Eczema & vaccination

[1998] Thomas Vogt, Michael Landthaler and Wilhelm Stolz. Generalized eczema in an 18-month-old boy due to phenoxyethanol in DPT vaccine

Testimonials re eczema  

[1958] American Academy of Pediatrics statement on eczema and vaccination  No child with atopic eczema or other skin disorder should be vaccinated. 2) No child should be vaccinated if any member of his family has eczema or other skin disorder.



[1958] American Academy of Pediatrics statement on eczema and vaccination

From my friend Ann who stopped vaccinating at 9 months:

At a week old my youngest son started crying and screaming non stop; slept no more than an hour at a time, constantly had his body scrunched up into a ball and acted as if he were in agony. At a month old our pediatrician stated he had "colic".

At two months old my son developed such severe eczema that he had open sores ... It happened directly after his two month vaccinations. 

He started having bloody, mucousy diarrhea.. I was told that he had a milk protein allergy and to cut out dairy and soy from my diet. When that did not help his list of symptoms I was advised to stop breastfeeding and to start him on Neocate or Elecare formula. We did, and our insurance did not cover the cost; we paid over $700 a month out of pocket.

When my sons symptoms slightly improved but did not fully dissipate we saw a pediatric allergist, my son skin test came back negative. The allergist suggested that my son may have a severe intolerance to milk proteins and that the bovine serum in the TDaP vaccine may be causing allergic reaction flare-ups. Our pediatrician stated our son was just sensitive and that vaccination would only help him. 

At four months he had a flat skin rash following vaccination, at 6 months it was the same. 9 months was full body hives.

My son did not, could not, would not eat any type of food until 14 months. Did not take naps until 16 months and could not sleep through the night until 3 months ago at two years old. (Would wake up screaming and vomiting). We were told he was "fine".

We were denied a medical exemption.

My son is not a " coincidence ". He is not a " one in a million" who has a reaction. And he is not an "exception to the rule". We are one of THOUSANDS, and we will be silenced no more.

Nancy Babcock's album (231 vaccine deaths and injuries)

From my friend Elizabeth:

My daughter developed terrible eczema after dtap @ 3mos old. She now 1 year later has food allergies and a hyper sensitive immune system. The doctors got irritated when I mentioned shots being the cause. We did a blood allergy test at 4 months old which revealed egg and dairy allergy. I was nursing so they told me it was my fault she was sick because of my diet. I had to quit nursing her. I tried everything. Oils, creams, changing detergents, air purifiers. We had break through when I completely changed her diet. She still has breakouts but not nearly as bad.

Nancy Babcock's album (231 vaccine deaths and injuries)

Nancy Babcock's album (231 vaccine deaths and injuries)

This is my friend's child 7 days after the DTaP vaccine. Mom was concerned about vaccines, so was doing them one at a time. She did not connect the vaccine to the rash or the 3 month cough that followed.

She went to 3 different doctors who could not tell her what the rash was. One pulmonary doctor misdiagnosed asthma. 

Believing the doctors, she took the child in 6 months later for the booster and the same thing happened. This time it was followed by a 4 month cough that was diagnosed as the RSV virus in the ER.

Her child now has eczema and is on a special diet to help with skin issues. Her doctor agrees no more vaccines!!

Nancy Babcock's album (231 vaccine deaths and injuries)