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[1981] British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study

[1982] DPT : vaccine roulette (TV Documentary)

[2011 June] Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination 

[2009 July DPT] Federal Court awards compensation to boy injured by vaccines

[Book DPT] A Stolen Life by Marge Grant

DPT reaction (James Buckland)

ICPA http://www.4icpa.org/Vaccinations/dpt.htm#Pertussis

DTaP reaction http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Sauna/6870/DPaT1.html

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Vaccine Injury Table http://www.hrsa.dhhs.gov/bhpr/vicp/table.htm#

Recalls of unsafe vaccine are rare-----Fresno Bee DPT report 1984

Adverse events which may occur within 48 hours of DPT vaccination

Adverse effects statistics (DPT)

Adverse reactions to tetanus toxoid.(JAMA)

Our Special Angel Was Brain Damaged by a Vaccine!  My beautiful grandson's journey.
Before & After photos. He was brain damaged by a DPT shot.

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