Alf Riggs

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Harmful Effects from Earth Radiation & Electrical Fields by Alf Riggs

Alf Riggs Interview 1999.


Where you would have a two-banded Hartman crossing a two-banded Hartman it was my experience to find that would cause Hodgkin’s Disease but it would take a minimum of fourteen years to do so. I never came across a case of Hodgkin’s Disease associated with a Hartman grid that took less than fourteen years to form.
        With the Hodgkin’s you have the two-banded Hartman crossing the two-banded Hartman. With the Non-Hodgkin’s you get the three-banded Hartman crossing the two-banded Hartman. That’s what I found.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

ME sufferers that are over underground streams invariably find that they have the Epstein Barre virus and I have formed the opinion that perhaps the Epstein Barre virus only becomes biologically active when you are over an underground stream that is producing the frequency that turns him on. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

I’ve looked at cases of chronic myeloid anaemia and chronic lymphoid leukaemia and found without exception you didn’t find a case without you having three different types of radiation present and that was the outside edge line of an underground stream, two-banded Hartman, which was negative in it’s polarity and AC pos magnetic fields over three hundred nano-tesla. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

The last four cases of chronic myeloid lymphoid leukaemia the AC field part of the equation was supplied by a transformer and they varied. When you measured them in the area of the bed from just over 300, one was 1100, one was 3,400, the other was around 800, in association with water. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

So with all the cases of multiple sclerosis I’ve looked at they have always been associated with underground streams, two-banded Hartman and a disturbed DC field and that’s based on around forty three, forty four cases. I went over to Guernsey to look at a case and I wasn’t told before I went over there. I looked at four different cases, two cancer cases, one ME case and one MS case. And you find with monotonous regularity you have three different types of radiation. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

Motor-neuron---That was radiation going through the head, very often two types of radiation or sometimes one type and was always confined to the geological fault or the outside edge line win combination with another type of radiation or sometimes in combination with a grossly disturbed DC field in the area of the pillow, consequently the brain.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

It takes a long time but if you have an underground stream going across the body and the other underground stream is the other side of the head then you are not only on the radiation, which is said to be around 1,400 megahertz, according to Polish scientists, but your head is also in this other frequency that will produce arthritis. It causes insomnia, migraine type headaches, panic attacks and I have found people that are chronic insomniac’s had their head in this line of radiation and the radiation in between and once you take them out the very first thing they are able to do is sleep properly.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

If it was crossed over with the outside edge of an underground stream it would produce breast cancer and ovarian cancer.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.