Jab that damaged our child
Letter, Daily Mail Aug 20, 1996

AFTER reading with interest the Good Health Debate on vaccination (Mail), I looked up and watched my vaccine-damaged son Andrew being cared for in Rachel House, the children’s hospice.

I’m one of a small number of parents who have proved the dangerous reactions of DPT immunisation, the third dose of which. left my son badly brain-damaged. Neither contributor to the debate details the risks, and Dr Mayon-White — as a professional — could at least have explained what happens when reactions do not settle in a day or two.

My son has cerebral ataxia, leaving him with no balance and very poor muscle tone. He has uncontrollable epilepsy, with a minimum of ten severe seizures a day. We provide the necessary round-the-clock care, feeding, dressing and bathing him and moving him from wheelchair to chair to bed.

At eight years old Andrew can press a button and throw a ball— nothing else. This is a bad reaction to a vaccine, not a rash, a wheeze or a bit of a temperature.

In the U.S., the government has paid out more than $650 million to vaccine-damaged children. In the UK, the current rate of compensation is 30,000 — a one-off payment for a ruined life. The annual pay rise for a Cabinet Minister is greater than this, which shows just how much my son is valued by this Government.

JANNE BARRAS, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire.

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Tragic dose: Janne's son Andrew needs constant care

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