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[2016 June] "Following Vaccinations" -- 900 Voices Telling the Truth  A final point -- these voices, without saying so, point up the obscenity of the current hand-wringing over measles. Good lord. Let's talk about measles, if we must, AFTER we stop destroying children's lives every single day. 

[2016 June] On September the 18th 2010 I started an inquiry amongst parents of Autistic children.  “I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.”  The list that follows is the response. To date there are over 1400 comments here.

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Jamie Wiseman Adams. My son had MMR shots when he was 2 1/2. I put it off a little bit for some reason or another. He received them at the Bear Run Clinic in Orange Park, Florida. He screamed and cried the whole ride home and that night he started banging his head into the floor!!!! He was a totally different kid and stopped everything he had learned. He never was unaffectionate towards me though but immediately developed autistic like behaviours, especially echolalia and adhd. He ran a high fever and developed some kind of rash looking thing on part of his chin! Years later I learned he had a major allergic reaction to the toxins in the vaccines. I wrote Tallahassee Vaccination whatever they're called and they wrote back saying basically 'we're sorry but the vaccinations help more kids than they hurt.'  He went most of his life being misdiagnosed because Dr's didn't have a clue about autism. Finally at age 13 he was diagnosed with PDDNOS, tourettes, echolalia, adhd, and sleep disorder. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you DON'T GIVE SO MANY SHOTS IN ONE DAY TO A TODDLER. 

Heather Adel  My son started having seizures after his one month MMR.  They were occasional and everyone tried to make me think I was losing my mind and imagining it.  I did not want him to get two month shots but the dr talked me into it and that night he had 40 seizures in my arms.  Every day after that he had 7 or 8 seizures that lasted 10 minutes at a time.  He is on heavy doses of Topamax to control the seizures, which I think he started having seizures while I was still pregnant and on Reglan.  At 8 months along, I changed OB-GYN and they immediately took me off the REGLAN and I was able to carry him full term but had been having contractions prior to switching dr's.  Then when they immunized him it triggered something and they told me he would not live to be 5 and be mentally handicapped.  He is making his milestones and shocking all the dr's.  Nobody knows what exactly is wrong with him.  He is still on high doses of Topamax and without it he is a limp lifeless baby.  With it he is achieving miracles.  I have not allowed them to immunize since his two months immunizations and I am so scared to do so especially with all the stories out there.  He is my 4th baby and all of my other children, all girls, have been immunized with no problems, but something about my son is different.  They have already started saying he will be on the spectrum and he is 2.5 years old.  I really feel like there has to be other moms who had REGLAN while being pregnant and their children are autistic.  Just like the Thalidomide Babies there was over 8000 babies born with deformed limbs etc., before they realized the cause was something they took during pregnancy, I will bet my life that Reglan is causing Tardive Dyskensia which is being misdiagnosed as autism. 

Elizabeth L. Aley  My son was born after an emergency c-sect at 34 weeks, not breathing at birth, apgar scores of 3 and 5, in the NICU for five days on a vent, AND he was given Hep B WITHOUT my consent! He has a DX of Autism, SID, ADHD

Jenny Allan  Vaccine MMR: injection arm Location London Date of administration December 2003 (age 12 months) No immediate reaction noticed, but it might be significant to note that Chris had recently been ill with a respiratory infection and had been prescribed antibiotics. There was a very marked change in Chris's behaviour over the following few months. He stopped 'engaging' with adults for 'play' sessions and became uninterested in books (VERY interested in both before the jab.) He lost the few words he had acquired. He had always been an 'easy' baby, happy, sociable and content, but changed into a screaming, challenging infant who seemed to be in pain a lot of the time. Chris's MMR administration was 1993. He is 18 now!!

Ray Allen  Had MMR, severely ill, chronic bowel problems and autism diagnosed by age 5 years. Severely underweight. (Perth)

