Otitis Media (Ear Infections)

 '25% of antibiotics used were used to treat Otitis Medea.'  ~ Dr Archie Kalokerinos (source)

[Infection or inflammation of the middle ear. Seventy-five percent of children experience at least one episode of otitis media by their third birthday. Almost half of these children will have three or more ear infections during their first 3 years. It is estimated that medical costs and lost wages because of otitis media amount to $5 billion a year in the United States.]


Childhood Ear Infections by Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

"Pneumococcal Vaccine and Otitis Media" by Dr. Erdem Cantekin

Antibiotics linked to recurrent ear infections by Michael Woodhead

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Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.  Testimony, Burton hearings

Antibiotics for ear infections [Antibiotics and autism]
[2008] Antibiotics and Autism By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.   prior to the development of autism, many of our children had multiple ear infections, which were then treated with antibiotics.  Many parents believe the antibiotic treatment in some way set the stage for their child’s autism.  I know that my own daughter had several ear infections in her first year of life which were treated with antibiotics.

 [2005] Could one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics amoxicillin/clavulanate "augmentin" be a risk factor for autism?   These children were found to have a mean number 9.96 bouts of otitis media (with a standard error of the mean of +/-1.83). This represents a sum total for all 206 children of 2052 bouts of otitis media. These children received a mean number of 12.04 courses of antibiotics (standard error of the mean of +/-.125). The sum total number of courses of antibiotics given to all 206 children was 2480.

[July 2009] Antibiotics linked to recurrent ear infections by Michael Woodhead

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The vaccine activates the baby's brain microglia (called priming). Then, shortly after this, let's say the child develops an ear infection (otitis media). The ear infection once again activates the baby's immune microglia, but this time the activation is greatly aggravated because of the previous vaccine-induced priming, resulting in a seizure or even sudden death. The pediatrician will blame it on the ear infection, not the previous vaccine. 
Vaccine Safety Manual  by Neil Z. Miller. Preface

 " 'Were it not for ear infections, most of us fleas in primary care would be out of a job. To be more precise, were it not for fear of ear infections, most of us fleas in primary care would be out of a job.......Even in the presence of the definitive study on the subject, Flea figures his colleagues will continue poking holes in tympanic membranes for a long time to come. What's more (and here's where Flea's colleagues threaten to beat him with blunt objects), ear infections pay the bills. Consciously or unconsciously, fleas will continue to take good care of our hot little bÍte noire. After all, she's been good to us.' No doubt parents in the rest of the world, will be kept thoroughly in the dark about that nasty piece of truth.....An article on his website is worth reading when it comes to the differences in clinical practice in 1904, and 2004.  Whereas in 1904, a baby whose teething gums weren’t cut open by the doctor was likely to “die”… in 2004, treating ear infections with antibiotics, now replaces the lunacy of 1904."------[2008 Nov] Fleas, the good, the bad and the very ugly by Hilary Butler

"A young Australian lady, living in England, organized one of my many seminars there and told me that her father told her "go to Viera's seminars and do not vaccinate your children.  All those ear infections, and problems like glue ear, are caused by vaccination".  When I asked her who is her father, she said "he is an ENT specialist in Brisbane, Australia". --Viera Scheibner

"Dr. H.H. Fudenberg, world-renowned immunologist with hundreds of publications to his credit, made the following comments: “One vaccine decreases cell-mediated immunity by 50%, two vaccines by 70%…all triple vaccines (MMR, DTaP) markedly impair cell-mediated immunity, which predisposes to recurrent viral infections, especially otitis media, as well as yeast and fungi infections.”--Harold E. Buttram, MD; Susan Kreider, RN; Alan R. Yurko

"BCG is a goldmine for ear, nose and throat specialists."--Dr Jean Elmiger MD

"At least half of all U.S children have had otitis media by their first birthday. By age 6 90% have had them. This condition accounts for 26 million visits to physicians every year. In addition, about 1 million children have tubes inserted in their ears every year, at a cost of $1000/operation. Thus $1 billion is spent each year on this operation. Just imagine what it means if this is all, or mostly all, caused by the pertussis vaccine. This particular "glue ear" type of otitis was not known in American medical practice before the late 1940's or early 1950's -- in other words, the time when the pertussis vaccine was being introduced."--Harris Coulter Ph.D.

