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August 2000


As many of you know, my younger son, Magnus, was severely injured by vaccines. Our home videos show how a normal, happy, healthy, sociable child who could laugh and talk was rendered autistic, unreachable and speechless: humming, screaming, flapping his hands and banging his head. It was horrific. Even worse: we were told the condition was incurable and that nothing could be done. I could not accept this and in 1995 I launched an appeal to help him. Many of you contributed. I would like to thank you all, including all the people who contributed anonymously and sent me unsigned notes asking not to be thanked.

Thank you anyway, whoever you are and wherever you may be. You must be wondering how things are going. It was my original intention to issue a regular newsletter to keep you all informed, but the cost and time involved made this impractical. However, now that so many people have e-mail I can at least keep those who are on line up to date.

The Magnus Project has grown in scope and may yet be instrumental in bringing an end to the entire vaccine scandal. There are now several aspects to the project. These include: curing Magnus (and others); warning people about vaccines and the appalling injuries they cause; and getting compensation from insurance companies and vaccine manufacturers.

Curing Magnus (and others)

Thanks to you, I was able to get a series of state-of-the-art laboratory tests done. These showed that Magnus had severe dysbiosis and suffered from leaky gut syndrome. He was riddled with fungus and parasites and their toxins were lodged in his body. The laboratory commented that the levels of microbial metabolites were among the highest ever recorded. He was in a bad way. The vaccines had damaged his gut wall, his digestive system was not working properly, proteins were bring broken
down into peptides instead of amino-acids and these and other semi-digested foods were leaking through his damaged gut and causing havoc.

It was all terrible news, but at least it gave us something to go on. Moreover, some children who had been cured of their dysbiosis had also been cured of their autism. Our strategy has therefore been to antidote the vaccines, improve his digestion, get rid of the micro-organisms, restore gut ecology, repair the gut wall, detoxify Magnus and (hopefully) bring back the little boy we lost.

Sounds simple. It is actually quite tricky. It is easy to destroy someone's life with a jab. It is the work of a moment. Repairing that damage requires skill, persistence and ingenuity. We decided to remove gluten, dairy products, flour products, sugar and other foodstuffs that caused adverse reactions from Magnus's diet, while judiciously adding supplements that would encourage normal gut flora and discourage the interlopers.

This proved frustratingly difficult: we would get rid of one micro-organism, such as clostridia, only to find that another, such as candida, had taken its place. After a number of setbacks we finally managed to achieve a major breakthrough this year when we re-examined our videos. It was clear that Magnus's decline became precipitous when he was weaned. Breast milk had protected him. Breast milk contains lactoferrin. Lactoferrin makes iron unavailable to fungus and parasites in the gut. Within weeks of using lactoferrin we started making progress. The microbes are now under control, their poisons are being eliminated, the gut is healing and the improvement in Magnus's condition has been remarkable. The next few months should prove interesting, to say the least. If all goes well our pioneering approach may yet become the standard method for treating autism in the future.

Warning people about vaccines

It is plain from the medical and scientific literature that there is no evidence that vaccines confer immunity against anything. No double-blind placebo-controlled trials have ever been conducted. No long-term safety trials have ever been carried out. Even if such evidence did exist, scientific studies show that vaccines cause death, cancer, acute encephalopathy, anaphylaxis, febrile seizures, brachial neuritis, Guillan Barre syndrome, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, poliomyelitis, asthma and allergies, among other things. When Japan raised the vaccination age to two years, cot death ceased to exist and infant mortality plummeted.

Vaccines contain known carcinogens such as formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate, thiomersal (a mercury compound) foreign proteins (antigens) and contaminating animal proteins and viruses from the tissues used to grow them. We have vaccines to thank for the AIDS epidemic (monkey viruses from the monkey meat used to grow the vaccine were injected into unsuspecting Africans) and the impending CJD epidemic (vaccines cultured on the brains of cows that may have been incubating mad cow disease have been injected into an unknown number of  people). Monkey virus SV40 (a vaccine contaminant) has been injected into hundreds of millions of people. Not only is it carcinogenic, it can also manipulate the human genetic code. New viruses are being discovered all the time.

Vaccines are inherently dangerous.

What this all means is that healthy children (and adults) are being deliberately killed and mutilated. This is wrong. People are not being told and even doctors are woefully ignorant about vaccines. Appended to this letter is a list of links and sources. You can help me to warn others by reading the material and disseminating it to as many people as possible.

I also try to warn people by writing newspaper articles and lecturing on the dangers of vaccines. I would be happy to give a lecture in your area of you would like to organize one. If you would like me to e-mail you some of my articles, let me know.


A number of lawsuits are pending. The first one is against our insurance company and is the main reason for writing to you now.