Noreen Albright  I question the Hep B in the hospital (he started wheezing and did so for about 4 or 5 days). We videotaped it and I remember it. The next reaction was the 3rd DPT and I believe there were 2 other shots administer. I believe the freak out about 2 or 3 days afterwards, he did a Sensory Freak Out (6 months) he started losing control of his eyes and his right leg turn in strangely. He had diarrhea and strange stools (I believe he was shedding some of the stuff they shot into him). I also wondered about this ORAL vaccine. Then the flu shot (which there were 2 given and I know there was a recall around that time). New Jersey. WE called this reaction into his Dr. who downplayed it. A few months later I had heard there was a big recall. Of course, they didn't inform us either way. His leg (same one that turned in from the previous shots blew up (inflamed) and wouldn't go away for well over a month. He seemed to lose some eye contact around this time as well. Unfortunately, we continued on the vaccine schedule. After the MMR, He suddenly started acting drunk and off balance. All of a sudden the child who was eating like a champ seemed unable to swallow or control his tongue and body. He started having mini seizures/space outs and things got really ugly. He seemed to be having really bad headaches every time he got shots. He would hold his head and hit it. He stopped talking (he had said about 6 words around 12 months. I did not experience any of these things with my next child that I did NOT vaccinate. The child who had no shots is the healthiest, no earaches (which possibly could be linked to these vaccines/viruses), no fevers (which also seems linked to vaccines) and no REGRESSION (thankfully). As a mother, I firmly believe that the vaccines were at the route of his inflammation, diarrhea, headaches, sensory freak outs, loss of control of muscles. I don't question it. I also believe these Vaccines are responsible for Brain Damage because they "turn on" something that causes BRAIN ENLARGEMENT between the ages of 6 - 12 months. It's after birth that this gets "turned on" and I FIRMLY believe the vaccines or something in them causes the Brain dysfunction.

Michele Karla Andrew  Son unwell following vaccination with MMR at 13 months , within 2 weeks had lost speech, eye contact, and developed eating disorders and bowel problems, was severely autistic by 17 months, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, possible bipolar disorder, Tourettes, now age 17. (Bristol)

Anna Maria Angelosanto  My daughter Aly was 13 months old when she received her MMR vaccine - a day later, she had a fever of 104, loss of speech, toe walking, no eye contact, body rash from head to toe like I'd left her out in the sun to bake, and vomiting then at the age of 5 she had to get her Diphtheria and Polio shots together and that night she had a high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea, she started babbling like a newborn, regressive behavior, etc. I will never give her another vaccine or flu shot her immune system cannot handle it - we are from Rhode Island. Today, she is trying to talk a bit more, has better focus, great eye contact all with the help of ABA, school, natural supplements like Cod liver oil, vitamin D3, probiotics.

Cheryle Wallace Annese  MMR daughter - severe purplish reaction head to toe. There was probably an inch total of skin color showing. The dr. said if you watched it closely you could see it moving.  Another daughter took over said it was something else and we didn't see that dr. again during our visit.  Nice cover up. My son - I went by the book, obeyed every order from dr. god. He was sick every winter with ear infections. Daughter has ADHD, my son is the one who is Autistic/just though I would share. If ever needed I have pictures.

Christine Arrighi  My son got mmr jab at thirteen months old. had fever month later the regression process started he is now 5 non verbal, little eye contact, bowel problems, sensory issues, eating issues and still in Nappies. Glasgow

Dawn Ashby  My son was a normal child until his 12 month old vaccinations in Waco, Texas (2004). He got many shots during the visit including MMR. He immediately stopped talking, interacting, laughing--became non-responsive.  He was tested for autism a few months later after no improvement--was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder. We had 2x a week speech therapist appointments and did daily activities (including heavy lifting). With about 2 years of constant therapy and working with him, he has mostly overcome his obvious problems. He still has a variety of issues (he has many phobias and his body is very stiff) but, overall, is able to pass for "normal".

Robert Babcock  My son developed high fever, lost balance and eye contact right after the MMR.  Following that was lots of hand flapping and he was diagnosed with autism just after his second birthday. We went to a DAN doctor who found lyme disease in both my son and myself. 18 months later we are still working with our DAN and lyme literate doctor, my son no longer meets the criteria for an autism diagnoses!!!!!! Milpitas, California

Sofia Backlund  MMR vaccine Got VERY sick after vaccine and stayed sick for 7 mnths, ear infections etc got 7 rounds of antibiotics back to back. Diagnosed Autism 1,5 years later.  Vaccinated in Boynton Beach, FL USA.  Today: after 4 years of biomedical intervention he is much better, he is in a regular school, he has friends but he still have some social issues and narrow and limited interests.

