Alf Riggs on the cancer causing effects of earth radiation and electrical fields
Interview 1999 Copyright

When did you take up dowsing?

In the mid-sixties as a result of just wanting to find out what was going on. By looking into the biological effects of various things, principally trying to find out what caused disease and looking in a number of areas I eventually came across earth radiation and formed an opinion that that would be a major contributory factor because it has frequencies and fields that could interfere with the bodies bio-electric system.

There are quite a few earth lines, some have been accepted, some have been unaccepted. Which ones are the main problem?

If you were looking, if you were formatting a league table you would put, based on my experience, the outside edge line of the underground stream at the very top.

How wide is an underground stream line?

It can be anything from a half inch wide to over forty foot but the actual bands that cause damage are 4 - 6cm wide.

They run in parallel?

They take the course of the stream. Last week I was looking for some water and I traced it across several fields putting these plastic spikes and it meandered across the field the same as a stream would on top, if it meets and impervious strata it would go round it. So you find these lines are curving in houses sometimes curving across beds.

Is that what von Pohl said? You said at one time it might be more likely the Hartman line.

That’s right. There are too many ninety-degree angles and underground streams rarely crossing at a right angle.

Did he find a combination?

Yes. He found a combination. There was for a long time a Hartman grid and the Curry grid, and they were highly predictable, the direction, the line would be going the distance between the band. This was changed over the last six years. The Curry grid has almost completely disappeared and the distance between the Hartman grid is such that in most houses you don’t find it any more. And there’s something going on, you have an event that takes place roughly every 2,400 years. The planets are moving around behind the sun and we are being isolated on the other side. According to some of the scientists the Hartman and Curry grid were the interaction between cosmic radiation of earth’s geo-magnetic field. If that is the case and it may well be that some of the planets supply radiation interacts with geomative field behind the sun are no longer interacting. I’m no longer certain that is the case, it may be something else. Every so many years you get a change in polarity in the earth’s geo-magnetic field. I forget whether it’s 50,000 units or more and we are coming close to the polarity change. I think it’s due in about another 800 years and there seems to be a diminishing value in the earth’s geo-magnetic field. Whereas once upon a time it was around about 50,000 nano-tesla it’s on average around 40,000 now. I have formed the opinion that perhaps the geo-magnetic field is getting too weak to interact with the cosmic radiation. Certainly not strong enough to set up these lines of radiations they did before.

So the Hartman grid that used to cause cancer is not so strong now?

Again if you were forming a league table of biological damage you would put the two-banded Hartman right down the bottom anyhow. Where you would have a two-banded Hartman crossing a two-banded Hartman it was my experience to find that would cause Hodgkin’s Disease but it would take a minimum of fourteen years to do so. I never came across a case of Hodgkin’s Disease associated with a Hartman grid that took less than fourteen years to form.

How many cases have you come across?

Not all that many but without exception the crossing point of the Hartman, when they were associated with it for that length of time produced the Hodgkin’s Disease. Now I would expect as a result of the fact that they are diminishing and have been diminishing for five or six years that you would record less cases of Hodgkin’s Disease. I don’t know whether that was the sole cause or whether there were other causes and this was just a contributory factor but I think inevitably, based on my experience, there must be a reduction in the number of cases of Hodgkin’s Disease and that would probably manifest itself in the next few years.

Was that the double-banded?

Yes the three-banded Hartman that I discovered I haven’t found for ages, I haven’t found for years now.

But that was quite lethal?

That’s right. It was lethal on its own, it became a lot more lethal in combination with other types of radiation like the underground stream lines, the unclassified lines of radiation, geological faults.

Has general science accepted the Hartman grid?

I don’t think that general science knows much about it. It’s too complex for general science because you get one individual or one group of individuals from a department who have studied one discipline and they are looking and trying to understand something. You can’t really do that from the standpoint of one discipline.

In St Petersburg, for instance, you have Dr Melnikov who is a doctor of geology, a doctor of mineralogy he works with a team of scientist of all different disciplines. Now they have carried out research over a long period of time and they are coming to the conclusion that earth radiation causes biological damage to humans, animals, plants and materials and this is coming from a scientific platform and they have a better understanding of what’s going on than if you speak to someone at a department of biophysics or biochemistry.

And so when I wrote a paper on ME and was asked to discuss it with a department of biochemistry at Cambridge they said they wanted scientific answers to their questions. In order to be scientific you have to use terminology from geology, geophysics, physics, bio-physics astro-physics, biochemistry and medical terminology as a result of which they complained that 80% of what I said they didn’t understand. And so I had to tell them in that case you will find it difficult to understand the cause of anything looking from the standpoint of one discipline and I asked them what percentage of your research you get replicated in other laboratories to give a degree of credibility? And they said it would be too embarrassing to answer the question. I asked the same question in the department of biophysics at Oxford and they said it’s not something we talk about. I asked the same question in the department of geology and geo-physics in Flinders University, Adelaide Australia and they said you wouldn’t be impressed with the answer. It’s a universal problem.