"The role of vaccines, particularly the whole-cell pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine can be understood when it is realised that this vaccine contains a variable and uncontrollable amount of endotoxin that is injected and absorbed, unaltered, into the blood. It does not even go first to the liver where attempts to detoxify it could be made. If an infant happens to be particularly sensitive to endotoxin when the vaccine is injected, brain damage or death can result....It should be now apparent that any infant with gastrointestinal problems - abnormal organisms, intestinal parasites, loose bowel motions resulting from the use of antibiotics, and malabsorption of food (including lactose intolerance) - is liable, when further stressed, to produce endotoxin and this can end in a SIDS....If the Vitamin C status of an infant is borderline, the administration of a vaccine, particularly (but not only) pertussis vaccine, can result in endotoxaemia. This results in a severe reaction to the vaccine, a tremendous increase in the need for Vitamin C, and the precipitation of some of the signs and/or symptoms of acute scurvy. The onset of this may be so rapid that the classical signs of scurvy may be absent. Sudden death, sudden unconsciousness, sudden shock or sudden spontaneous bruising and haemorrhage (including brain and retinal haemorrhages) may occur. Haemorrhage and bruising in such cases can be wrongly attributed to the ‘battered baby syndrome’."---Dr Kalokerinos MD (Medical Pioneer of the 20th century p186

"A ‘cold’, a viral infection, or anything that disturbs immune responses can result in subtle changes in the gram negative bacterial flora of the the gut, stimulating them to produce endotoxin. This is absorbed into the blood stream, not adequately detoxified, and results in inflammatory responses in the mucous membrane linings of the middle ear............ that endotoxin is the initial cause of the inflammatory response in acute otitis media............ Dr Robert Reisinger in America had first alerted me to this group of substances and their relationship to SIDS......The reason why proper breast-feeding provides a known and large amount of protection against otitis media becomes obvious. Breast-feeding tends to prevent the overgrowth of abnormal forms of intestinal organisms that tend, under certain conditions, to produce endotoxin........Finally, there are two substances that are known to be effective as rapid detoxifiers of endotoxin - Vitamin C and erythromycin -they are both in ‘Archie’s triple injection’.  The relationship between SIDS, sudden unexplained shock, sudden unexplained unconsciousness, and otitis media is worthy of consideration. If endotoxin is the ‘cause’ of otitis and also the ‘cause’ of SIDS, sudden unexplained unconsciousness and unexplained shock — as I now know (at least there is a association), then otitis media should be found in a significant number of SIDS cases. That this is so is clearly demonstrated in a number of reported studies. "---Dr Kalokerinos MD (p311 Medical Pioneer)

Hanson LA. Human milk and host defence: immediate and long-term effects. Acta Paediatr Suppl. 1999 Aug;88(430):42-6. Review. PMID: 10569222 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Convincing studies demonstrate significant protection during breastfeeding against diarrhoea, respiratory tract infections, otitis media, bacteraemia, bacterial meningitis, botulism, urinary tract infections and necrotizing enterocolitis. There is also good evidence for enhanced protection for years after the termination of breastfeeding against Haemophilus influenzae type b infections, otitis media, diarrhoea, respiratory tract infections and wheezing bronchitis. In some reports breastfeeding has also improved vaccine responses. Several studies show that milk may actively stimulate the immune system of the offspring via transfer of anti-idiotypic antibodies and lymphocytes. This may explain why breastfeeding diminishes the risk of developing coeliac disease. Some investigations suggest that there may also be a similar effect on allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases, as well as inflammatory bowel diseases and certain tumours. This needs to be confirmed.

Book 2000: Medical Pioneer of the 20th Century---Dr Kalokerinos ISBN 0646408526

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