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HIV Infected Children not to be given BCG Vaccine.

[Here they just admitted BCG vaccine causes disease and kills children.  This is 35 years after they proved it did nothing in an Indian vaccine trial!  The HIV test and HIV=AIDS theory is a fraud. See.  Brings to mind: Genocide in Africa via Oral Polio Vaccine.]

The World Health Organization (WHO) had previously recommended that the BCG vaccine be given to all healthy infants as soon as possible after birth. However, the WHO revised its position and stated in a May 2007 report that "recent evidence shows that children who were HIV-infected when vaccinated with BCG at birth, and who later developed AIDS, were at increased risk of developing BCG disease." The report adds that, "among these children, the benefits of potentially preventing severe TB are outweighed by the risks associated with the use of BCG vaccine."

[1997] J. A. Ratón, M.D. Disseminated Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Infection in an HIV-Infected Child: A Case with Cutaneous Lesions This is the first reported case of disseminated BCG infection in an HIV-infected child presenting with cutaneous lesions.


HIV Infected Children not to be given BCG Vaccine. One study found a 75-percent mortality rate in children with BCG disease, and 70 percent of those children were HIV-infected.

[2007] TB vaccine poses threat to HIV-positive babies