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Attempted Murder: The Suzanne Somers Story


(11-16-09) Facts have recently been reported which have convinced me that certain members of the cancer establishment have tried to murder Suzanne Somers. Miss Somers was known to most Americans for her role as Chrissy Snow in "Three's Company," the popular TV situation comedy of the 70s and 80s, which starred John Ritter. More recently she has become known as a promoter of natural hormone replacement therapy.

In the current (Dec. 2009) issue of Life Extension Magazine, editor William Faloon writes:

"Earlier this year, actress Susanne Somers called me about a new book she felt compelled to write. She had been hospitalized with an infection [probably valley fever, a fungus in the soil of the American Southwest] but her doctors told her she suffered from metastatic breast cancer that required immediate chemotherapy.

"Had Suzanne believed her doctors, they would have dumped toxic chemo drugs into her body. She would then display classic signs/symptoms associated with cancer chemotherapy such as immune impairment, nausea, hair loss, emaciation, etc.

"If Suzanne died from chemotherapy-induced complications, which was possible since she suffered an infection that required her immune system to battle, her doctors would have proclaimed that she died of metastatic breast cancer. Suzanne wondered how many others perish this way at the hands of the cancer establishment."

William Faloon, "As We See It," Life Extension Magazine,
Dec. 2009, p. 8.

As background, cancer was one of the most feared diseases of the 20th century. Cancer deaths rose through the course of the century despite the fact that the Government singled it out for a special effort. In 1971, President Nixon declared war on cancer and announced the objective of curing the disease by 1980. (For younger readers, Americans used to think in terms of curing diseases in the sense of totally wiping them out. A large number of diseases were cured in this way in the early part of the 20th century, the last of which was polio.)

Cancer death rates now appear to have peaked in the early 1990s at just about the time that the Government (here meaning the Food and Drug Administration) suffered a major political defeat with the passage of the Health Freedom Act in 1994.

This forced the FDA to legalize a number of beneficial natural products, some with anti-cancer effects. An example of this is melatonin, which is now available over-the-counter and has proven its ability to combat cancer.

The only exception to this peak has been in female lung cancer, which rose sharply from 1970 to 2005 as the feminist movement promoted smoking among women. ("You’ve come a long way baby.")

One of the incredible "blunders" of the war on cancer was the introduction of female hormone replacement therapy. It was discovered that certain female hormones had a positive effect in relieving many of the symptoms of menopause, drugs imitating these hormones were created and these drugs were given to millions of women over the past generation. More recently, scientific evidence proved that these drugs were more harmful than helpful, and female hormone therapy abruptly ceased.

However, at this time doctors who treat their patients by natural methods (as opposed to drugs) reported that in their treatment of women with actual human female hormones, instead of their drug or animal imitations, they observed only the beneficial effects with none of the harmful ones. This is not a surprising result because the exact same thing happened a generation back to men.

In the 1930s, the male hormone, testosterone, was discovered. Several drug companies quickly manufactured drugs similar to testosterone. They would start with the testosterone molecule, which is quite complex, alter a single atom or chemical group and come up with a new substance, not found in nature, which had many of the effects of testosterone. These testosterone-like substances were then marketed to body-builder types. And then the body builders using them started to die. The very small difference between the drug and the natural product was enough to kill them. These drugs were then mislabeled anabolic steroids and are today regarded as highly dangerous.

The problem with this is that the category anabolic steroid is too broad. The drug anabolic steroids are fatal. The natural anabolic steroid, testosterone, is very healthy and invigorating.

In one experiment, the testosterone levels of middle aged males were studied over a 10 year period. Those men who were lowest in testosterone suffered a much higher rate of heart attacks than the men highest in testosterone. Simply put, the drugs kill; the natural substance promotes life. After discovering this truth in regard to men, who are simpler in terms of hormones, the medical establishment made the same "error" in regard to women.

Enter Suzanne Somers. When drug hormone replacement therapy for women was ended because of its harmful effects, the medical establishment did not switch over to natural hormone replacement.

With the exception of a small minority, the nation's doctors declared hormone replacement (of all kinds) to be dangerous and ignored the proven benefits of natural hormones. (In the male area, testosterone, after being initially ignored, is now being positively slandered. For example, it is argued based on some very shoddy science that testosterone promotes the spread of prostate cancer. (For the scientific refutation of this point, see Life Extension Magazine, Dec. 2008.)


Miss Somers played an airhead in "Three's Company," but she is a very intelligent woman. She educated herself as to the benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy, and over the past several years she has been making a noble effort to educate the public about this exciting news. Unfortunately, in doing this Miss Somers stepped on some very powerful toes.

In American medicine prior to the 20th century, almost all medicines were natural products. The same is true for all societies for all of human history. The great doctors of all time have highly praised natural medicine. Hippocrates, whose oath doctors still take today, once declared, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."

But as government began to worm its way into 20th century western medicine, events took a most evil turn. Basic American law (correctly) distinguishes between patentable and non-patentable products.

If a product exists in nature, it cannot be patented, and anyone is free to use it. However, if a product was created by the mental labor of a human being, then that labor gives him the right to exclusive use of the product he has created. And this right is protected by a patent or a copyright. For example, if a poet writes a poem, he and he alone has the right to profit from it by printing up copies and selling them.

All this was established in American law long ago and is fundamentally in accord with justice. In 19th century America, patented products and unpatented products both sold in competition with each other.

The unpatented were cheaper, and the patented claimed to be better. The consuming public made the final decision. This basically good system, however, was corrupted by the creation of the (modern) Food and Drug Administration in 1938.

