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[A pharma troll inhabits medical forums, blogs and  newsgroups and attacks/flames non-Allopathic medicine, or defends Allopathy.  They usually are incognito (eg 'Harradine') as they like to appear an impartial unbiased seeker of the truth!  They can then muddy the waters (obfuscate) more easily which is usually enough to keep the unaware confused about the merits of Alternative medicine, and stop the Allopathic from-birth brainwashing (see) from breaking down.
    The usual modus operandi is Show us the Proof'. Show us the proof and we will use it if valid (yeah, right!).  That game can lead the unaware round in circles for ages.   It won't be long before Anecdote don't count, comes out, or
not evidence-based medicine, "No known cure, no known cause
     This also draws attention away from the fact most Allopathy gets on the market with no evidence of value (eg Chemo) whatsoever, and hides the fact they have a medical Allopathic monopoly (attack is the best defence).  And no amount of evidence is ever going to be enough for these characters, obviously.  The Pope isn't going to covert to Buddhism.]

Case studies are anecdotes. Nice try.....These are anecdotes. DUH. Not data....The courts don't prove anything. Except, maybe, who has the better lawyer or a kid who need sympathy..NVICP doesn't count etc Jeffrey P. Utz, M.D. (alias Robert Watson, Wyle E. Coyote, Jeffrey Peter, M.D)

As for being a Pharma Troll, I am simply asking for someone to provide some decent evidence that homepathy works.  How can that possibly be a biased request?  How could anything be more neutral?  That's what scientists ask each other all the time, part of their job- providing evidence. 'Harradine'

Occasionally they blow their cover clean out of the water with a paean to Allopathy.  Classic!:
"Psychiatric drugs have helped millions!  They are far from a cure, but my God, have you no idea how much antipsychotics have helped?  People with major depression?  The evidence that these drugs have helped millions is overwhelming.  Of course they are not cures!  No one has ever said that they are.  But they have turned people lives around from the days when there were no treatment options at all."--- 'Harradine' 

or just a general crude attack:
"Hemeopathic medicine is also unproven. It is just distilled water. No wonder it has not been proven."
"ADHD, autism, MS, and other stuff has never been linked to vaccinations. They have been hypothesized to be caused by vaccinations. However, good studies have not shown that this is the case."
"Chiropractic, naturopathy and homeopathy are worthless. They do not work (except for the practioner's pocketbook)."
"Yet human studies show that DPT is safe"  then "DPT is not 100% safe. Nothing is."--Putz
Nutritional medical doctors are all assholes
"Orthomolecular medicine? That is unproven bullshit. Anyone who buys it is wasting his money."--Putz

Chelation therapy is useless too."
"The fact of the matter is that proper diet and nutrition is important for maintaining health. But nurtitional medicine does nothing to cure most diseases."--Putz
"Herbal remedies DO NOT work. I guess physicians and other people want to see patients get effective treatment that works without wasting time and moneyon useless crap." Jeffrey P. Utz, M.D. (alias Robert Watson, Wyle E. Coyote, Jeffrey Peter, M.D)