They have refused to pay out on Magnus's insurance policy, saying that it excludes congenital conditions and that Magnus was born autistic. This is in spite of  the testimony of friends and relatives that he was a normal infant and our own video recordings that confirm this. There is also the epidemiological evidence, which is convincing, to say the least: autism has increased from the first 11 cases in 1942, to nearly a million in the USA alone and is now reaching epidemic proportions. A government official has admitted that there are no unvaccinated autistic children. Only the vaccinated are affected. Autism has increased by 500% in three years in some states (a computerized vaccination tracking system was introduced in 1997 to catch those that had been missed). The incidence of autism is now 1 in 250 children  in some states and rising. Congenital diseases cannot possibly increase in this fashion. Autism cannot therefore be congenital. This is a man-made catastrophe and yet the insurance company is refusing to pay us what they owe us. This is not uncommon. Insurance companies cynically calculate that a family with a handicapped child cannot afford to sue them and they use delaying tactics, inflated costs and endless appeals to break those with the temerity to try anyway. This tactic usually works, but in the age of the internet and the case of Magnus, they may have miscalculated. I am therefore launching an appeal to raise 25,000 pounds, or more than 300,000 Kronor by October 2000 (we have to commence proceedings by November 2000 at the latest). Would you like to help Magnus to get what he is owed so I can continue to treat him? Think of your contribution as an investment: if we win I shall offer all our benefactors their money back with interest. When you examine the evidence and when I tell you that some of the world's leading experts on autism and vaccine damage have agreed to testify on our behalf, I hope you will agree that our chances are excellent and worth investing in. Our case is of great importance, since it is likely to create a precedent for thousands of families hitherto wrongfully denied compensation.

For contributions to the British account, cheques should be made payable to The Magnus Rees Fund, account 45 034 6080 and sent to the above address or to Girobank, Bootle, Merseyside GIR 0AA. For contributions to the Swedish account, cheques should be made payable to Magnus-insamlingen, account 618 01 54-4 and sent to the above address or to Postgirot, 110 81 Stockholm. If would-be donors have giro accounts, transfers to the Magnus accounts can be made using the postal giro system. Money can also be deposited in the accounts at any British or Swedish post office or bank.

Please accept my apologies if you find this letter unwelcome or intrusive, but for all I know you might be one of Magnus's anonymous benefactors (see above). Just let me know if you do not wish to receive any more Magnus newsletters and I shall delete your name from the mailing list.

Please forward this appeal to others and spread the word. The more people who know, the better our chances: modest contributions on a regular basis from a few thousand people around the globe would enable me to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

The last few years have been extremely difficult and I would not wish this misfortune on anybody. Let us bring the autism epidemic to an end, so that nobody else has to suffer as we have. The strain has been appalling, but your support and encouragement have made things a lot easier. Thank you all once again.

Alan Rees

 I have acquired quite a lot of information on vaccines, much of it from the net, and I am often asked for a list of vaccine websites. Here they are. The following should be clickable links to some useful sites. Please pass them on to as many people as possible. If any of them do not work for any reason, please let me know. All feedback welcomed. Most of these I got from the list published in The Informed Parent. The second list, Internet Resources, was copied from one of the sites on my list. There is only a little duplication.

"Most of the cheats in science are MDs." Linus Pauling, twice winner of the Nobel Prize

"A doctor can bury his mistakes, an architect can only plant vines." Frank Lloyd Wright

The following are my latest collection of links as of August 2000. Sites appear, disappear, get linked to each other, amalgamate and change. All feedback appreciated to find new and reincarnated sites. An asterisk * and comments indicate problems of accessibility.


Viera Scheibner's article on shaken baby syndrome:
A must read. Nexus site recommended.

The founder and president of the Autism Research Institute, Bernard Rimland, is of the opinion that vaccines cause autism. Here is an article he wrote on the subject:

the Congressional vaccination-autism hearings can be watched on C-SPAN.
*No longer available August 2000. Pity.

You will need Real Player which can be downloaded free...,10150,0-10001-103-0-1-7,00.html?qt=%22Real+Player%22&cn=&ca=10001

The Whale site
The whale site is a personal favourite. Lots of info.

Vaccination Awareness Network - Nottingham UK
Excellent site with good links to others

Freedom of choice in health care
VRAN's website. Links to others

AIA's response to the whitewash article in the Lancet shows that the study's own data proves that vaccines cause autism

Vaccines cause cancer too. This is the Horwin's article on the Whale website. Their son died from brain tumours after vaccination. Their story is heart-breaking. The tumours contained monkey virus SV40. They are taking legal action against Lederle

campaign against fraudulent medical research
This site is important. Conventional medicine is built on a foundation of fraud. 85% of medical and surgical procedures are scientifically unproven (British Medical Journal October 1991) Only one in 24,000 drug reactions is ever reported by the doctor (British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 1997; 43:177-181).
Drug reactions are now the world's fourth major killer. They cause more than 100,000 deaths in the USA every year. Only heart disease, cancer and stroke are more dangerous than drugs (JAMA 1998; 279 1200-05 Few people are aware of how endemic and widespread   fraud is in medicine (see quotation from Pauling above). For an in-depth study, read the book The Betrayers of Truth by Broad & Wade, or order The Pharmaceutical Drug racket" from the Vaccination Information site below.
The vaccine information site. Compact, useful and good links to others.