Stacy Kurnosoff Baghdanov  CJ, 7 years old, with asd diagnosis. Regressed severely after MMR vaccine, immediately got sick 1 hour after it was administered with explosive diahrrea, very high fever, etc. within weeks was not saying mommy anymore, no more smiling, didn...'t react to his name anymore, and lost all communication skills he had before the vaccine. He has been autistic ever since at 18 months old. Administered in Texas (2003)


Cheryl Bailey  Vaccine damaged. starting with Dpt took his physical skills, MMR blew his guts to bits and left him with failure to thrive and seizure disorder rashes, hair fell out, vomiting, leaky gut, loss of remaining physical skills including speech, eye contact, even the ability to open and close his hands, feed himself, crawl. In my book when you take a healthy child and destroy his body and ability.  It's called Damage. Now 18 it's been a long 16 years people. Location, Mississippi.

Becky Barnes  Patient Andrew Barnes My son ran a fever after his MMR.  He had a hard patch on his leg where the shot was given for over 6 months.  He gradually submerged into green/yellow diarrhea and autism. He was 10 pounds at birth and was ahead of every mile stone until that vaccine. The GI doctors refused to even test the stool samples.  When he was 6 we discovered (through our DAN! doctor) that he had Hypogammaglobulinemia.  We have to fly him to California (from Central IL) for diagnosis and treatment.  We have had two immunologists tell us in the office that they will help us only to have an office staff person call later and basically asked us to go away.  The vaccine was administered in Normal, IL in 2002.

Kimberlyn Barnes  My son Kendall developed Autoimmune Neutropenia at four months old. He wasn't diagnosed for another year, and by then it was too late. His immune system was already weak and the harsh vaccines as well as the schedule; I believe played a huge part in him developing autism. At one point he was on schedule developing and then he regressed. In front of everyone's eyes, but we (the doctors and I) were too busy trying to keep him alive and healthy to realize that he stopped talking. No babbles, no gibberish, nothing. Just humming. At the time I thought he did it to just self soothe. I thought "he's traumatized from the cycles of IV therapy, hospital stays and Dr's visits." Wrong! AUTISM was stealing my baby away it is believed that the MMR vaccine was the icing on the cake! We looked back at his schedule (shot) and looked at his medical records and the time matches up. Sheffield,Ohio

Sherry Bass  Michael-My eldest grandson seemed to slip away a bit and recover after each vaccine until he received the MMR vaccine @ 16 mos. Within a few weeks he had full bore Autism. He was scoped by Dr.Krigsman and found to have bowel disease as described by Dr. Wakefield. He is in 5th grade and is doing well thanks to DAN!, Dr. Wakefield's research & Dr. Krigsman's treatment of his bowel disease and a dedicated team of professionals at our school. He was vaccinated in NY. Aiden-My middle grandson was given vaccines on an alternate, slower & spaced apart schedule. He had seizures after DTaP vaccine at 8 mos. No vaccines were given for a yr. and then slowly & spaced. At 3 yrs. old he began HepB series. He began symptoms after those vaccines. He was diagnosed at 4 1/2 yrs. old w/ a mood disorder, motor disorder and has Autistic tendencies and traits. His diagnosis is about to be changed to PDD-NOS. He is in kindergarden w/ 1:1 aide, IEP and many supports and therapies. He struggles everyday. Vaccinated in NYS. My son Ben was born 1/7/98.  He had the Hep B vaccine at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.  He went failure to thrive.  After every round of vaccinations given in Haddon Heights, NJ, he became sick with nasal infections.  After his 15 month well baby visit where he received the DPaT, Polio, Hib and MMR he lost all skills and later was diagnosed with autism.  Today he suffers from dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and PDD-NOS.  Ben has not received any shots since 15 months; he is 13.

Katie Novarro Beecher  I am sorry this is not very complete information but I am good friends with two families whose children exhibited regressive behaviour after MMR vaccines and are now autistic, according to numerous conversations we have had. One child, a girl, is now 13 and the other, a boy is now 17. They are both in Connecticut. I have personally spoken with parents of at least three other children in the last year. I hope a lot of people respond to your request. These parents need to get together to educate the so called scientists and doctors.

Jennifer Benford  My son Garrett was 18 months when he got the MMR (he was born in 2002) he had hit all milestones on track. He was speaking, he was doing everything a typical 18 month old does. Within a month after the MMR vaccine he lost almost everything, speech, focus, eye contact, appetite - by 2 years old he was diagnosed in Pittsburgh at the Child Development Unit as being autistic. He is still full-blown autistic despite my attempts to try to help him with detox, hyperbaric treatment, supplements, therapy; etcetera ... he's 8 almost 9 years old. He had the vaccine in Johnstown, PA

Heather Benson  After the MMR shot at 15 months my daughter began having constant diarrhoea. Her health was very poor at 18 months when she was given her 4th dose of the DTaP vaccine. This vaccine caused massive encephalitis and she lost almost complete mot...or control, all speech and her development was fully arrested. I could tell she was in so much pain because she would cry constantly, all day, all night. She went from being a happy chubby fully healthy toddler to a completely emaciated, handicapped, and almost terminally ill child. Through the grace of God and hours of effort on my part she is recovering, but she still cannot walk independently and has difficulty using her hands for precise movements. Her speech is delayed but progressing- she is 4.5 years now. Heather Benson we are in NJ, USA

Tre Benson  MMRV at 12 months, fevers, seizures, loss of language. 6 months later the dx.

