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Bringing the Urabe Atrocity to Court: Statement by the Parents of Harry Horne-Roberts

April 28, 2010

Age of Autism has been reporting the story of Harry Horne-Roberts since his death in December last year the double victim of iatrogenic abuse (Autism's Harsh Reality, Parents Welcome Inquiry) . Here his parents Keith and Jennifer Jennifer is a British lawyer - declare their determination to do everything in their power to bring to an end this tragic episode in human history, which has destroyed and damaged so many promising young lives, by bringing the Urabe atrocity to court.

Dr.Andrew Wakefield's latest video interview, (HERE) courtesy of Alan Golding, includes the true and horrifying story of the UK government's introduction of the Urabe strain MMR vaccines Pluserix and Immrovax into the UK in 1988, although the vaccines had already been withdrawn as dangerous by that date in Canada.

So the UK government knowingly introduced  dangerous vaccines into the UK - only the names had been changed.

As the result many thousands of children became autistic, including Harry Horne-Roberts whose story and tragic death have featured  recently on Age of Autism, Matthew Butler and William Cramer - all members of the MMR 10 whose legal challenge to the UK government went to the European Court of Human Rights.

The introduction of the dangerous vaccines was by a Tory government - Thatcher was in office in 1988. The Urabe vaccines were withdrawn in the UK in 1992, renamed and sent to the Third World where they did untold damage including in Brazil.

The Tory government in 1988 had given  the pharmaceutical companies immunity from civil suit  should any tragically damaged children subsequently sue.  The Labour government elected in 1997  has continued to cover-up the abuse.

The UK MMR litigation proceeded for many years until in 2003  legal aid was withdrawn shortly before the trial of 1000 claims was due to take place. The Labour government was guilty of a monumental cover up. MMRII which replaced the original Urabe strain vaccines has caused terrible injuries to thousands more children in the UK - and continue to wreak havoc.

Harry Horne Roberts' parents  Keith and Jennifer ( Jennifer is a barrister)  took 10 Claimants "the MMR 10" to the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the withdrawal of legal aid after 2003 via the UK  High Court and Court of Appeal.

Now they have referred the Urabe atrocity to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as a crime against humanity by the UK government. If the DPP fail or refuse to investigate the atrocity they will refer it to the International Criminal Court in the Hague on the grounds of crimes against humanity by the UK government.

Crimes against humanity are not confined to the Third World; in the West they are covered up. We need light in very dark and tragic places.