VAERS - Is the Joke On Us

by Sandy Gottstein

Does anyone with any influence take VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, at all seriously?  Or is it mostly just a sham, meant to make it appear that the FDA and CDC actually care about vaccine-associated adverse reactions?  Are they merely going through the motions, pretending they are honoring the intent of Congress when it created, as a consequence of covering vaccine manufacturer liability, an adverse vaccine-reaction reporting system?

If the CDC/FDA handling of the data is any indication, it looks like the joke is on us.

I recently did a search using CDC Wonder of all the years since VAERS started collecting data.  There have so far been almost 301,000 vaccine-associated adverse reactions reported to VAERS.  Even without the fact of under-reporting in a passive reporting system being taken into account (thought to be between 1-2% even for serious events), thatís a lot of reactions.  With the correction, it amounts to the possibility that the number reported could represent as many as 30,100,000 adverse vaccine-associated events.

Instead of making every effort to determine what that large number of reported reactions actually represents, both in numbers and significance, absolutely nothing, other than usually ignoring them, happens.

Instead of making every effort to determine what that large number means, we are told that vaccine-associated reactions are not necessarily vaccine-caused.  As if we are stupid. Of course they are not necessarily related.  But isnít it their job to investigate, to follow-up with well-designed studies whose purpose it is to ascertain which, if any, reactions are vaccine-caused?

Instead, not only do they not follow up with well-designed, properly conducted studies, they donít even follow up on the reports that are received.  They simply donít pay attention to much of what has been reported at all, other than a few bones thrown, like intussusception and some cases of GBS.

For instance, they donít know if 95,441 of those almost 301,000 people who reported an adverse reaction recovered, let alone the significance of the to-date 300,858. Whatís the point of collecting this information?

Apparently there is no point.  And thatís just the way they want it.

by Sandy Gottstein

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." - Wendell Phillips (1811-1884), paraphrasing John Philpot Curran (1808)
March 9, 2010