That nobody’s replicating what they’re doing?

Nobody’s replicating it because there are so many factors that would have an adverse effect on biological functions they are not aware of that they’re not taking them into consideration and when they come to a conclusion they send their research away to another laboratory. The configuration of radiation would be totally different there to a point where they wouldn’t be able to replicate the finding of the original researchers.

But they accept the Hartman grid exists?

Well most of them have never heard of it. I was asked to produce a paper at the international conference held in Copenhagen University where you had experts from all over the world coming talking about the hypersensitivity to electric fields. 98% of those were producing papers based on the biological effects of AC pulse magnetic fields and ambient electrical fields. When I delivered my paper I asked how many of you have hear of the Schumann wave? and out of about two hundred four put their hand up. I asked the four what do you know about the Schumann waves? and they said nothing, they said we heard it existing, that’s all. I went round about eight universities including Oxford and Cambridge in pursuit of getting information about a machine that would measure it in precise terms. Nobody had heard of it. In fact one professor in London University said to me Schumann wave old chap, somebody is pulling your leg. If there was such a thing I would know all about it and I’m afraid they don’t. It is only in recent times I get on the Internet and found that Berkeley University is measuring it in their area on a daily basis and you can download the information.

Didn’t NASA use it on their spacecraft?

Of course they did. They found when they sent up astronauts into space they became ill because they were deprived of the earth’s magnetic fields. The ionisation fields and the Schumann waves. It was only when they incorporated all three systems in the capsule that they are able to function properly. It was discovered by Professor Schumann in 1952.

So it still hasn’t filtered out to the universities?

No and this is an extremely important and beneficial type of radiation. When I delivered my paper I started talking about the benefits of Schumann waves. It upset one or two people. There was a professor there who delivered a paper on the biological effects of AC field in the area of the brain in as far as it reduced the production of melatonin. Well, I would fully agree with that based on my observations, but when I said there wouldn’t be any melatonin in the brain without the beneficial Schumann waves he couldn’t come to terms with that at all. In fact he was shouting at me across the table at lunch in the university and there was a Danish physicist who wanted to ask me some questions and he wouldn’t allow it. He kept getting up and putting his hand in front of his mouth. There’s something radically wrong with that bloke. There’s quite a few of those around.

What about the Curry grid?

The Curry grid has almost disappeared. I found it in Malaysia and Singapore when I went there but not as frequently as you would find it in the United Kingdom as you would find it at one time.

So things are getting better for health purposes?


So the Hartman is petering out?

It’s almost extinct.

Did you find anything else except for Hodgkin’s Disease associated with the Hartman?

If it was crossed over with the outside edge of an underground stream it would produce breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

So that’s the sexual cancers?

It interferes with the hormones yes.

From its effect on the hormones more than anything else?

Well it does when you are looking at… I have looked at over 2,500 cases of ME. More women are affected than men. You can get a man laying in a double bed with a woman and the band crossed the two of them and it affects the woman more often that it does the man, and it affects the woman in a more profound way if it affects the man as well.

From mimicing the hormones?

Well you can get that with some of the sheep dip that knocks out a dose of triphosphate, the same as the earth radiation does, the outside edge line of an underground stream.

So streams are never going to go away. You obviously get two lines on either side of the stream.

You get one either side, yes and the radiation in between is a different frequency and it would cause a different disease and it would take a much longer period of time to do so.

I have always thought arthritis?

Yes, arthritis is the main one. It takes a long time but if you have an underground stream going across the body and the other underground stream is the other side of the head then you are not only on the radiation, which is said to be around 1,400 megahertz, according to Polish scientists, but your head is also in this other frequency that will produce arthritis. It causes insomnia, migraine type headaches, panic attacks and I have found people that are chronic insomniac’s had their head in this line of radiation and the radiation in between and once you take them out the very first thing they are able to do is sleep properly.

Kate Bachler found a whole broad range of diseases and problems. Do you think it is a less broad range nowadays?

Well, because of the virtual disappearance of the Hartman grid and the Curry grid, yes. It is less complex but you still get lethal combinations.

I went to a house two weeks ago and there was the outside edge line of an underground stream intersecting what I classified as an unclassified line, called a ley line, and that was crossing on the outside edge of the pillow on one side of a double bed and the woman that had slept there had a malignant melanoma of the left ear and the cancer had gone into the lymph gland and there wasn’t much they could do for her. She had been there for eleven months. That is a lethal combination. Another lethal combination is a geological fault with the outside edge line of a stream. That produces cancer very rapidly.

