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[One way to suppress the MMR autism link is to withdraw Gov' funding, others are covered at Vaccine autism proven Sir Nigel Davis, brother of Sir Crispin Davis: non-executive director of GSK, was the man who cut off the funding.  Similar GSK connections with Murdoch (2009 James Murdoch was appointed a non executive director with Glaxo SmithKline the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine), whose main newspaper, the Times & journo Deer, others here: The Greek Chorus) attacking Dr. Andy Wakefield.]

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Lawyer list of claims:
Autism (287), Crohn’s disease and other serious chronic stomach problems (136), Epilepsy (132), Other forms of brain damage (induding meningitis, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, encephalitis etc.) (77), Hearing and vision problems (81), Arthritis (50), Behavioural and learning problems (in older children) (110), Chronic fatigue syndrome (41), Diabetes (15), Guillain-Barre syndrome (9), Idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura (and other purpuras) (6), Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) (3), Wegener’s Granulamatosis (2), Leukaemia (1), Multiple sclerosis (1), Death (18). (Dawbarns fact sheet.)

[Oct 2007] MMR LEGAL AID the high court judge states categorically that he was not aware at the time that his brother, Sir Crispin davis, was a non-executive director of GSK, one of three defendant drug companies in the MMR controversy.  But when the Eye and others asked his office about a potential conflict five months ago, a statement was issued on his behalf which said: "In 2003, Mr Justice Davis's brother was appointed as a non-executive director of GSK. At the date of the hearing before Mr Justice (February 2004), the possibility of any conflict of interest arising from his brother's position was not raised with him and did not occur to him. If he was wrong, any possible remedy must be sought in the court of appeal."

[May 2007] MMR judge faces probe over brother's link to vaccine firm
[May 2007]
udge, Mr Justice Davis (aka Sir Nigel Anthony Lamert Davis), who had dismissed the appeal over the removal of funding of the MMR litigation by the Legal Services Commission was the brother of Lancet proprietor (CEO Reed Elsevier) Crispin (Henry Lamert) Davis who at the time had also recently become a non-executive director of Glaxo SmithKline.

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[Media 27 February, 2004] Parents refused aid to fight MMR

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"They had two things they had to stop.  Firstly, the court case which had been organised on behalf of around 1,000 children and had taken 10 years to come to court.  This case had to be stopped because the government had underwritten any damages accrued by GlaxoSmithKline if parents were awarded compensation for vaccine damage.

    They also had to curtail Wakefield’s career, stop him from researching in this area in Britain, prevent him from making statements to the press and media, and above all discredit him as an expert witness. There is no doubt about his stature before all this happened.  He was one of the leading medical researchers in Crohn’s disease.  He had been given awards for his work.

    Anyway, they stopped the legal claims by parents by withdrawing Legal Aid.  In claims law in England, you have to select test cases because you can’t go ahead with 1,000 cases - so 10 were chosen.  But in 2004, after ten years of preparation, with all children being on Legal Aid, it was suddenly withdrawn 6 months before it came to court!  This meant that all the cases came to a sudden end. 

    In fact some time afterward when this decision was appealed, it was found that the Judge in the case had a brother who was a non executive board director of Glaxo SmithKline, who were the Defendants in the case.  Also, the science lobby groups funded by the drug companies and  Lord Dick Taverne, founder of Sense About Science and a lawyer, campaigned to get legal aid taken from the parents."----[Interview of Martin Walker Sept 2008] ANDREW WAKEFIELD IN THE DOCK