Vaccine damaged nurses

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[2014 June] Nurse who refused flu shot wins lawsuit against Hackettstown Regional Medical Center

[2014 Sept] One Third of Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs and Losing Faith in Vaccines

[2012 Jan] FURY AT VACCINE SCANDAL  HUNDREDS of public sector workers who claim their lives have been wrecked by vaccines say the Government has abandoned them.  Up to 200 doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, police officers, forensic scientists and binmen say they have developed serious physical and mental health problems after injections essential for their work over the past 10 years. All have given up their jobs and some are now 60 per cent disabled.  Last night it emerged they are to miss out on payouts, prompting furore among problems, which include chronic fatigue, muscle pain, weakness and cognitive problems, because illnesses developed soon after vaccination......Steve Robinson, ....was vaccinated six years ago against hepatitis A, B and polio, tetanus and diphtheria as part of his work as a forensic specialist.  Two days later he became ill and developed muscle weakness and chronic now 60 per cent disabled, which an industrial injuries tribunal put down to the vaccinations.  He has also been diagnosed with macrophagic myofascitis, a disabling condition which may be caused by the aluminum in vaccines. He also suffers from problems that cause him to fall with no warning. He said: “Before I had the vaccinations I was very healthy, a keen mountain biker and enjoyed walking and keeping fit.

[2010 June] Letter: Swine Flu reaction (a Nurse, Canada)

[2009 July] Vaccine leaves nurse disabled. Nurse fights hospital over smallpox shot  "I lost a career that I loved. I lost my identity. I lost my independence. I have been made out to be a malingerer, a fraud, by my employer. I have spent most of the past six years ... trying to be heard." ....Had her health difficulties been reported to federal authorities within one year of the vaccination, all of her medical and related expenses would have been covered under the Smallpox Emergency Personnel Protection Act of 2003, established specifically to compensate health professionals who put themselves at risk. Good Samaritan, however, never informed her of the program, and there is no appeal for missing the filing deadline, she said.

Hepatitis B Victim Support Group (UK)

A Nurse is Mercury Poisoned from Hepatitis B Vaccines and Amalgams by Susan Kreider, RN, CPC

[March 2006 VRAN] Aftermath of Hepatitis B Shots By Lucia Morgan
It's been nearly three years since I became chronically ill. I can tell you the day and the hour it began. It was shortly after I received my second hepatitis B shot. I had recently completed a master's degree. Six months after the shot, I could barely read.

The Chronic Rubella Viremia
Support Group, South 20655 Brown Rd., Cataldo ID 83810, (208) 689-3925...
The Chronic Rubella Viremia Support Group is a group of over 200 health care professionals who submitted to rubella vaccination and ended up with chronic debilitating symptoms attributable to rubella vaccine.  The founder of the group, Katy Fox, RN, suspects that many other health professionals were adversely affected by the rubella vaccine.  When 20/20 did a story on the subject, she says, over 600 people responded.

[BMJ Letter March 2005] Hep B vaccine stole 2 years of my life 28

Betty FLUCK [Hepatitis B-- Chronic inflammatory Demylenating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), Immune disorders, MS]

[Doctor] Clare FLEMING [Hepatitis B--ME/CFS]

Dr. Byron Hyde (testimony before the Quebec College of Physicians Medical Board)