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[1997] Maurice R. Hilleman is Director of the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research. He is credited with developing more vaccines than any other person in history. Dr. Hilleman pioneered the development of numerous live, killed, and combined vaccines including measles, mumps, rubella, Marek's disease, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, adenoviruses, and the commercial evolution of vaccines against meningococci and pneumococci.

SV40  [vid] The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

Book re Hilleman
[2008] Vaccinated: One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases by Paul Offit

[Book extract. The Health Century] Dr. Bernice E. Eddy, whose lab tests found that the Cutter vaccine had been improperly inactivated. “I said, listen Albert, you and I are good friends. But I’m going to talk about a virus that’s in your vaccine now. You’re going to get rid of the virus. Don't worry about it, you're going to get rid of it. So of course Albert was very upset with me."  Hilleman told Sabin there was something special about this virus.  "I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’ve been around vaccines for a long time. I just think this virus may have some long term effects.''
    Sabin said what?
    “I said cancer. I said Albert, you probably think I'm nuts, but I just have that feeling."

"Maurice R. Hilleman Ph.D., a leading expert on immunization, developed over 40 vaccines and published more than 480 original articles on virology, epidemiology, immunology, and infectious diseases.
    Two years ago, a 1991 confidential memo from Dr. Hilleman to the head of Merck’s vaccine division was made public.(2)  In the memo, Dr. Hilleman wrote “The regulatory control agencies in some countries, particularly Scandinavia (especially Sweden) but also UK, Japan, and Switzerland have expressed concern for thimerosal, a mercury preservative, in vaccines.  Some countries require absence of thimerosal from single-dose package.  This trend will probably spread… Sweden is requiring thimerosal free single-dose packaging of all products as soon as can be reasonably achieved.  The deadline for DT is January, 1992… “The focal point for present concern is in Scandinavia…  The immediate Merck concern is to be able to qualify for sale of single-dose products in Sweden and in Norway and Denmark…  The public awareness has been raised by the sequential wave of experiences in Sweden including mercury exposure from additives, fish, contaminated air, bird death from eating mercury-treated seed grains, dental amalgam leakage, mercury allergy, etc…  In some instances, public immunization programs may be endangered by public refusal to accept vaccines with thimerosal.”
    Dr. Hilleman went on,
“For babies: The 25 µg of mercury in a single 0.5 ml dose and extrapolated to a 6 lb baby would be 25X the adjusted Swedish daily allowance of 1.0 µg for a baby of that size…  If 8 doses of thimerosal-containing vaccine were given in the first 6 months of life (3 DPT, 2 HIB and 3 Hepatitis B) the 200 µg of mercury given, say an average size of 12 lbs would be about 87X the Swedish daily allowance of 2.3 µg of mercury for a baby of that size.”
    To put all this into perspective: In 1991, we have an international expert (and the # 1 US vaccine expert) on vaccines telling the chief of the vaccine division of the largest US vaccine manufacturer that it is imperative to immediately produce mercury-free vaccines for Scandinavian children in order to avoid exposing them to unacceptable levels of mercury and to guarantee a market share.
    All this while the CDC and the FDA were introducing a new mercury-containing vaccine and no one, including members of the medical profession, was uttering not a word and doing absolutely nothing, about the copious amounts of mercury that were being injected in American infants."--
The First Cancer Vaccine: Facts and Failings By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

In a leaked 1991 memo, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, then Senior Vice President of Merck and an internationally recognized vaccinologist, raised concerns regarding mercury in vaccines after calculating that exposure for a 6 month old was 87 times too high. The memo called attention to the DPT vaccine, which due to the many reports of adverse reactions and brain damage spurred Congress to create the VICP.

[2005] '91 Memo Warned of Mercury in Shots

The Film About Vaccines You Simply Must See - WARNING! Don't get another vaccination until you've seen this video. The life you save may be your own or those that you love.

This stunning censored interview (top) was cut from the TV program The Health Century due to its huge liability -- the admission that the Merck drug company has been injecting cancer viruses into people worldwide.

If you find the content shocking, consider watching the second video, the entire movie, “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism”.  

This film is produced and freely distributed by consumer protector and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and features the world's leading vaccine expert, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, explaining why Merck's vaccines have spread AIDS, leukemia, and other horrific plagues worldwide. 

It may seem inconceivable to some of you, but disease is Big Business. And, if you’re cynical – which seems to become easier with each passing day -- it’s a way to achieve population control while making huge profits in the process.  

[vid] The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses