Cysts and vaccination

[2006] Formation of Cysts from Squalene Adjuvant?

For the past half century, peer-reviewed scientific research has documented how animals injected with oil-based adjuvants develop a variety of hypersensitive (allergic) and autoimmune diseases. They also develop cysts. This has also proven true in humans. In the 1960s, nearly a million people in England were immunized with an influenza vaccine containing an oil based adjuvant. I believe the oil was mineral oil. The manufacturer voluntarily withdrew the vaccine from the market when approximately 40 patients developed sterile (non-infectious) cysts that in some cases had to be surgically removed. I am unaware of any research showing how quickly cysts can develop after immunization with an oil adjuvant.
    .....Military personnel injected with anthrax vaccine containing squalene have been reporting that they developed cysts, appearing all over their bodies. Among the first to report this were Air Force personnel at Dover Air Force Based in Delaware, which had received at least four lots of anthrax vaccine containing squalene. One fellow developed cysts all over his body, including his pericardium. Another fellow developed them on his spinal cord. These cysts were similar to those in British civilians injected with the flu vaccine containing mineral oil, because they were "sterile" - they were not associated with viral or bacterial infection. [2006] Formation of Cysts from Squalene Adjuvant?   Gary Matsumoto

I had a bilateral-salipingo-oopherrectomy (SP). Ovarian cysts were found to be the problem, though they never had existed before AND I'd had a hysterectomy in 1982. I was admitted to the 85th EVAC approximately 2 weeks after my 1st anthrax vaccine. It's my understanding that the doseage we received in 1 injection is equal to 2 today. I had a total of 2 anthrax vaccines before they were stopped at HQS, SUPCOM. Could cysts have manifested that quickly?
    Most recently, I've been found to have an arachnoid cyst on my brain stem about the size of a quarter, which VA plans on "watching". They say it's congenital, 1991 and again in 1996, MRI's show what neurologists call a UBO, an unidentified bright object. Could squalene cause somthing like this?
    For me, it's not a matter of service-connection, as I am already rated 100% (220% in real math) from my numerous Gulf War related illnesses (CFS, FMS, IBS, Neurogenic bladder, Reactive Arthritis/Reiter's Syndrome). I would just like to know WHY I've had to go through all of these life changing manifestations.
[2006] Formation of Cysts from Squalene Adjuvant?