For most parents, caring for a child ends when the child reaches adulthood.
But for some, being a parent is a full-time life-long job.
Marjorie Peeke, of Westwick Drive, Lincoln, is this week's recipient of the Echo's Thank You of the Week bouquet.
Mrs Peeke (65) is a constant carer and companion to her daughter Heather (33) who has special needs and is very reliant on her mum in everyday life.
Heather doesn't communicate very well after an MMR vaccination left her with whooping cough as a baby.
She was left with brain damage, and needs her mother's constant care and attention.
And although she goes out to Lincolnshire Tec to learn literacy, numeracy and computer skills and for day care, for Mrs Peeke, it's a full time job.
Chris Wells, another of Mrs Peeke's three daughters, nominated her mother for the award on her sister's behalf.
"My mum has done so much for Heather, and she never complains," said Mrs Wells (40), of Lamb Gardens.
"Heather can do things for herself, but mum can't leave her on her own for more than 15 minutes – she always has to be there for her."
Mrs Peeke's husband died eight years ago, which placed added pressure on her.
She also suffered a minor stroke just three weeks ago and has experience health problems of her own, but carries on working through regardless.
"Mum is a real trooper, and she is wonderful with Heather," said Mrs Wells.
"Even if she isn't well herself or has something to be doing, Heather always comes first."
"We all try to help out as much as we can, but we all have our own families and have pressures on our time."
"But mum understands and doesn't demand anything of anyone."
Mrs Peeke was shocked that her daughters had nominated her for the award, thinking that only people who raise funds and work for charities would be eligible.
"I am very touched that they think so much of me," she said.
"But I would never have expected anything like this.
"I have only ever done what any mother would do for her child, and even though I do sometimes get tired and feel a bit down, I get on with things. "After all, we thought that Heather was going to die, so she is all the more precious to us now."
Heather was very pleased that her sister had thought to nominate her mum to receive a bouquet, and agrees that she deserves a big thank you.
"Heather was thrilled that Chris thought to nominate me on her behalf," said Mrs Peeke.
"She is such a lovely girl and she's full of fun and laughter. I wouldn't be without her."
"We have our difficult moments but we have happy ones too, and I am pleased that I can be here for my children when they need me."