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[Now over 1 in 5 children (Quotes) has a vaccine induced disease (e.g. Allergies Asthma Autism) .  "VICP has awarded damages in 1,311 of the 5,784 cases that have been filed. (Many cases stemmed from years before VICP was formed.) About 3,200 claims (60 percent) have been rejected, and the remainder still are being adjudicated. $1.1 billion to more than 1,300 vaccine-harmed families since 1988. (USA). Yet they still say 'Vaccines are Safe' .  In the UK only 1 in 100-200 claims get compensated, in Canada none, like the third world.]

See: [2015 Dec] Children harmed by jabs face cuts in compensation

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[2016 June] Vaccines Injuries and Deaths Increase in Government Vaccine Court   Every day, people in the United States are being injured and killed by vaccines, and those numbers are increasing. This is a fact that is not in dispute, as the Department of Justice’s quarterly report on vaccine injuries and deaths clearly demonstrates.
    And yet, the government’s official public statement about vaccines is that they are safe and effective, and should be mandated for all people. Any opinion or presentation of facts to contradict their position is vigorously suppressed and censored in the mainstream media all in the name of “public health” for the “greater good.”
    The American public is largely unaware that there is a vaccine court known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). This program was started as a result of a law passed in 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies total legal immunity from being sued due to injuries and deaths resulting from vaccines. If you or a family member is injured or dies from vaccines, you must now sue the federal government in this special vaccine court. Many cases are litigated for years before a settlement is reached.
    Once every 3 months the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines meets, and the Department of Justice issues a report of cases settled for vaccine injuries and deaths. As far as I know, Health Impact News is the only media source that publishes these reports each quarter. Past reports can be found here.
    The most recent report was issued on June 3, 2016 which covered the period from 2/16/16 to 5/15/16 had 206 cases adjudicated. 116 of them were listed in the report (see below), specifying the vaccine, the injury or death, and the amount of time the case was pending before settlement.     85 of the 116 cases settled were for injuries and deaths due to the flu vaccine, making the flu vaccine the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S., harming and killing more people than all the other vaccines put together.

[2015 Dec] The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary ‘Told Destroy Vaccine Files’

Vaccine damaged nurses

[2011 Oct Book] Unlocking Jake: The Story of a Rabies Vaccine, Autism & Recovery 

[2012 May] Autism Caused by MMR Vaccine – Italian Government Tries To Avoid Paying Up – Just Like the UK  This is just like the disgraceful state of the English authorities – with the wholly corrupt UK Vaccine Damage Payments Unit.  Hardly anyone knows it exists and their job is to deny compensation as far as they possibly can, making up as many spurious reasons as possible to wear down already worn down parents until they go away. 
The cost of trying to get money out of these corrupt people in terms of time and money could well offset what is paid out.  Since 1998 to 2008 they have paid out on 34 claims – and not much money either – an £80,000 lump sum for a child requiring 24/7 care: FOI Response From DWP – [history of request HERE].
    The total paid out on just 34 claims is an average of: £96,544.12.  The grand total paid since 1998 is £3,282,500 [about US$ 5 million] for all the cases.  The success rate for claims is an abysmal 45 out of 46 cases get nothing.  So just 2 in 100 applicants get anything.  It is hardly surprising few bother or just give up.  Cases are assessed by the Department For Work and Pensions on the same basis as an industrial injury suffered by an adult worker.  Children used to have had to be 80% disabled and now it is 60%.  This means children are vaccine injured but in addition to making up loads of reasons why the DWP should not pay up the ultimate insult is that the child is not sufficiently disable.  There is no legal funding normally either to assist with cases.

   One family caught up in the vaccine cover up was Mr. and Mrs. Peacher and their two children. Six years ago Mr. and Mrs. Peacher had their two children child A aged 6 and child B aged 7 snatched from them by social services after they claimed their children were vaccine injured.  Without warning the couple was falsely accused of MSBP and as a direct consequence of this accusation had both children taken away by social services (CPS). The children were then separated and put in foster families 200 km apart. All parental contact was severed in the case of child A and limited to just twice a year in the case of child B.