What were the cancer houses?

If you are talking about von Pohl, according to him it’s all underground streams but there are far too many at right angles. I think it was a combination of everything, geological faults, two-banded Hartman, three-banded Hartman, the Curry grid and the unclassified lines of radiation.

The ley lines are rather laughed at by general science.

Yes but in the Soviet Union, where they study it more, it’s accepted in general terms there by scientists. In Poland there is legislation going through the house now that would forbid the erection of certain types of buildings on ground that hasn’t been tested by a state registered inspector.

That would obviously be a dowser, would it?

That’s right, yes.

What sorts of machines have you got?

They claim to have a machine. The Russians claim to have one and I looked it up when I was giving a lecture in Larnaka and the fellow named Onderenko manufactured it. I found that it didn’t work.

There was one made by Dr D Hartman said to measure the radio frequencies and it would knock out the broadcast over the lines of radiation. It didn’t measure it in any precise way. Now the Polish scientists claim they can measure it and the one they measured was 1,400 megahertz, so I’m in the process of trying to track that down. I’m giving a lecture to a group of scientists in Toronto next month on the biological effects of earth’s radiation and manmade radiation and the Polish expert, Metelek is going to be there. He has written twenty-two books on that and allied subject. He speaks English, Polish, German and Russian.

Dowsing is well accepted in Europe now?

Twenty-five dowsing societies in Poland, that’s what influenced society to take notice of what they were saying. In the Soviet Union it is taught as a science and most of the dowsers are doctors, engineers and scientists and they find any type of mineral they require by dowsing. They have equipment to detect cracks in dams but the ultra-fine cracks they can’t find so they have specialist dowsers to do that.

What was that test they did in Africa, finding water between dowsers and geologists?

There was a GDR (German Democratic Republic) test. The government called upon Munich University to evaluate the ability of dowsers to find drinkable water and that was headed by Professor Hans Dieter Betts of Munich University, a professor of physics and he and his team of scientists took the dowsers to ten different countries including the Sinai desert where the geologists said there wasn’t any water, and on the basis of the advice given to them by the dowsers they sunk over two thousand wells, six hundred and ninety one in Sri Lanka alone, where the geology was said to be extremely difficult. They had a 96% success rate. The geo-hydrologists given the same task took two months to evaluate a site where a dowser would do it in minutes and they had a 21% success rate. As a result of that the German government sponsored over a hundred dowsers to go into the arid zone of southern India to find water and they were very successful.

Was it the Austrians?

Von Pohl looked at the town of Villesburg where they had the highest level of cancer. He was said to be correct. That was in 1929. They re-examined the houses and they found people were still dying from cancer in the houses that he said were cancer spots and so nothing’s been done about it and the records for that were kept in the Villesburg town hall.

The cancer survey was a government-sponsored thing?

Yes. They called him in.

So nobody’s going to finance that sort of research?

Well it’s difficult. You have the Sainsbury group who is going to finance… that’s got four million pounds to look into the cause of ME but I have been sent the forms to make an application but I wouldn’t stand an earthly of getting any form of recognition so this week I am going to write to the Department of Physics at Cambridge University and ask them to do a double blind test using the money that way. I have offered to do it free of charge. Over the last few years I write to centres of research offering to do these things, double blind tests free of charge. So far nobody has taken me up.

What are they afraid of then?

Over in Canada a scientist came over to talk to me. He said he might be able to fix me up with a double blind test in Canada but I have formed an opinion long ago that…. The diseases that we suffer from, where radiation is a factor invariably requires two different types of radiation with two different frequencies with two different wave types. I came to the conclusion that it affects the bioelectric system and the damage it does to the chemical compounds is a secondary factor. Arising from that if you look at the complexity of the bio-electric system we have, and the bio-electric system a virus or bacteria would I think it would be relatively easy to dismantle the bio-electric system of a virus or a bacteria or a parasite using two specific frequencies which are precise and are different like a square wave and a saw-tooth wave with a variation on both the harmonics. They said they would be interested in setting up a test for that. And if it worked they would manufacture the machines and I asked for the Epstein Barre Virus Virus to test it on but nothing’s definite but I’m quite sure you could do that. I’m also quite sure you could filter out the harmful radiation by putting something in the (building) foundation. You have to know what the frequencies are.

Haven’t they done that?

No, not really, Hulda Clark, I write to her, she’s in Mexico now. She was measuring the frequencies of dead viruses and you can’t usefully do that, they’re totally different when they’re alive.

So how do these viruses hang around in your system?