Philip Bentley  Had Pluserix MMR as a baby, high-pitched screaming, blister rash, constantly unwell, ear infections, stopped walking. Now diagnosed with severe autism, experiencing pain, and lashing-out, still ill. Droitwich, UK

Colleen Berkery   I have 2yr old twin boys that were evaluated @ 13months NOV 2, 09 by EI due to being premature they were perfectly fine & actually ahead of schedule. They got their Flu shot in Dec 2009. MMR & Hep shot on November 18, 2009 by January all speech was lost both started extreme tantrums, tip toe walking, self injurious behaviours & stimming. Each day they both were slipping away more & more. They were revaluated in March 2010 by "EI" AGAIN & were said to have Sensory Integration. I knew it was more than that & searched everywhere for help only to get the response they are too young to know. In July 2010 they were both diagnosed at the "Drexel Autism Center" in Philadelphia PA with Autism with a GAF level of 10. We live in suburbs of Phila PA.

Julie Hopefull Bezer  My son was ok talking and after MMR at 11months he just changed his faced swelled up and he was ill for a month after wards, Manchester, England

Monica Bice  My 18 month old daughter suffered from high fever- 104.7f, bulls eye rash, vomiting and febrile seizures 21 days post MMR and Varicella Vaccines. She began having daily seizures, focal dystonia, loss of milestones, frequent bacterial intestinal infections and displayed stereotypical behaviors. She did not grow for 14 months after this event, and a partially empty sella was noted on her MRI. It has since been discovered that she has a genetically compromised immune system, affecting her NK cells, now has a permanent medical exemption for all vaccines, and receives monthly intravenous immunoglobin to treat her immune system. Now age 6. Florida, USA

Ellen Bass Blackburn  Aaron Blackburn was born on May 27,1996, a happy and healthy boy. Up until the age of 2 1/2 he was developing normally. You could consider him advanced. He spoke in full sentence, sang songs, and ate almost anything. He was on time with every milestone. We were on time with all his shots and then it was time for the MMR. Directly after his MMR, Aaron become very ill, at which point we had to hospitalize him for almost two weeks. He had several seizures, high fevers, and couldn’t hold anything down. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him. They feared he would not survive he was so weak. Fortunately, the fever subsided and he begun to get better. After he came home from the hospital, we noticed changes in Aaron. He had regressed severely. He would cry a lot. He wanted to play alone. He lost all speech and eye contact. At the age of three he was diagnosed Autistic.  I have one vaccine injured son and 2 non vaccinated boys  Coral Springs, FL

Kathy Blanco  My son reacted to DPT in 1982 and has autism, seizures, and now has heart problems (requiring a pacemaker), my daughter reacted to MMR in 1988 and has autism and seizures, both received their vaccines in San Jose California. Because of my sons DPT reaction, on felt DT would be better, but continued to vaccinate my children, without any knowledge of bad lots found in my sons DPT, and my daughters MMR according to NVICP

Rebecca Bonaparte  I had a typical child  he was given MMR & men. C. conjugate while running a temp (doc prescribed antibiotics that day!) and that's the day I lost my son to Autism. Happened in Cornwall, Ontario.

Jennifer Bosley  St Joe Missouri 18 months mmr lost verbal skills and regression of milestones now nine still nonverbal

Andrea Eaton Botan  My daughter was given 12 mo. old shots on December 3, on December 4th I found her unresponsive in her crib. I am an RN and I cannot believe this happened to us. Our Evelyn got 3 injections an MMR, job and a combo ipv hep b and dTAP. Within 24 hours she had encephalitis and now encephalopathy. Very devastating. She had encephalitis and is now permanently brain damaged. The public needs to know this.  San Antonio, Texas US

Emily Boult  At 15 months healthy and happy, able to say a few words, then had MMR. Screaming fits for weeks, loss of speech, and loss of eye contact.  Now talking at age 17 but acutely anxious and frightened. Hampshire, UK

