Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and vaccination

Since those early discussions with Craig and Bob, many military personnel have reported developing DVTs following anthrax vaccination. Some military medical specialists are tracking this. Since 1998, when the Department of Defense began administering anthrax vaccine lots proven to be tainted by nanodoses of squalene, many service members have reported developing post-vaccination autoimmune vasculitis, Churg's Strauss syndrome, endocarditis, myocarditis, collagen vascular disease, cardiomyopathy, polyarteritis nodosa and cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Most of these adverse reactions are listed on the package insert for Biothrax (the licensed human anthrax vaccine). However, as NBC's Craig White reported to me, as have military personnel, the military draws anthrax vaccine in the field from multi-dose aliquots that do not come with a package insert for service members to read. Secret adjuvant in new avian flu vaccine  Gary Matsumoto