MMR/MR  Autism & vaccines

Proud Parents Of Unvaccinated Children

Erin Barker

Please re-post for those who need to know.

This is our story. My son Gabriel was born in June of 2006. He was perfectly healthy and alert from the day he was born. He was one of those babies that did everything early, from rolling over at two weeks and sitting up at 6 months, to talking using multiple syllable words at 10 months. Our pediatrician commented several times how a
dvanced he was compared to his own daughter, who was a couple of months older than him. We started teaching him baby sign language at an early age but quit because his language skills were progressing so well.

At his 12 month well baby checkup he received his MMR vaccine. We noticed as soon as we got home that the injection site was unusually swollen and tender. He was also very irritable for the first time ever. About two weeks went by before the fever came. For those who do not know, severe reactions to the MMR vaccine usually occur about two weeks after the vaccine is given. He had a fever of 102-104 that we could not break. I called the doctor's office and could only reach his nurse who told me not to worry, reactions like this are common. We were told to alternate tylenol and motrin every 4 hours. The next day his fever was the same. I called again, and again I got the same nurse telling me not to worry. On the fourth day he woke up screaming, holding his head, and we could not console him. His fever was still in the 102-104 range. I decided to bypass the nurse and take him straight in. His doctor said he was having a severe reaction to the MMR vaccine. He gave him something that helped with the fever and pain (most likely minor swelling in the brain, I was told). This was reported to the Health Department. Gabriel seemed in a fog through the whole ordeal, which never really lifted.

I did some research on the internet on the MMR vaccine and severe reactions. First, like I previously stated, severe reactions tend to come about 2 weeks after the injection, which is why so many people do not make the connection right away. Second, I read dozens of accounts just like mine. What scared me was that most of these accounts ended in Autism. I thought to myself, "Not my bright little boy." I didn't think it was possible he could end up with Autism, being that he was so far ahead of the game.

Well, the predicted came true. He never was the same after that reaction. He lost most of his vocabulary right off the bat, and by 18 months (I got talked into one more shot by the pediatrician, dummy me) he lost his words completely. He wouldn't make eye contact anymore. He didn't answer if you called his name. He was fascinated by things like ceiling fans and would stare at them for hours, but never play appropriately with his toys. He had to be held much of the time. He never slept, but was super hyper from the time he got up in the morning until the time he went to bed. He would wake up several times a night screaming. We brought all of this up to his doctor, who told us we were worrying too much and he would eventually "catch up."

He never did. When he turned three and was still not talking we changed doctors. She immediately told us he was an obvious case of Autism and referred us to the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center for a diagnosis. She said we had probably waited too long, and it was going to be a long road for us.

It has been a long road. Gabriel is six years old now and still effectively non-verbal. He is bright, handsome, and incredibly clever, but not by any means "normal." He probably never will be.

Doctors try to say it is a coincidence that many children develop Autism around 12 months of age. They also try to say it is a coincidence that many babies die of SIDS at 2, 4, and 6 months (the same as the vaccine schedule). I find it interesting that this is the only area of medicine where cause and effect are thrown out the window. A person can develop hives after taking a new medication and the doctor says he is having an allergic reaction. I also find it interesting that parents are required to sign a waver that in the event of injury or death from the vaccines they are not held responsible. I cannot think of another routine procedure or even medication that gets that kind of attention. People get prescribed dangerous drugs every day and do not have to sign anything.

I want to urge anyone who is unsure about whether or not to vaccinate to take a good long look at the real facts. Do your own research, because the doctors only know what they are taught, and their teachers are funded by Big Pharma. Once your child has a severe vaccine reaction you can't take it back.

I am due for our third child in October, whom we plan not to vaccinate. We would rather take our chances with the Measles.