VAERS - I’m Not Laughing

By Sandy Gottstein

Dr. Yazbak recently reported on regressive autism and the fact that it does not occur until after a child has turned one. 

Is there anything about the recommended vaccine schedule and VAERS reports that might offer additional information about what is going on?

Infants receive considerably more vaccine doses in their first year than their second.  Yet according to this exhaustive search of VAERS using CD Wonder (all years, all reports), there were more vaccine-associated adverse reports in year two than year one. 

I wondered what, if anything, this might mean, so decided to look at the hard data for 2009, the latest year for which complete VAERS data is available.  What I found was frustrating beyond measure and a new development since my last research of the VAERS hard data some years ago.

The raw data has now been made very difficult to research.  There are three separate data files.  One data file has the vaccines, one has the symptoms and one has pretty much everything else, including what they call “symptom_text” (as opposed to the symptoms listed separately).  Thus, for instance, if you wanted to know what list of symptoms and vaccines case x had, and whether or not it resulted in hospitalization, you would have to look in all three files.  They are not together in one place.

They have also been inconsistent in how they report the results.  In the symptoms and almost everything else file, there is one line per case.  In other words, across the row are all reported data points in both the symptoms and almost everything else files for any given particular case.  However, in the vaccines file, each vaccine for a given case is on a separate line.  As a consequence, unless you are some computer genius, there is no way to easily merge the excel tables into one large table that shows the case, the vaccines, the symptoms, and everything else. 

And a computer genius I am not.

So, from what I can tell, the only way to combine them into a meaningful whole is to a)  search and find relevant cases or include all 325,000 or so of them and b) cut and paste each selected case, using all three CDC files, into a single document.  A process that may need a millennium to do properly.

Is this all incompetence or deliberate sabotage?

In 2010 I reported on some issues concerning the VAERS data in VAERS - Is the Joke On Us? In spite of what I reported in that column, I had still hoped to see if I could better understand the significance of the higher number of adverse vaccine-associated reports during a year with fewer vaccines by going directly to the data.  Instead, all I can report at this time is that something else seems rotten and not only in Denmark.   

By Sandy Gottstein

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” – Wendell Phillips (1811-1884), paraphrasing John Philpot Curran

January 12, 2011