International Vaccination Newsletter March 1994

DENMARK---Autism and MMR case

Dear Mr. Coulter,

Having read parts of your book: "Vaccination, social violence and criminality", I felt it necessary for me to write to you. I was particularly interested in the part about autism, because I have a daughter who became autistic after the MMR-vaccination. In order for you to understand what it is that I want with my letter to you, I will tell you my daughters story and how the Danish vaccination program works.

I am a Danish mother of 4 children: Michael 10, Morten 5, Anne and Heidi, twins and 3 years old.' Babies in Denmark get their first vaccination, against pertussis, at 5 and 9 weeks. At 5 months of age they are given a triple vaccine against polio, tetanus and diphtena; we call it di-te-pol. This vaccine they are given again at 6 months together with one for meningitis, called HIB. At 10 months they are re-vaccinated against pertussis, and at 15 months they have their third di-de-poI and the MMR-vaccine. 16 months another HIB, and when they are 2, 3 and 4 years old they have oral polio vaccine. MMR is also given at 12 years. HIB vaccine is new here in Denmark It started in May1993, and we started the useof the MMR-vaccine in 1987.

My twins were born on the3l of December1990. They were a little small, as twins often are, but they needed no special treatment. Everything was fine, with Anne as the strongest and most dominating of the two, up until they were 15 months. Ten days after di-de-pol and MMR vaccination both my twins were sick, with a high fever. After a couple of days, suddenly one night Anne had a temperature at 40.6 Celsius, I believe that is about 105.1G F. I took them to a doctor (not our usual one) and he said their fever had nothing to do with their MMR-vaccination, as I claimed. His words were: "'The MMR vaccine doesn't give such a high fever and not so many days after vaccination". Later on though I've learned from doctors and other parents, that the MMR-vaccine very often gives a high fever after about 10 days. Doctors told me that it is the measles part of the vaccine that made my daughters so ill, and that Anne almost certainly suffered from post-vaccinal encephalItis. Treated with penicilin, their fever dropped after about 4 days, and Anne and Heldi got well again, or at least we thought so. However, Anne never got to be her old self again, she had changed in a very drastic way. After 3-4 weeks it became obvious to us that something was very wrong. At first we thought she couldn't hear anymore, but an ear-specialist told us that there was nothing wrong with her ears. As we had also realised that we couldn't make contact with her anymore (neither could her.twin sister, who reacted in a very frustrated way) we took her to the children's hospital. This was July 1992, 3 months after they had their vaccine. The doctors immediately saw her problems (she was sitting on the floor licking different toys an the time). They made several tests, but everything was normal, except her behaviour. The doctors also reported that our daughter might have suffered vaccine damage and later sent us to the children's psychiatrist. In November 1992 we got the diagnosis : AUTISM. Meanwhile doctors had also reported her case to what is literally translated as "workdamageoffice". In Denmark you can't sue the doctor or the manufacturer in such a case. The law about vaccine damages is under the "work damage office", and they decide whether or not a case can be recognised and compensation can be given.

In my grief for what happened to my daughter, I got very upsetabout doctors not telling about the possible risks before they vaccinate a child. So in April 19931 went on Danish National Television to tell about Anne and to plead for informed accept. This I'm sure, made Annes case a political one, because after TV appearance far fewer children have the MMR-vacination, and suddenly there was not only Annes case of autism, but another 3 cases, and who knows how many we just don't know of. I should inform you that the Danish population is only about 5 million.

Now what happened is that we have problems getting out daughter's illness recognised as a vaccine damage. That is, all our doctors believe there is a connection, only the official health authorities and ~"workdamageoffice" will not see the comection. The argument they use is that a connection between vaccination and autism has never been described in any medical report What I now think is that autism is caused by a brain damage and up until the day she had her MMR-vaccination, she was a healthy normal little girl.

Now my questionto you is: Do you know of any cases like my daughters. It's not out of curiosity, I ask but because I need to know to prove that my child is vaccine damaged.

This, of course, means that I would have to have some documents or reports from other parents. I don’t know if you can help me, but I would really be very grateful for your help. Another thing: if you can us my story in your work, or to help other parents, you are welcome to do so. If YOU need more information please ask me, if I can be of any help, I would behappy.


With kind regards,

Mrs Anneslise Guldager Marthiesen

Sondertoften 11, Aadum

6880 Tarm


Tel: 97376353

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