Well the herpes hide in the spine. I have come to the conclusion that since Dubroff, Professor Alexander Dubroff claimed in his classic book The Geo-Magnetic Fields and Life, that we require the presence of the geo-magnetic field in order for a number of biological functions to take place and it’s blatantly apparent to me that we require the presence of the Schumann waves and also the ionisation field in a proper balanced form and the air that we breath should have a content of around 2,000 particles of negative and positive ions to the square cubic centimetre and there should be a ratio of 5 negions to 4 posions and so because we need all these things on order to function I believe that it may well be possible that some of the viruses that are adversely affecting us also require specific frequencies because ME sufferers that are over underground streams invariably find that they have the Epstein Barre virus and I have formed the opinion that perhaps the Epstein Barre virus only becomes biologically active when you are over an underground stream that is producing the frequency that turns him on.

It’s rather line ants living on bad lines (for us)?


How many houses have you looked on over the last… since you started?

It’s difficult to say. I have looked at over tow thousand five hundred cases of ME.

That’s your main interest?

Well it’s all word of mouth, it’s not be design, it’s the way it came out but I get a lot of cancer cases.

How many cancer cases have you had?

Over a thousand I’d say.

All types of cancers?


They were all associated with earth radiation?

Yes they were. I’ve looked at cases of chronic myeloid anaemia and chronic lymphoid leukaemia and found without exception you didn’t find a case without you having three different types of radiation present and that was the outside edge line of an underground stream, two-banded Hartman, which was negative in it’s polarity and AC pos magnetic fields over three hundred nano-tesla.

What is nano-tesla?

It is a magnetic field evaluation. There are… you have 50,000 nano-tesla, which is half a gauss or 0.5 of one gauss. In one gauss you have a 100,000 nano-tesla.

So what does a normal electrical appliance put out?

They vary considerably. If you are talking about a plug, around the socket you might measure, on average, 15 nano-tesla, if you had an overhead pylon with a wire scraping the roof you might measure 6,000. If you had a transformer in the house charging your batteries or phone, a toothbrush or running the baby alarm system it can produce over a quarter of a million, that’s the problem in the house.

At what distance?

Well that rapidly diminishes. The last four cases of chronic myeloid lymphoid leukaemia the AC field part of the equation was supplied by a transformer and they varied. When you measured them in the area of the bed from just over 300, one was 1100, one was 3,400, the other was around 800, in association with water.

So it probably would have been OK without the water?

Absolutely, that’s what I find. Really the biological effect of AC fields is grossly over-stated. You can’t evaluate these biological effects of AC fields without taking into consideration a multiplicity of other factors.

Otherwise there is no significant cancer rate amongst electrical industry workers?

No you can find in some cases, I have found one boy, an eight-year-old boy, with a brain tumour not responding to medical treatment. He had AC fields from five sources in the area of his head producing over 1,000 nano-teslas. In four of the cases 550 in the other… once we took him away from that the five sources, he responded to treatment, he’s still around today.

He had a water line around somewhere?

No, only AC fields but this is an exception. It’s the only time I have ever come across it. In all cases they were transformers, five different transformers.

What were they powering?

One was powering a low-voltage light from the room downstairs. It was in the ceiling, between the ceiling and the floor. One was powering a bedside lamp, halogen lamp, he had two to charge up his batteries, he had masses of these toys, battery operated toys.

In his bedroom?

Yes, under his bed. He also had a control box for an electric train set with a transformer and it was switched on and that was on a shelf just behind his head. I looked at a brain tumour of a doctor in Romford where you had the outside edge line of a water line intersected with a geological fault going through his pillow. He had an AC field around 130 nano-tesla. He wouldn’t need that. Just that lethal combination was enough and the underground stream went across the woman’s side of the bed and she was suffering from energy depleted state, insomnia, depression and the doctor said it was because of the state of the husband but that one line was producing ME in her and the brain tumour in the husband.

I did a blind test. I was asked to go to Leamington Spa and look at some houses there and I came across a Curry grid line, this is going back some while, with a geological fault crossing a pillow. A nine-year-old boy slept there. He had a brain tumour not responding to medical treatment. I moved him the other side of the room into a neutral zone. He responded to medical treatment. I looked at all the beds in the house and said this is the one that’s got the problem, whoever sleeps there should have a brain scan.

And then I also found a cancer case in the same blind test and a case of ME. A nine-year old boy had an auntie who was a columnist in the Sunday Times health page, Hazel Courtney, she had problems. I had to go to Edgebaston to sort them out and she did a write-up in the Sunday Times about it and I was called back a second time to do another blind test where I looked at all the beds in the house and found a two-banded Hartman running with a negative charge through a pillow intersecting with the outside edge line of an underground stream. And that man had a brain tumour and he had just been diagnosed just about a week before I got there.

But if that was crossing over your kidneys, liver, pancreas for example would it give you pancreatic tumour?

