My life was destroyed by the MMR.


My life was destroyed by the MMR... 4.5 years ago, I wanted to volunteer at a hospital (had my heart set out at attending med. school), and needed an immunization record completed by my GP to volunteer at the hospital. I went to my GP of 20 years just for him to complete these hospital immunization record form, and he could not find a record of me having received the MMR in my file, and so gave it to me again saying it was harmless. At the time, I did not know that one could check antibodies for the MMR, but the doctor should have known. He could have checked my antibodies for the MMR just to complete the hosptial immunization form. It was the only vaccine I received while having ulcerative colitis. To my knowledge it is not common practice to administer the MMR to 21 year olds...

My education has also been disrputed. I developed fibromyalgia like symptoms (a burning sensation throughout my body, and subjective weakness in my arms). It started off with burning in my arms, and now my whole body is affected. And I also developed localized scleroderma (a progressive hardening of the skin disease) in the same arm I received the MMR. Measles is a skin disease, and there is a live measles virus in the vaccine. Both conditions are progressive and debilitating.

This doctor ruined my life, and I want to sue him (but apparently my case is rare). I've ruined my parents pension (trying all of these trial and error treatments). There are no vaccine support groups in Canada, and I paid a big price to volunteer at a hospital.

People are not aware that vaccines do carry risks. And if you do get sick from a vaccine, the medical establishement will most likely not acknowledge that the vaccine damaged you. And it can ruin every aspect of your life. It ruined every aspect of my life. I think all of the vaccine contents leaked into my body via the ulcers of my gut (as this is the only time i received a vaccine when I had ulcerative colitis).

If anyone knows a good lawyer in Toronto who would be willing to take my case please let me know. I feel like I am just a number in terms of vaccine injuries, but I am also a person who had a promising future, until that doctor decided to innoculate me with the MMR vaccine, rather than check my antibodies for the MMR, just to complete hospital vaccine forms!

Also, please let me know if anyone can help me with my health challenges realted to the vaccine injury.