Swine flu vaccine 2009

Letter: Swine Flu reaction

Posted by Kristie Tait on June 7, 2010 at 8:45 pm

Vaccine Risk Awareness Network (VRAN) Newsletter Autumn 2010

HI everyone,

My little boy Logan has never been the same since his H1N1 vaccines he received in late Nov & early Dec. I don’t even know where to start as it has been a long painful road for me & my family.

Logan hasn’t felt well in several months now & continues to get worse. He complained about not really feeling well shortly after his first injection, then he seemed a bit better. It was after his second shot that things really took a turn for the worst….he started to be less & less interested in eating, to the point where he lost a significant amount of weight & his eyes and cheeks were sunk in. He screamed in pain from the stomach aches and cried daily from the throbbing headaches he had. He started having severe sleep disturbances and his behaviour became more and more concerning.

It didn't take long before I didn't recognise my own son anymore. We tried to get to the bottom of Logans health concerns and at first didn't even think it could be the vaccine doing this to him. He developed sever food sensitivities and could no longer properly digest proteins. we had to change his diet to wheat & dairy free & if he does get anything that is hard to digest he violently throws up.

He woke up many mornings in a pool of his own vomit & urine. He also complains daily of muscle aches & tells me that his bones hurt. Lab tests have shown that Logan has none of the good bacteria found in his digestive tract & that he has an immunoglobulin A deficiency. He also now has a low red blood cell count & is slightly anemic.  He also has a high level of reactive lymphocytes in his blood, my research has taught me that this is usually associated with a viral illness but can also be present as a result of immunizations.

Logans hemoglobin is also low. He is pale & has splotches all over his face. He tires easily and generally is moody & upset. I think he is pretty much in constant pain now for months. We are all worried sick about him. We have reported these adverse effects to Logans pediatrician & to his family Dr. I sent a fax to his pediatrician regarding this matter to which he never responded & the last time we were in Edmonton to see him he wouldnt discuss this matter with us.

We also told our family Dr. here in Cold Lake what was happening and we were suspecting the H1N1 vaccine has something to do with our sons deteriorating health. He refused to talk about it either & actually pretended he didnt hear me and started talking about something else.

The real kick in the teeth came today when I took Logan up to see our Dr again to see if anymore lab results came back & to discuss Logans anxiety issues & see if there was anything he could do or suggest to help. He handed me a few paper stapled together and told me to ask his receptionist to copy them for me…he then told me that he feels there is nothing more he can do to help Logan and advised us that we needed to find A NEW FAMILY DR!!!!!!!

Now that's all fine & dandy but the sad part is that we live in a small community where we are facing a SEVERE doctor shortage & there are NO doctors accepting new patients. I was totally SHOCKED!!!!!! I spent the remainder of the day in tears wondering how on earth we are going to find another dr. So now we have a little boy who has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, who is chronically ill & we have NO family doctor. We are devastated & have no idea where we are going to turn or if we are ever going to find a doctor who cares. Logan has always had a weak immune system & getting the H1N1 vaccine is probably the worst mistake I ever made & my little boy has suffered ever since. To top it all off our family doctor has now turned us away and won’t see him anymore…we need help desperately & have no idea whats going to happen to our little boy.

Kristie Tait
Cold Lake, AB