Yes it’s liable to do that. I went into a house and found people had been living there for many years, had no problems, they had decided to decorate the place so they thought they’d do half the room at a time and moved the bed over. As soon as they moved it over the wife had problems, she became ill and they called me in and I found that it was on an underground stream and they said well there’s a man next door and he’s like to you check that place. I found the underground stream line continued through the house, it went through a pillow on a single bed and that was intercepted again by a two-banded Hartman with a negative charge and his daughter slept there and she was a lawyer and she had a brain tumour. She complained for ages about it and they said oh it’s just headaches and stuff like that until it had advanced to a point where even coming and having her treatment may not have done much good.

Have you had any pancreatic cancers or liver cancers?

Yes. Liver cancer certainly.

And when you moved the bed did that help them out?

Well it always helps if you’re called in early enough when they’re having treatment. I find that people diagnosed as having cancer and having chemotherapy are reduced physically by the chemotherapy treatment to a point where they are without energy at all and they have to spend twenty four hours a day in bed rather than eight hours and so they spend more time on the radiation that they would have done if they didn’t have the treatment in the first place. And that’s why I think chemotherapy, amongst other things, has a very low success rate.

I went into a house where I checked the bed and it was riddled with radiation and I said it’s a classic cancer site and the woman said well my daughter sleeps there and she’s got cancer. And I said well she’ll have to move into another room. Some of the others I checked out had no problem at all and she said she’s on chemotherapy, she’s getting better. I said I’m rather surprised at that because you tend to lose energy and spend more time on the radiation than you would have done if you hadn’t had the treatment. She said oh yes it reduced her physically to a point where she was too weak to climb the stairs so we put her in one of the other rooms and when we checked the other room it had no radiation.

King Hussein had Non-Hodgkin’s Disease and I’m quite sure he was on two types of radiation because the cases of Non-Hodgkin’s Disease that I come across there’s always been two types of radiation. I went to a house were a woman apparently had ME although I was never given any information and I found a two-banded Hartman crossing on one side of the bed, nothing on the other and I said you’d have to move the bed. She said there’s nothing on my side and I’m the one with the problem. I said what is your problem. She said I’ve got ME. Well, I said it certainly wouldn’t cause ME even if you slept on that side. I said it must be a virus and she had a glandular fever and sometimes you can get a situation where the sum total of the problem is a virus that should be classified as post-viral fatigue. She said why should we move the bed and I said this two-banded Hartman crossing the two-banded Hartman can cause Hodgkin’s Disease but it takes a long time, a minimum of fourteen years. She said we’ve been sleeping here fifteen years and my husband has just been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. And they wanted to extend the bedroom, it was already a big house and they asked me to check the area where they wanted to move and it was infinitely worse than where they were. They had options to go and other options. I went there principally to help the woman and eventually was able to …he was just beginning to have treatment for it.

Is there much difference between Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s?

With the Hodgkin’s you have the two-banded Hartman crossing the two-banded Hartman. With the Non-Hodgkin’s you get the three-banded Hartman crossing the two-banded Hartman. That’s what I found.

And water line?

No, you don’t need a water line.

So it should decline quite a lot?

Yes. Another house I went into, not given any information there was an outside edge line of a water stream crossing a geological fault and it crossed on the left leg of a man who was sleeping there and he had a malignant melanoma on that leg and the doctors said it was cause by sun damage. He said I don’t go sun bathing, the last time I wore shorts was in the infants. And, again, the other line went across the woman’s side and she was suffering from ME and that was highly predicable. Both of them recovered when I move them into another room.

Not chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy’s a cancer causing therapy in itself. I went to a house last week were the woman had two lines of radiation, outside edge line of a water stream, and two-banded Hartman. I still find them sometimes. She had breast cancer and she had had it for two years and according to her husband the hospital said we have already spent over 100,000 on treatment for you. And while they’re on the radiation it’s a complete waste of time. They had another room that was absolutely perfect. I have come across cases where you hardly… you never come across a case of cancer where the sole problem is the outside edge line but I come across cases of cancer where the outside edge line is in combination with a grossly disturbed DC field in the bed, where the electrons in the springs are producing a discrepancy I’d say over 10,000 nano-tesla.

How do you get a bed without springs?

There are plenty, you get plastic mattresses now that the astronauts use and the heat of your body shapes it and it supports every bend and turn in your body, they’re OK. You can get kapok or cotton mattresses but some of the other ones, including the Sorbo ones, the Dunlopillow are producing static fields that are high. The cotton ones, if you drop a match on them you go up in smoke.

But then you have to spray it with some sort of chemical to stop them doing that?

All the mattresses are subject to laws which means they are impregnated with a chemical that is designed to slow down the burning, that’s the law.

