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Dr Jayne Donegan Fitness to practice hearing 2007

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UK’s GMC, Dr Jayne Donegan’s Story, Vaccines & MMR Here is the shocking story of how Dr Jayne Donegan was victimised by but won against the UK  General Medical Council and members of the UKs Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and all for giving accurate and truthful evidence in Court about vaccines and their hazards

Dealers in Second Hand Words by Martin J Walker

[Letter BMJ May 2008] Use Your Loaf!--Jayne Donegan

[Jan 2008] My Experience with the General Medical Council by Dr Jayne Donegan, MB However, the GMC was not going to make life easy for me.  I live in London.  The GMC  is based in London. I am the sole care and supporter of two children whom I also home educate.  The GMC therefore decided that the case would be held in their offices in Manchester.  They even tried to schedule the case for May 2007 – right in the middle of GCSEs.  It would be bad enough trying to do GCSEs if your mother went off to a different city for three weeks leaving you to fend for yourself even if she weren’t home educating you, how much more so when she is your teacher as well. I had to get a letter from Education Department of Barnet stating that I would be in dereliction of my duty to educate my children if I went way and left them at such a time.
...............It is notable that under cross examination on Day Two, Dr Elliman was forced to concede, that there have been no randomised placebo controlled trials of any of the vaccines in use in the last 20 to 30 years where vaccinated children are compared with unvaccinated children given an inactive placebo (sterile water or normal saline). In the one placebo controlled trial that he cited for MMR, the ‘placebo’ contained, amongst other ingredients, neomycin and phenol red.  Neomycin is listed in the British National Formulary as ‘too toxic for parenteral (by injection) use’.
.........Evidence for the safety and efficacy of all these vaccines come from epidemiological studies which are by nature controversial, and which do not satisfy the criteria for scientific proof.......
I took my Medical Indemnity Organisation’s very strongly worded advice not to talk to the media. As all their cover is discretionary I felt I had no choice but to follow this advice. As a result there was very little coverage or publicity given to the fact that I was completely exonerated and some of that which was reported was incorrect.  I am very pleased that they paid my legal fees, the case cost over one hundred thousand pounds to defend, I could never have financed it myself.  The GMC is not a court, so even if you win, you don’t get any of the costs back, so when the defence bodies defend a case, for them, it is just money down the drain. This gives the GMC carte blanche to accuse anybody they like of Serious Professional Misconduct as they never have to pay for anyone except their own team if they are wrong.

[JABS] "GP cleared of misconduct over MMR evidence (August 25, 2007)

[Media Aug 7, 2007] GP accused of misleading court over MMR danger

Letter by Pat Rattigan

[Media Sept 2, 2007] If they think MMR needs a shot in the arm, try this 
Meanwhile, I am delighted to report that Dr Jayne Donegan, a decent and conscientious GP publicly denounced by an officious ex-Communist judge after she gave evidence for parents who objected to MMR, has been cleared by the General Medical Council of charges that she gave false or misleading impres­sions of research, quoted selectively and allowed her views to override her duty to the court.
    The charges, in my view, should never have been brought. Dr Donegan's vindication confirms my view and weakens the cause of those who would persecute honest, thoughtful doctors who challenge orthodoxy.

[Sept 2007] GP in MMR row cleared by GMC
Dr Donegan said of her battle: ‘It was terrible. It took thousands of hours away from my professional and family life. I have been living under stress for three-and-a-half years, worried that I could lose my livelihood. I have tried to help patients with ways to reduce stress but now I know how hard it is.’

See: Lord Justice Sedley

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The trial of Dr Jayne Donegan

[Transcripts] Fitness to practice hearing 2007:

"The transcripts are, of course, an impossibly long read. David Elliman gave evidence days 2-5. Jayne, I think, day 6 and 7. Peter Fletcher day 9. It may be best to look at Ian Sterne's summing up for the defence, end of day 10, beginning of day 11."--John Stone

Panel Members Mrs S Hewitt (Chairman), Mr j Brown, Ms J Goulding, Dr M Goodman, Mr R Grey QC (Legal Assessor)

 Mr I Stern, QC and Mr S Singh, Counsel, instructed by Clifford Miller, Solicitors, appeared on behalf of Dr Donegan who was present.

