Analogy madness
Medical Mind Control

[Condition suffered by Pharma folk when it is forbidden to connect the dots showing (obvious) vaccine damage.  Richard Horton being the outright winner in this regard.  Similar insanity can be seen in the oft touted 'healthy infants could safely get up to 10,000 vaccines at once' (was 100,000! Ref ), as started by Paul Offit, and repeated by the likes of Stoppard.]

See: Anecdotes  Just a Coincidence   Underlying conditions

[2010 Feb] Richard Horton Waffles on Lancet's Wakefield Retraction by Sally Beck
  "It's like saying that I was born under the star sign Capricorn and in the year that I was born there was some terrible human disaster. Does that somehow mean that my birth was linked to the human disaster? No of course it doesn't"
..."It's like saying I have coins in my pocket and I have a cold. Finding the coins in my pocket at the same time I've got a cold, doesn't prove the coins caused my cold..."