Clare Bown  My son Robbie had his MMR (following pressure due to a fake measles scare) at age 2 years 3 months. In the 6 months following, he had repeated ear and chest infections, and was given several courses of antibiotics. He also got rotavirus 3 t...times in the 6 months, and developed lactose intolerance. At 3 years old it was found his hearing was well below normal levels due to glue ear, which had developed from all the ear infections. He had grommets put in when he was 4, which have since fallen out. Now he is 7 and needs more grommets as his hearing is once again reduced due to glue ear. Robbie also has mild ADHD, although the behaviours associated with this were present before the MMR, however, his behaviour deteriorates when his hearing is impaired. Cumbria, England

Lainna Boyington   Kaelyn Grace Boyington (daughter- age 5) MMR, Varicella and DTap all in one visit.  Age 15 months.  She withdrew immediately.  Feverish that night. Quiet the ride home.  Sick for a few days (we were told that was normal, give tylenol) She never started talking again, where she had several words and was beginning for form sentences prior.  She was loving, attentive, affectionate until that day.  After that she stopped "hearing" us.  Stood staring out the window watching cars go by, hand flapping all day.  No interaction at all. We walked in with a happy, smiling, laughing little girl and left with a different child and almost 4 years later,  with gluten and casein free diet- she is verbal,  loving and attentive again.  She still struggles with speech and has many sensory issues and becomes over stimulated easily.  She started pre-k this year. They sent a pamphlet for a different pre-k home with her this week.  Bangor Maine

Francesca Montesinos Bracho  I am so happy you are doing this work. My son was adversely affected by the MMR.

Sharon Bradbrook-Armit  Diagnosed with autism age 3 now 18 - ASD & speech & language disorder / learning disabled. Given in Pinner Middlesex, UK 1993. Passed all milestones and had 10+ words at 10 months. Had MMR at 53 weeks, ran high temperature, lost all meaningful communication within days. (Berkshire)

Carol Brannaka  I personally HATE MMR-I remember when my son got incredibly sick....he pays for that shot every day of his life  Watkins Glen NY..

Mandy Brunskill  Reached full milestones, then MMR at 12 months, regression, inconsolable screaming, rash over body, lost skills, became ill, stopped talking, became “lost”, problems with stools, eventually diagnosed severe autism, now age 18 years.. (Leeds)

Marlene Burkitt.  Alex, my "autistic" son was born Sept 1994. I had a gut feeling, not good, about the Hep B shot and also MMR given before age 15 months since my 3 older boys born 1972-1980 had 1/3 as many shots and MMR was added after age 15mo or 24mo. Each round of boosters I noticed worsening of his symptoms with very slow recovery over time and supplements.  July 2009 I allowed only DTaP booster as he won't wear shoes except when forced to, shortly after that booster he had a bad spell of behaviours resulting in property damage at school, assaults on students and staff and he was sent to ED school as he was deemed too dangerous for regular high school. He is verbal HFA, grades vary mostly Fs this past year after his DTaP booster. I refused the 3 other recommended shots.  He is mostly "recovered". Most were in Roseville California (Kaiser HMO), but he had 4 shots all at once in Citrus Heights California, a government free clinic when I had a short period of no insurance. My niece went into the Air Force certified healthy. After just a month in Kuwait, she developed unexplained pain everywhere, now diagnosed with fibromyalgia and gluten sensitivity. Hard to know which vaccine she got was to blame though, as she also had a lot of amalgam dental work just before deployment as well. She was released from duty on full medical disability discharge when she was only 25 years old. She just turned 29 and she is still suffering.

Matthew Butler  Exceeded all developmental milestones until he suffered an immediate and extreme reaction to the MMR vaccine at 18 months - within 6 hours he suffered meningo-encephalitis that shot his brain to pieces as he lost all senses, his respiratory system failed and with the instant destruction of his gut he became lifeless, his body went into spasm and he fell unconscious only to be given the last rites and left for dead. His self-stimulated resuscitation by convulsion and projectile vomiting brought him back but severely brain damaged and now 21, his survival has been made possible by bio-medical and complementary interventions that continue to this day. [Kent – UK]

Tina Vairo Byrnes  MMR. my daughter lost eye contact, cried all day, stopped eating, couldn't be touched, hypersensitive hearing, stopped walking, stopped talking, stopped sleeping.  We're from new jersey.


This boy's grandfather, who posted me these photos, posted the following comment on youtube: