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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 4:45 pm    Post subject: TO GARY MATSUMOTO URGENT!!!Please READ Reply with quote

I've been trying to get a hold of you. I read your book,and have medical backround. I was horrified, and tucked the info into my memory hardrive(my brain) for future reference.
I recently read about a medical facility in my area requesting volunteers for a new experimental flu vaccine with a mention of adjuvent..... Alarm bells rang off in my head. I called the Dr. (She called me back and confirmed one of the arms in the 10 vaccines has MF-59 squalene!!!!!Chiron is the manufacturer,and the NIH is funding it,I believe(she mentioned how the NIH was somehow behind it). Please call me to discuss what I can do to expose the immunologist and the medical facility,ASAP. I called Fox news local and national, they didnt have you listed. HELP! Heidi Schlossberg 408-646-9955 Hs4265@aol.com I live in the san Jose area, and I have to go find out which hospital it is. Hopefully you'll see this post soon. Thankyou.My oldest child had a severe reaction to the old DPT shot, which triggered(according to his pedi- nuerologist) tourettes syndrome. (he's 17 and fine now) Thus my journey and interest into the medical field. I am a CNA, and used to work in Hospice.I now work as an artist and art teacher