New pay-out hope for tragic Alison, 25

Western Daily Press 30/04/1998

A HIGH Court judge has given cerebral palsy victim Alison Bryant her first glimmer of hope in a 19-year battle for compensation from the Government.

Mr Justice Sullivan has granted permission for Alison, aged 25, of Bridgwater, to seek a judicial review for the handicap her mother, Pamela, claims was caused by an anti-measles vaccine.

Alison fell into a coma when she was just 15-months old, 35 days after the jab and Pamela was told her daughter was suffering from a prolonged fit. The coma lasted 14 days and left Alison with cerebral palsy and paralysis of both her arms and legs.

Pamela believes the measles jab caused the damage and in a bid to win compensation for her daughter she has taken the Department of Health to the Vaccine Damage Tribunal three times, in 1979, 1994 and in September last year. She lost each time.

Now Mr Justice Sullivan has granted her the right to seek a judicial review of the case.  

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