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Finally, after 20 long years of mainstream cover-up...
one courageous doctor brought to light

The fourteen-week cure
for skin cancer!

Put this and his other secret cures
to work for you -- now!

2009 May

Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

You haven't read about it in the paper or heard it on the news—but a cancer-healing extract derived from the nightshade family beats skin cancer and keeps it from returning! However, that information has been kept under wraps until now. You see, the mainstream medical community doesn't want you to know about it—in fact, most of them won't even admit a cure exists!

Completely heal skin cancer in just six to fourteen weeks

It seems amazing that such an important breakthrough could be concealed. But its existence threatened the pocketbooks of the unofficial ─ but powerful ─ alliance of pharmaceutical firms, dermatology clinics and plastic surgeons. If this courageous doctor had not unearthed and published the information, we still wouldn't know that an eggplant extract called BEC5 can cure (yes, CURE) both invasive and non-invasive types of certain skin cancers.

This information had been withheld – hidden, if you will – since 1988. But in a double blind, placebo-controlled study at the Royal London Hospital, doctors found that approximately 78% of patients using a topical preparation of BEC5 saw their skin cancers healed. And follow-up research showed that once the cancer was gone, it didn't come back!

This stunning success was topped only by the fact that, unlike standard chemotherapy, BEC5 does not kill healthy cells. It targets and eliminates only cancer cells, which means that instead of destroying your immune system, BEC5 actually helps strengthen it. Yet information about this miracle cure not given to the public for over 20 years, until one heroic doctor discovered and publicized the research!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. This is only one of the cancer-curing miracles this doctor has uncovered in his 40-year career. Cures you can now get hold of to help yourself and those you love. I'll show you how to do that, but first I want to tell you how...

Two cancer-fighting vitamins team up
to double their knockout power!

We all know that vitamin C fights germs. But you may not know that it also helps combat many forms of cancer. Not only that, but like BEC5, vitamin C only targets cancer cells, not normal ones. Of course the secret alliance of doctors, surgeons and pharmaceutical firms doesn't want you to have this is information.

The Doctor Who's Saving Modern Medicine

A graduate of Harvard and the University of Michigan, Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. was awarded the first Linus Pauling Award for Lifetime Achievement in Natural Medicine.

His courage and dedication are bringing to light powerful natural cures, like BEC5 and Vitamin C, that have been hidden from patients who desperately need them.

He is the legendary physician who:

  • Introduced bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women
  • Developed the first successful treatment to reverse macular degeneration
  • Educated Americans about natural medicine through his articles in "Prevention" and in his own magazine, "Let's Live."

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals flock to his famous seminars. And patients from as far away as Brazil and Thailand throng his world acclaimed Tahoma Clinic—so many that there's a six-month waiting list!

They also want to keep hidden the fact that vitamin K has been studied for its cancer-killing abilities since 1947. And that vitamin K3, in particular, teams up powerfully with vitamin C to dramatically increase each one's cancer-killing punch. In fact, when these two are combined in just the right ratio (100:1), they pack the power to block the growth of breast cancer cells and even knock prostate and other cancers out of the ring.

This second secret doubles your power to bust cancer. And you can get hold of it and the amazing "eggplant cure" right away. But you don't have to settle for just two! You can also learn how to...

Tap into the tiny cancer-curing molecule your own body makes

Scientists have known for some time that both men and women manufacture a molecule called 2 methoxyestradiol. But because our bodies make this substance in very small amounts, mainstream researchers dismissed it as too "unimportant" to deserve their attention.

Finally, scientists began to investigate 2 methoxyestradiol in 2002. Their ongoing studies show that this molecule may be able to actually cure some of the most commonly feared forms of cancer, including prostate, breast and ovarian.

Of course the use of 2-methoxyestradiol as a mainstream cancer treatment is still in the future. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies don't want to release such a cure until they can make big money on it. But you don't have to wait. There are natural ways you can increase your own level of this important cancer-healing molecule right now.

The three proven cancer cures I've just mentioned offer the hope that one day, instead of generating terror by its very name, cancer will finally become just a bad memory. But you don't have to worry that this won't happen soon enough to help you. Because there's more good news I haven't told you about yet!

In today's toxic world, it's crucial to know
how to protect yourself against cancer

Whether you want to get rid of cancer or take steps to avoid it, you definitely need all the information you can find. There's a saying that "knowledge is power." And the knowledge I'm going to share with you now can give you the power to both prevent and cure cancer.

First, you need to know that the three amazing cures I've discussed above, as well as several others, would not be available to you right now, if it weren't for one of the greatest medical geniuses of our time—Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. For almost 40 years, Dr. Wright has devoted his career to scouring the world's medical research literature, to discover and bring you treatments that really work.

But he isn't satisfied with just teaching these cures to the people who flock to classes he teaches each year. Or sharing them with patients from around the globe that he sees at his famed Tahoma Clinic. Instead, he has decided to also make them available to you! That's right. Now you can get all these cures, all of....

The crucial information you need – straight from
Dr. Wright's wealth of investigation and experience

The result of Dr. Wright's dedicated work is a groundbreaking, one-of-kind report packed with the vital information that will help you stay cancer free, or regain your good health if you already have cancer.

Of course, you could spend the rest of your life doing the research, or get yourself on the 6-month waiting list for a personal appointment with Dr. Wright. But you probably can't spend the time to do either of these things. And fortunately you don't have to.

Now you can have the benefit of Dr. Wright's
extensive research right in your own home

The amazing cures I've already told you about are just three of the fourteen secrets to crushing cancer that Dr. Wright reveals in his new, comprehensive report. Now you can have all of this valuable information at your fingertips in Dr. Wright's 14 Secrets to Living Cancer-Free, a unique reference guide chock-full of the best cures for cancer. And this isn't just theory. No, you'll get the specific information and recommendations you need for beating cancer, including dosages.

That's right. You'll have the ammunition you need to win the war against cancer. Written in easy-to-understand language, Dr. Wright's 14 Secrets to Living Cancer-Free gives you proven, effective solutions you can start using immediately, and arms you with...

The most potent weapons you can use right now to combat cancer

If you or a loved one already have cancer, Dr. Wright's 14 Secrets to Living Cancer-Free will show you how to:

  • Reduce the discomforts of chemo and radiation
  • Rid yourself of cancer by eating the right foods
  • Kill cancer cells using nothing more than vitamins and minerals
  • Increase levels of the cancer-curing molecule in your own body
  • Cure your skin cancer in six weeks, so it won't come back

You can get all of these exciting secret cures right now. But there's even more! Dr. Wright's 14 Secrets to Living Cancer-Free also teaches you:

  • How you can figure out your own cancer risk score
  • A cheap, pain-free way to check on your colon health
  • How to reduce your prostate cancer risk by 41%
  • The one simple nutrient your body needs to stay cancer-free
  • How you can check for breast cancer without being crushed by a mammogram

So why wait? All of this life-saving information can be on its way to you in the next few minutes!

Join the thousands of Dr. Wright's patients
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If you or a loved one suffers with cancer—or if you want to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from America's most feared killer, you need Dr. Wright's 14 Secrets to Living Cancer-Free NOW!

Let Dr. Wright open the door for you on a new world where cancer is not only possible to prevent, but where cancer can be cured! Make it happen today! Order right now!

Here's to you—healthy and cancer-free,

Paul Amos, Publisher

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