I was in Nottingham yesterday where the outside edge line of an underground stream was running through the bed and the fields were grossly disturbed, over 19,000 nano-tesla and DC fields created by the springs in the bed and the line went through the area of the shoulder of the woman and the right breast and carried on through the bladder of the man. The woman had breast cancer and the man had prostate cancer and the oncologist in the hospital, they said they were getting me up to check, and he wanted to find out, he said get him to check all the rooms and don’t tell him anything.

The only bed with a problem was the one they were sleeping in and I was able to say because he is disturbed in the area of the prostate he should get that looked at because he was disturbed again around 19,000 around the right breast and the line was going right through there. I suggested she might have a check up and they have both been established as having cancer. I also had been to the house of one of his other patients where I found two lines of radiation crossing and so he is interested. He told them if I was accurate enough it would justify him getting in touch with me. Well, they probably won’t see him for a few days so I’m hoping that something will come about.

Is that your first English oncologist?

That’s right. You get them in Germany.

Hans Nieper’s into that isn’t he?

Yes, I’ve done some work for Nieper. When I did one of his patients’s in Paris. I was in Jersey on Tuesday, Dublin on Wednesday, Paris on Thursday and Swansea on Friday and when I went to Paris, there was a young lady showing me around, I found three lines of radiation on a single bed and told her the bed would have to be moved because it can cause serious biological damage and she said what’s the worst it can do, and I said the classic cancer, and she said ‘I sleep there and I have cancer, I went to Dr Hans Nieper and they established I have cancer but they wouldn’t give me any treatment until a qualified dowser had checked the place. It really was criminal neglect not to check your place before you moved in and when they got the chart Nieper said there wouldn’t be any point giving you any therapy at all if you continued to sleep on a configuration like this’. He has been quoted as saying that 96% of his patients are geopathically stressed.

If that 96% weren’t stressed this way, would they get cancer?

I don’t think so. I was in Germany with Kurt Weinburg, one of the top German dowsers in 1988 and we were doing patients for a cancer clinic and we were just given an address to go to check all the beds and they expected you to tell them which bed the cancer patients slept in, sometimes where the cancer was in the body, and I remember one house that we went in to that had five beds and I started at one end and he started at the other end and we only found a problem in one bed and that was two narrow bands of radiation crossing under a pillow. This was a pillow on one side of a double bed, We deduced that would cause cancer of the throat. The man slept there, he had cancer of the throat and his first wife had slept there before and she had died of cancer of the throat. When he got married a second time the second wife didn’t want to sleep that side so he was relegated to sleep there. It was in 1988, doctors were calling in long before I got there.

Kurt Weinburg had been working for doctors for many years before I got there but they have known about it. Geopathic stress has been a medical term for well over twenty, twenty-five years.

Something like that should be shouted from the rooftop.

Well it should be. You’ve got the research carried out in Austria by Professor Berkman, Professor Huperzec and the other scientists looking at the short term effects of the bio-system. They were checking twenty four different biological functions and found that seventeen were adversely affected to a measurable degree scientifically and that was based on over half a million measurements. You know it wasn’t a weekend investigation.

There’s also a mental stress cause, nearly everyone who has had cancer has some sort of mental stress.

Sometimes lines of radiation are going through their head and altering the state of the brain frequency also the biochemistry and so you’re bound to get some stress. I’ve been in houses, one about three weeks ago, where a single line was going through both the pillows in the double bed and that was the unclassified lines of radiation, so called ley lines, sometimes associated with old churches. They had insomnia, migraine type headaches and were extremely aggressive. They weren’t when they moved in and they would also sit down and try and work out when these bouts occurred, what started them off and I moved them into another room and they phone back about a week later and said they had recovered on all fronts.

I’ve come across that many times. One individual is aggressive…. People have been on valium and lithium under psychiatrists for over ten years in some cases and were physically and mentally depleted to a state where they wouldn’t remember what I said and they wouldn’t be able to move the furniture around so I moved it myself and it’s quite remarkable the number that have phone back or written back and said that they had recovered to a point where they wanted to stop the medication. Of course you can’t give them permission, you always have to tell them to negotiate with their doctor or psychiatrist but it’s quire remarkable how quick they recover once you take them off the radiation.

Kate Becker’s book is the best out at the moment that I’ve seen. I was out of society and I couldn’t cope with any more work and I’d go out every day, I’m due out three o’clock today. Normally I’m out early in the morning and don’t come home until late at night.