 Mr T Kark, Counsel, instructed by Field Fisher Waterhouse, Solicitors, appeared on behalf of the General Medical Counsel

Index (word doc)

Tuesday 7th August 2007

 day 1 (pdf)



Allegations by GMC

 Opening statement by Mr Kark

Wednesday 8th August 2007

 Day 02 (pdf)





Dr David Elliman, Consultant in Community Child Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, expert witness for the GMC

Examined by Mr Kark

 Dr David Elliman cross-examined by Mr Stern

Thursday 9th August 2007

 Day 03 (pdf)



Dr David Elliman, continued

Cross examined by Mr Stern (continued)

Friday 10th August

 Day 04 (pdf)



Dr David Elliman, continued

Cross-examined by Mr Stern (continued)

Monday 13th August 2007

 day 5 (pdf)






Dr David Elliman, continued

Cross-examined by Mr Stern (continued)

 Re-examined by Mr Kark

 Questioned by the Panel

 Further cross-examined by Mr Stern

Wednesday 15th August 2007

 Day 6 (pdf)



Dr Jayne LM Donegan

Examined by Mr Stern 

Thursday 16th August 2007

 Day 7 (pdf)







Dr Jayne LM Donegan continued

Cross-examined by Mr Kark

 Re- examined by Mr Stern

Questioned by the Panel

 Dr A Peter Fletcher, expert witness for Dr Donegan

Examined by Mr Stern

Friday 17th August 2007

 Day 8 (pdf)






Dr A Peter Fletcher, continued

Examined by Mr Stern (continued)

 Cross-examined by Mr Kark

 Re-examined by Mr Stern

 Questioned by the Panel

Monday 20th August 2007

 Day 9 (pdf)










Dr Donegan’s witness of fact

Examined by Mr Stern

 Cross-examined by Mr Kark

 Re-examined by Mr Stern

 Questioned by the panel

 Legal discussion re disclosure of Dr Elliman’s training in expert evidence

 Amendments to Allegations

 Submissions by Mr Kark

 Submissions by Mr Stern

Tuesday 21st August 2007

 Day 10 (pdf)



Submissions by Mr Stern (continued)

 Legal Assessor’s Advice

 The Panel deliberated in camera and later adjourned until 9.30am Wednesday 22nd August

Wednesday 22nd August 2007

 Day 11


The Panel continued to deliberate in camera

The Panel adjourned until 9.30 a.m.

on Thursday, 23 August 2007

Thursday 23rd August 2007

 Day 12



The Panel continued to deliberate in camera

 Determination on facts

 The Panel later adjourned until 10.00 a.m.

on Friday, 24 August 2007

Friday 24th August 2007

 Day 13



The Panel continued to deliberate in camera

 Determination on serious professional misconduct

Judgement (HTML)

Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   1
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   2
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   3
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   4
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   5
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   6
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   7
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   8
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   9
Dr Jayne LM Donegan GMC Panel decision 24 Aug 2007   10


Analysis (in process)
“With due regard for this reservation it seems probable that immunization had more effect on the control of this disease than of any other, with the exceptions of poliomyelitis and, possibly, smallpox.  This conclusion is supported by the high level of immunity which follows the use of a good antigen.  Evidence for England and Wales in 1961 to 1963 indicated that the risk of an attack of diphtheria was about six times greater, and the risk of a fatal attack ten times greater, in those not immunized than in those immunized.” Donegan GMC Transcripts for day 1

"What Dr Donegan did not mention in her report was that measures were taken back in the 1960s to remove that virus from the vaccine and tests on vaccines stored since 1966 have known it to be free from the simian virus."  See: [Nov 2002] Today's Polio Vaccine still contaminated with Cancer-Causing SV-40