One way that vaccinators like to cheat is to re-define the disease (polio, for example) and diagnose it as something else in the vaccinated (polio again). The following is a good example: It's comforting to know that you can't get diptheria if you're vaccinated, even if you've got it...

Australian Vaccination Network: Group takes legal actions and challenges government violation of informed consent laws.

Harris Coulter's website:
Harris is the author of Vaccination, social violence and criminality.

New Atlantean Immunization Resources
Neil Z. Miller's site. Neil is the author of several books on vaccines.

Vaccination Information Paradigm

Dispelling Vaccination Myths
Well-documented report, revised often.

National Vaccine Information Center

Attachment Parenting & Natural Nurturing & Vaccine links

Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety
Web Site:
* No longer accessible. Anyone seen it?

Informed Parents Home Page

Immunisation Awareness Society

Society for the Autistically Handicapped

Leading Edge Research Group: The biological manipulation of human

Center for complex infections diseases
info on stealth viruses & Dr John Martin's research

International advocates for health freedom - John Hammell
This is a very important site. It is not primarily concerned with
vaccines, but alerts the public to the terrible dangers that confront
us. The pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession seem bent on
making all alternative treatment, food supplements etc either illegal,
unavailable or available only on prescription (which in practice amounts

to the same thing). We risk the quackery of conventional medicine
becoming even more of a legally enforced monopoly paid for by the
taxpayer. Would you trust
the people who gave us thalidomide and vaccines?

Health World Online - discussion forums on vaccines

Vaccination information and awareness
Links to many sites

Vaccine safety website - Dr B. Classen


Additional material:
Book: Nutrition & Immunity by Gershwin, Beach & Hurley They seem to be totally unaware of the vaccine controversy, but their book is interesting in that it shows that nutrition = immunity and they innocently report a vaccine trial that shows how useless the whole procedure is.
Book: Vaccination, by Viera Scheibner. (ISBN 0 646 15124 X)
Vital reading. To order see first link for Viera's address.
Book: Behavioural problems in childhood - the link to vaccination
Viera Scheibner (ISBN 0-9578007-0-3)
Just published (July 2000). Deals extensively with autism, ADHD etc
Can also be ordered from Magda +44 208 861 1022
Book: Vaccination, social violence and criminality, by Harris Coulter
:(ISBN 1-55643-103-1).
All about the brain damage caused by vaccines.
Video: Vaccination, the hidden truth.
Excellent presentation of the whole issue.
Can be ordered from Nexus Magazine:
Book: Vaccination, a parent's dilemma by Greg Beattie (ISBN
Available in Swedish/finns på svenska: Vaccination, en förälders
Ring Gun Östling 026 192147
Neil Z. Miller has written three excellent books on vaccines. See his
website for more details.


(good places to pose those pressing vaccination questions!)

1. Karin Schumacher
Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA)
Web Page:

Subscription service; steady stream of up to date information on all sides of the vaccination controversy.  Highly recommended resource for staying on top of the issue.

2. AVML - <>
A virtual support group for parents of partially or unvaccinated children, or for those otherwise directly concerned with the personal issues of non-vaccination. Write to the above email address and ask to be added.


1) National Vaccine Information Center
Kathi Williams, Director
Web Site:

2) Karin Schumacher
Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA)
Web Site:

Most comprehensive listing of pro- and anti-vaccination links.

3) New Atlantean Press
Features many books, tapes, videos.

Web Site:

4) Informed Parents Vaccination Home Page
Features the internationally published vaccination article:
"Dispelling Vaccination Myths: An Introduction to the
Contradictions Between Medical Science and Vaccination
Policy," by Alan Phillips. Also features Vaccination
Information Resource Center, list of links, personal

Web Site:
"Dispelling Vaccination Myths" Mirror Sites:

5) Sumeria: The WWW Virtual Library

Dispelling Vaccination Myths Web Page:
* No longer accessible. Anyone seen it?

Other Vaccination articles at Web Page:

6) The Minimum Price Homeopathic Books
Web Site:
(see "Immunizations" under their subject listing)
* No longer accessible

7) Global Vaccine Awareness League
Web Site:

8) Homeopathic Educational Services
Web Site:

9) Magic Garden
Three important vaccination articles:
Web Site:
* Gone. Anyone seen it?

10) Do Vaccines Really Work and Are They Safe?
Web Site:

11) Concerned Parents For Vaccine Safety
Web Site:


1) "The Serpent on the Staff," by Howard Wolinsky & Tom Brune

2) MegaHealth Society

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