Hist mouse test
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"Hist test for how much residual toxin is in the vaccine:
Vaccine is injected into the stomach of the mice. Four to five days afterwards they are injected with histamine, and the number dying within 24 hours is recorded. If too many mice die, there is too much residual toxin in the vaccine for your baby.
This one, they say is so inadequate it "must be regarded as a priority for replacement".
    Of course concerns about these tests have been voiced. Especially  the fact that mice do not exactly correlate to human beings anyway.
Yet despite stated misgivings, 58 years after these mouse tests were first developed, they are still the benchmark for proving that whooping cough vaccines are safe and potent. 
    The other interesting point is that test results depend on the age and breed of mice. Some tests have to be in "infant or suckling mice". But most are in adult mice. Old mice aren't susceptible to respiratory infections. Some breeds are hardier, or die in larger numbers. The best breed is "ddy" (Ref 1, p. 95) but in 1991 the preference was for a "HSFSN" mouse (Ref 4, C2).
    Interestingly, only one strain of whooping cough-type bacteria (strain 18-323) works well in mice. This strain is more closely related to Bordetalla brochoseptica than b-type. pertussis raising further questions regarding its applicability to natural disease in humans (Ref 4, C2).
You have to ask the question: "Are the human breed 'mice' supposed to keel over like the 'mice' mice?"
    There are a million mechanisms by which a foreign substance like a vaccine can cause harm. These safety tests are only designed to look at a very narrow spectrum of the blatantly obvious, and even that isn't done very well. But doctors see an official report saying that the potency is effective, the vaccine is safe, and assume that these tests prove that the whooping cough vaccine is safe in all possible aspects, for every possible reaction.
    So if your child dies, or maybe gets serious brain damage, autism or behavioural disorders which the tests aren't designed to look at, doctors think that that damage can't come from the vaccine, because the Ministry of Health has a piece of paper saying that the vaccine is "safe".
    The reality is that mouse tests are irrelevant to human biology in many ways. Some people attempt to argue that they are only regulatory stepping stones to more relevant human trials. In human trials, though, what equates to what happened to the mice? In many ways, human trials can be worse in design concept than the mouse tests."--- Just A Little Prick by Peter and Hilary Butler p. 116-117

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