Gulf War Syndrome

Special Report: Gulf War Veterans, A New Film Is Coming!

Dec 2, 2009

This is exceptional and can not wait until it is released! Finally some good films to educate America on Veterans Health Issues, we need so much more!

WE need more films on people that have tried to help and what has happened over this 19 year path.

Drs and Researchers that have been criticized, ignored, black balled when they simply have tried to help our gulf war veterans.

Honor Roll of Drs and Researchers of the Gulf War Illness:

Dr Hymen (deceased)
Dr Charles Jackson
Dr Moss
Dr Baumzweiger
Dr Nicholson
Dr Kathleen Murray-Leisure
Dr Asaf Durakovitz
Dr Deitz (deceased)
Dr Berg
Dr Hannah
Dr Robert Haley
Dr Lea Steele
Dr Ari Vjordani
Dr Nass
Dr Asa
Dr Gerry

and so many many more!