[2011 June] Parents Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination   Safety concerns have always been an issue since the advent of vaccinations. More so in the last 30 years since the increased volume of vaccinations, and multiple shots administered much younger and more often. Vaccination casualties are not at an acceptable level anymore despite all the assurances and an autism spectrum diagnosis is just the tip of the iceberg. On September the 18th 2010 I started an inquiry amongst parents of Autistic children 
“I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.”
The list that follows is the response. To date there are 900 comments here. There are additional comments found elsewhere (linked, and relating to autism), reports on a Vaccine damage reports database (mixed) and some reports regarding the HPV, Gardasil vaccine, totaling to more than 1800
This is a list of children, briefly described in their parents’ own words, some short, some extended yet, still summarised.
Each report/statement has been contributed via the internet. Parent’s accounts are worldwide with the majority of children listed subsequently diagnosed as falling within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Vaccinations are in the main, stated as being a contributory factor. MMR is the most frequently mentioned, although Flu, HepB, Dtp, and others get a mention as are, some deaths (RIP), and a variety of lifelong illnesses. Compiled with minimal editing by Joan Campbell. Special thanks to David Thrower for giving me the idea. 9/6/2011 (last update 22/6/2011)
We expect this list to continue and to grow. If I have missed anyone, or if you would like to add your voice to this list please forward to  or 

 [2009 June] Thirteen hundred and twenty two families have won vaccine damage cases since 1988 by Christina England

Euphemism: Adverse event following vaccination (AEFI)

[2008] Vaccinating Teens During Premenstrual Phase May Increase Adverse Reactions   Gardasil®, as well as other immunizations administered to adolescent women, are dispensed without regard to where a woman is within her menstrual cycle. During Gardasil®’s, clinical trial period, FDA approval, and during the two years it has been on the market, not one article has been written about how a young woman might tolerate the injection during premenstrum; nor is there any information in the Patient Product Information or the Prescribing Information on the Gardasil® web site, that cites any corollary to adverse reactions to the injection in relationship to the menstrual cycle. Withholding this information is nothing less than a crime against women

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National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP/NVICP)--USA

What We Know About Vaccine Damage!---Ray Gallup:

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How common are vaccine injuries in Sweden? by  Maria Carlshamre

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Making the case for (UK) Government Compensation for those damaged by Vaccines---Wm Wain

Is There Hanky-Panky Behind Mandatory Vaccines?  by:   Phyllis Schlafly


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"damage caused by vaccinations means the complete destruction of a child, of an individual. Those kids can’t speak. They’re complete idiots, imbeciles. Often, they are spastically paralyzed, and frequently, they also suffer from muscular cramps... Sometimes whole families are destroyed."---Dr Buchwald MD

[2005] UK Government In Secret Payments For Childhood Vaccine Damage New figures show the Government has paid out £3.5 million since 1997 to families who claim their children fell sick after jabs. Over the years (sine 1979), up to 30,000 people have battled for compensation, with only a handful winning their cases. ....They say they do not keep statistics about which vaccines are involved because it is too difficult to pin the blame on a specific injection.

"I know parents who have been turned down because they say the child is 79.5 per cent disabled (not 80%)."--Ann Coote

"If I had not been computer literate, and had not  been internet-literate, I would have still believed that   (1) my daughters sudden turn to poor health was in no way related to the Hepatitis B vaccine  (2) that "SHE WAS THE ONLY CHILD" who had ever been sick after receiving this vaccine and  (3)  I am crazy for drawing a correlation between the vaccine and her health problems immediately following the Hepatitis B vaccine."---Parent (e mail  forum)

"Another point which I document in my presentation... is that there is little or no objective research into the possible adverse effects of vaccines. There has never been a study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children. The only explanation for this is bias and political pressure."--Philip Incao MD

"Once a vaccine is mandated for children, the manufacturer and the physician administering the vaccine are substantially relieved of liability for adverse effects."--Jane Orient MD

"Every day new parents are ringing us. They all have the same tragic story. Healthy baby, child, teenager, usually a boy, given the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) or DT (diphtheria and tetanus), MMR or MMR booster followed by a sudden fall or slow, but steady decline into autism or other spectrums disorder."--The Hope Project