Paul Stitt
Food Inc


I would drink chlorinated water only if the alternative was no water at all."

"How silly of you to think that Nutrasweet replaced sugar — it didn't. It increased the craving for sugar and the percentage of people overweight also has increased. That couldn't be Nutrasweet's fault, could it?"--- BEATING THE FOOD GIANTS by Paul A. Stitt

The swelling ranks of diabetics can consider themselves victims of the Food Giants. BEATING THE FOOD GIANTS by Paul A. Stitt

"There is a force in this country that's out to poison your food, to make it addictive, to manipulate your very body chemistry.  This conspiracy wants to keep you overfed but undernourished.  Who's behind this conspiracy?  The food giants."--Paul Stitt

The public knows very little about nutrition. Instead, it pays attention to the advertisements of the Food Giants. People buy what the food conglomerates make them want. More than 70% of weekday food advertisements time is spent in hawking garbage. To the Food Giants, sales are more important than nutrition. Mean­while, the customers are being brainwashed — lulled into thinking that because we have a Department of Health and Human Services that approves these processed foods, they must be good to eat. They're tragically mistaken. The time has come for people to start reading labels and paying attention to what they put in their bodies. BEATING THE FOOD GIANTS by Paul A. Stitt

In his fascinating book, "Paradox of Plenty," Harvey Wallenstein give a detailed explanation of the philosophy and growth of the food industry from 1930 to 1990. He lays out in explicit detail the corrupt thinking and proves with thousands of referenced articles how the American food industry has put packaging, flavor, advertising gimmicks, clowns, etc., ahead of the all important reason for eating food — nutrition. "Paradox of Plenty" is a scholarly work that fully indicates the food industry as the super cause of American obesity and runaway sickness costs. I recommend it as a "must read."  BEATING THE FOOD GIANTS by Paul A. Stitt

 We'd shown that protein could be made from natural gas, that it could be done successfully on a large scale, and that it could be done cheaply (a pound would cost about 11 cents to produce, and would provide eight people with 100 % of their protein needs for a day). And we had done it in one year — half the time we'd been allotted for completion!    ......
When we were called into the vice president's office on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, we expected a raise and a pat on the back. ...... "Gentlemen," he said nonchalantly, "the Board of Directors has decided to terminate your project, effective immediately."........They were actually firing us! .......Finally, when I could stand it no longer, I marshalled my courage and called the president of Tenneco. How could they do this senseless thing?
    "Friend," he told me, "if I had a whole mountain of protein, I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do with it. Who's gonna buy something like that?"
    I was dumb struck. What about the starving millions? Was the profit motive all that counted for anything? I told myself that it could not be so, that somewhere there must be a company which would embrace the project and develop it to full potential. But I was still naive, and I still believed that the best way to make money was to make things people really needed. BEATING THE FOOD GIANTS by Paul A. Stitt


[2003] The Real Cause of Heart Disease Is Not Cholesterol by  Paul Stitt