The FDA quickly moved to violate the First Amendment rights of the manufacturers of natural (non-patentable) products. Scientific proof of the effectiveness of a medicine was redefined as that which is approved by the FDA, and FDA approval was granted by a system of big money. The FDA would require a complicated process of tests which were enormously expensive to perform. The proposition under question might have been proven by an academic researcher who demonstrated scientifically (and inexpensively) that the medicine in question worked.

However, the FDA always pretends that this scientific proof does not exist and demands compliance with its expensive procedure. (The expensive procedure is worthless because, incredibly, the companies are allowed to perform the tests on their own product, and there is no effective way to stop them from cheating on their tests.)

A company with a patentable product can easily afford to pay the cost of the FDA tests. The patent gives it a monopoly, and this allows it to charge an absurdly high price. In effect, it pays nothing for the tests because the money is made up by the public. On the other hand, if a company makes a non-patentable product and can come up with the money for the FDA tests and if the tests prove effectiveness, then a competitor can come in and sell the same product for a much lower price (because it will not have the cost of the tests).

Therefore, the original (non-patented) company would be undersold and driven out of business. It would be foolish to do this, and therefore this system makes it impossible to get FDA approval no matter how good the (non-patentable) product is and how many lives it saves.

The history of drugs invented under this system is a giant series of disasters. You have probably read a great deal of media hype about how wonderful drugs are. These are lies, pure and simple. The human being is a creature of evolution. Drugs are new substances on planet Earth, and humans have not had enough time to evolve natural protections from or biological harmonies with them.

Thousands of chemical and electrical reactions are going on in the human body all the time, and the chances are very great that the new drug will interfere with one of these reactions and seriously injure or kill the patient. That is the story of new drugs. They are released without sufficient testing for side effects. Five, ten or even 30 years after release they turn out to have bizarre or fatal side effects (sometimes showing up in the next generation). (Remember Phen-fen?) Yet the vast majority of the sucker public takes these drugs because all of their authority figures tell them they are safe.

(One fact has always underlined in my mind the importance of evolutionary harmony. The original life form on earth was an anaerobic one celled animal. It did not breathe oxygen. Indeed, to it oxygen was a deadly poison, and it excreted oxygen in its normal metabolism. As this oxygen built up in the Earth’s atmosphere, this one-called animal was slowly poisoning itself. Life on Earth was about to destroy itself. Then, by an evolutionary accident, a creature evolved to which oxygen was not a poison. This creature breathed in oxygen and reduced the percentage of this gas in the atmosphere. Life on Earth was saved. Life had found a way.)

The whole point of paying for health care via insurance is to make this sucker public believe that these incredibly expensive drugs are free. ("It didn't cost anything. The insurance paid for it.")

Thus most drugs do more harm with their dangerous side effects than good, but they bring in huge profits for the drug companies. For this reason, the drug companies pour out a constant stream of propaganda to the effect that natural products do not work.

These lies are then backed up by the FDA because the drug companies have a sophisticated system of bribery (legalized) in place, and the FDA usually backs up everything they say.

The bans on tryptophan (which is essential for life) and ephedra (used safely in China for 2000 years) are examples.

So when Suzanne Somers launched her campaign for natural hormone replacement therapy for women (and men also), she ran into the incredible power of these drug companies and those elements in the medical profession which have been corrupted by them.

Go back and reread Mr. Faloon's report on her recent incident. She was diagnosed as having a body full of highly advanced cancer (when in fact her only problem was a simple fungal infection, probably valley fever).

After she refused chemotherapy, the cancer suddenly disappeared and was replaced by an (equally fictitious) contagious disease. (Again because of government invasion of our liberties, hospitals have been given the authority to hold a patient prisoner if they diagnose a contagious disease.)

Chemotherapy is a highly dangerous treatment. It is almost as dangerous to the patient as it is to the cancer (if one has cancer).

Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy was killed by an overdose of chemotherapy. If I were on a jury, it would seem obvious to me that some of the doctors in that hospital were deliberately trying to murder Suzanne Somers. They would remove a dedicated enemy who was a substantial threat to their income (motive) and then cover it up by claiming that she had died of cancer.

(One of Miss Somers' early triumphs occurred when she did contract cancer and then cured herself by rejecting her doctors' advice and treating herself with natural hormone replacement therapy. She was her own earliest success.) After leaving the hospital (in 2008) with a huge basket of drugs, Miss Somers was told by a doctor in whom she had confidence (Dr. Jonathan Wright):

"First of all, these drugs will kill you. Seriously, they are so toxic to the body that I don't know what this doctor is thinking. Second, it is mandated by law that these drugs not be given unless there is an absolute diagnosis, which you do not have...these drugs have the potential to kill you or seriously injure and debilitate your liver."

Dr. Jonathan Wright, (speaking to Susanne Somers), as
quoted in Knockout, by Suzanne Somers, (New York,
Crown, 2009), p. 16.

If you are looking for heroes in this evil age, then Suzanne Somers is a true heroine. She is intelligent and courageous. She is fighting the battle for all of us. When they tried to kill her, they were trying to kill you and me and a great many of the American people.

Right now there is a movement trying to give more power to these evil people (President Obama and the Democratic Party). Miss Somers has given us a rallying point.

Because of her celebrity status she can get the attention that you or I cannot. If we don't fight now, then, when things get more desperate and we have to fight, we will fight from a weaker position. If the other fellow is trying to kill you, then you have no choice.

The nation owes this brave woman a giant thank you.