I do work for one of the doctors up in Wales with their new patients; I go up there sometimes. I remember the last time I went up, I went up to Aberystwyth, I got up at half past three in the morning to take the quarter past four to take me into London to get the five thirty from Euston to Birmingham and then I got a train from there to Aberystwyth. I got a taxi from there about thirty two miles to a place. I just had the name of the college and so we had to go round and find the local post office which was located in what looked like a bike shed the woman had been there for about thirty years and she said oh yes if you go eight miles along this road, turn up this unmarked path you’ll get a taxi so far then you’ll have to walk the rest of the way.

I got there and found two twenty five year olds totally incapacitated. They couldn’t get out of bed or open the door and had left the door open and so I went in and they were in a small stone cottage with two underground streams crossing the bed. A two-banded Hartman intersecting on one side. They had been there for twenty-three months and had been ill for about a year. The dog died from lymphatic cancer. He slept at the bottom of the bed. It was a lethal combination and there was a small place in the front room that you could put the bed although I couldn’t move it because you would need two people to lift it. They were completed decimated, they had just about everything, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, migraine type headaches, candida problems a severe energy depleted state and the people that lived there before both died of cancer. In the short term it was a classic ME site because of the underground streams crossing on both sides of the bed. In the long term it was a cancer site, both sides of the bed.

So these ME patients could end up cancer patients?

That’s right. I got home at ten to one in the morning with another house that morning. I’ve done two houses in Amsterdam and been back in time for tea.

? is coming to give a lecture in Toronto, he’s asked me to write a book with him but he’s coming over for the information about electrical treatment for disease in Russia. His information has never been released to the west so that might be interesting. I know about some of the devices they have got for dealing with psoriasis and ulcers.

All of the biologically damaging types are short wave and all the beneficial ones tend to be long wave so you’ve got a platform to work from and if we knew what the frequencies were it is possible to make provision to filter out these frequencies without having an adverse affect on the beneficial frequencies.

I tested a magnetic bed for Nikkon Company. I told them after I’d tested them for six weeks that they were positively dangerous and they weren’t too happy with that. I said if you want a second opinion go to Dr Lutger Mesman who studied the biological effects of DC fields. That is a magnetic bed. I found a difference of over 26,000 nano-teslas just across the measurement of the pillow in the area of your brain and I don’t think that’s a brilliant idea. They’ve got?? all sorts.

The magnets you use to heal are OK for a short space of time and anything over that may be harmful.

Yes, they are dangerous. You have Dr Poser who was able to demonstrate how you can change the molecular structure of chemicals with it, even with a 2,000 gauss magnet it took fifteen minutes to change the molecular structure of formaldehyde and sulphuric acid and you can buy 7,000 gauss magnet from a hardware shop that would change hard water into soft water by changing the molecular structure of calcium and magnesium.

So it doesn’t sound to good for the molecular structure in your body?

No, absolutely. If you have a weaker field than as you invariably do in beds it takes a longer period of time to do it. I think you have billions of frequencies, you have different magnetic field level, different ambient electric field levels and you have a whole sub-structure of harmonic and unharmonic fields and the rest of it. It’s a question of getting things right.

They found when they were trying to kill cancer with the specific frequencies they found some frequencies it was instrumental in speeding up the development of the cancer. This is one of the most damaging sides of the AC fields. If you are in the midst of an AC field from 50 or 60 hertz and it’s over 1,000, 2,000 nano-tesla it will increase the mitosis rate, the cell division rate, up to twenty times faster than normal so you have a tumour, you can promote the tumour to grow up to twenty four times faster than normal if you are in magnetic field of that magnitude.

And so there is an element of danger using these things without knowing precisely what the result will be and I don’t know of any clinical tests being carried out. You have sclerosis, I have found that that is a combination of three different types of radiation, the outside edge water line, a two-banded Hartman with DC fields shown disturbed in the area of over 12,000 nano-tesla.

Whether there is a degree of genetic susceptibility in all these things I don’t know. There may be a fourth factor. There clearly is genetic susceptibility because I was called in to look at a problem with a young lady who went to Barnard High School. As soon as she went in to certain classrooms she would collapse into a catatonic state, they couldn’t do a thing. When I went there you got measurements of between 400 and 850 nano-tesla in AC field and you had some other females who complained about headaches and minor problems but there were 800 girls who went through these class rooms through t he course of a week and really there was only one who reacted in the profoundly serious fashion and you can go anywhere and recreate this situation by producing these fields of that magnitude and she would go down the same.

The head of a business went into his office and as soon as he got there he got migraines headaches that drove him out of the place. The doctor said it was pressure of business but when you recreated the fields it was just over 240 nano-tesla. Wherever you created fields with that magnitude where there wasn’t any other source of radiation he still reacted in the same way.

You have looked into cot death as well haven’t you?

That’s right. I find in blind testing that the damage was done in the embryonic stage when the mother was sleeping in an area which was severely irradiated.

