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[Crooks from top to bottom apart from Poland.]

National governments must be investigated, not just WHO, says Le Temps

19 January 2010


Is WHO being set up to bear the brunt of the criticism of the swine flu scam in order that national governments can avoid drawing attention to their own complicity? This is the question posed by the headline in Le Temps.

With the exception  of the Polish health minister, every single health minister in Europe and every single government head backed the mass swine flu vaccination campaign in spite of the evidence that the jabs were untested and toxic.

French senators are going to question pharmaceutical companies on Wednesday.

But where is the parliamentary inquiry in Germany, for example? Why has none been launched?

WHO could not have implemented its swine flu mass vaccination campaign without the complicity of many agents in national governments, who established national pandemic plans from 2002 onwards.

One of the strongest supporters of these pandemic plans in Germany was Wolfgang Wodarg, who is leading the criticism against WHO while presenting the swine flu scam as mainly for profit.

Why has he not initiated an inquiry in the German parliament? Is it because his own role will come under scrutiny?

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