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Teen falls ill after vaccine injection

Nov 2007

Reported by: Larry Seward
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LAWRENCE, Kan. - A Lawrence couple is furious over a new government-approved vaccine designed to prevent a type of cancer. They say it almost killed their daughter and significantly altered her life.
15-year-old Marissa Omon is an athlete.  The daughter of a Nigerian soccer player she played basketball, volleyball and track, until now. 
Surgeons put a defibrillator inside her chest Monday night fearing her heart could stop at any moment.

"HPV cost my daughter. It almost cost her her life," said Edem Omon.

Edem Omon is convinced his healthy, athletic teenage daughter Miranda almost died because of a vaccine doctors gave her to prevent cervical cancer.

Three weeks ago Miranda took a physical.  Edem said he reluctantly allowed a doctor to give her the HPV vaccine.

"He convinced me the drug was safe," said Edem.

Less than three hours later, while practicing basketball at Free State High School, Miranda suddenly collapsed. Her heart stopped.  Paramedics needed a defibrillator to revive her. Miranda was rushed to Children's Mercy where she spent several days unable to walk or talk.

Doctors ran a battery of tests, CT scans, x-rays and biopsies.  They could find no explanation for Miranda's sudden heart problem. 
They say they do not believe the HPV vaccine has anything to do with it.

"I do believe it's safe," said Dr. Scott Dattel.

Dattel is not Miranda's doctor but said he's never heard of any major side effects caused by HPV, only soreness and fever.

"HPV vaccine was thoroughly tested before the FDA approved it and I do think for that reason it is safe," said Dattel.

Miranda is still in Children's Mercy. If all goes well she could go home this week but doctors will not allow her to play competitive sports that she loves.