One of the cases, someone of national standing went to measure the AC field and didn’t find anything of any magnitude – around about 35 nano-tessa. I came to the conclusion that radiation wasn’t a problem. I was called in and apparently an outside edge line of an underground stream and a two-banded Hartman. I knew from experience there had to be a third factor, the AC fields. I measured it and there was nothing there and so I questioned the parents, what they had there before, whether there was an answer phone, electric blanket or bedside radio clock. I went through the whole list of things till he got to a cot, cot microphone and they said we had one of those, we took it down just before the expert came and when we plugged that in it was producing 176,000 nano-tesla.

That was quite close to the cot and actually digging into the pillow even if you allow for the fact the boys slept right at the bottom of the pillow it was still producing 1,100 nano-tesla in the area of his head and so with all the cases of multiple sclerosis I’ve looked at they have always been associated with underground streams, two-banded Hartman and a disturbed DC field and that’s based on around forty three, forty four cases. I went over to Guernsey to look at a case and I wasn’t told before I went over there. I looked at four different cases, two cancer cases, one ME case and one MS case. And you find with monotonous regularity you have three different types of radiation.

Do any of them clear up after moving?

You can improve. The one group I looked at you can improve the quality of life for these people to a point where they feel better without fully recovering. There was a case, two cases, in America of women in wheel chairs sitting close together and were struck by lightening and they both recovered almost instantly.

You wouldn’t recommend that for a therapy.

It shows you there must have been something in the frequency value that repaired the damage and I maintain with all diseases it is in some kind of measure an imbalance in the value of the bio-electric fields that produces the disease because you change the value and structure of the messages there are bound to be casualties and trying to treat an imbalance in the value of the bio-electric fields with chemical therapies is largely a waste of time. In the long term it will cause more problems than it will solve.

They’ve never cured anything with drugs except infectious diseases.

I don’t think there’s any great incentive to get a tablet that’s going to cure cancer, chemotherapy has a very low success rate and is a multi-billion pound industry.

What about motor-neurone?

That was radiation going through the head, very often two types of radiation or sometimes one type and was always confined to the geological fault or the outside edge line win combination with another type of radiation or sometimes in combination with a grossly disturbed DC field in the area of the pillow, consequently the brain.

So it’s mainly cancer and ME.

Cancer, ME, sudden infant death syndrome, insomnia, depression. I went into one house I was called in by a doctor. He said my patient has for many years had headaches and insomnia, can’t sleep and I went in, looked at the bed and found an unclassified line of radiation and a two-banded Hartman going through the pillow and I though well that was obviously the problem and suggested the bed be moved. I was then introduced to the bloke and he was totally blind.

He had been there twenty-two years, was fully sighted when he came in and became blind during the course of his stay there. I believe in addition to the fact that it would have an adverse affect on the pineal gland’s ability to manufacture melatonin and it would also cause headaches and also the status of the bio-electric system and the visual cortex to where it causes blindness. My machines all measure down to the one billionth part of a tesla – you can switch a light bulb on and you can map 100 or 150 nano-tesla coming from the light bulb if you measure it close enough if you measure it a metre away you wouldn’t pick up anything. The pineal glad can detect the light bulb being switched on in the house next door if you are in joined up houses, terraced houses.

Doesn’t the brain run on nano-amps?

I think some of them are running on pico-tesla 10-12. Professor Uri Goreyev was able to measure the magnetic field created by thought and it’s 1 pico-tesla, one-millionth part of a tesla. He was also able to measure the magnetic field created by the noise of the blood flowing through the veins and that’s why he knew more about the bio-electric system than anyone else I’ve come across. So it makes you wonder what computers do to your memory.

Do teeth generate current?

Oh yes, you have enough galvanic action to light a torch bulb with the galvanic action you’ve got in the mouth. I went to a house with Bob Harris where a woman complained that she could hear the BBC broadcasts in her head. And the first stop was a psychiatrist as far as the doctor was concerned but she wasn’t keen on that that and I went there and checked the radiation. The earth radiation wasn’t a problem. When I had to phone somebody, when I picked up the phone there was a BBC broadcast on the phone, but she was near all these aerials and when she had the metal removed from her mouth it stopped and she had been plagued by that for five or six years.

There was one case of a girl with MS, five minutes after she had her teeth metal removed she could walk again.

Yes, you can do tests where you measure mercury vapour in your mouth and you are producing a lot more if you are in an area with acid water or have an acid meal. There was a car park in Hereford and when they parked the cars there and locked them with this automatic device they can’t open it so my experience to find that the underground stream produces the same radio frequency as they use and it’s only they get a van to come in and tow them away and as soon as they get it off the plot they can use it. It’s been my experience to find its radio frequencies generated by the underground streams that interferes with the mechanism and locks cars.

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