases. Frequently, enough to be significant, I see arrest of the disease or even regression in some 15% (1) of the very advanced cases.
1. Cancer News Journal, Jan. /April, 1971, p. 20. We must bear in mind that these are terminal patients—people who have been given up as hopeless by orthodox medicine. Fifteen percent recovery in that group is a most impressive accomplishment.  [World Without Cancer by Edward Griffin]