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[DVD] Science and Politics of Cancer

by G. Edward Griffin

In this DVD G. Edward Griffin addresses the following topics: opposing views of cancer, pancreatic enzymes and food factors in the control of cancer, the pharmaceutical cartel, Laetrile, and much more.

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Quotes from this video

A control for cancer is known, and it comes from nature. But it is not widely available to the public, because it cannot be patented, and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.
Here’s what happened. They began a series of tests on Laetrile and they turned it over to their top laboratory technician Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, a Japanese fellow, he was sort of at the end of his career. He was very well known, held at high esteem by all of his associates. He was mr laboratory test. Whatever Sugiura said, went, for everybody, so they gave it to Sugiura. Sugiura ran his tests and this was his report. He came to five conclusions. Fist of all, he said, it improved the general health of the mice that he was using. Secondly it appeared to relieve their pain. Thirdly it inhibited the growth of tumors. Fourth it stopped the spread of tumors.. and five it acted as a cancer prevention. That was his official finding. And at the end of this report, this is a quote ‘ Dr has never observed complete regression of these tumors in all his cosmic experience with other chemotherapeutic agents’ end quote.
    Congressman John Kelsey used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain a copy of the minutes of the board of directors of Sloane Kettering dated July 2nd 1974. And from the minutes it said quote ‘Sloan Kettering is not enthusiastic about studying Amygdalin, but would like to study cyanide releasing drugs.’ end quote. Now if you understand that sentence you understand everything that I’m talking to you about today.
    Rockefeller had become very influential in the pharmaceutical industry first in the United States and now around the world, but has chosen to remain pretty much behind the scenes. They know that it wouldn’t look good to have the Rockefeller name popping up under all branches of industry. It’s bad enough, they feel, that they’re so well identified with the oil industry. How much worse it would be if they were also identified as being a dominant factor pharmaceutical industry.
    Almost over night all of the major universities, which we now consider to be major universities in the field of medicine, received large grants from these sources and also accepted 1, 2, or 3 of these people that I mentioned on their board of directors, and the schools literally were taken over by the financial interests that put up the money. The Science and Politics of Cancer A discourse by G. Edward Griffin