Opening the debate on vaccination

BY Dr A. Majid Katme,

Medical Association/UK

Vaccines are harmful and unnecessary; they contain many forbidden (haram) substances, and are very dangerous to health, especially when given to our children in the first two years of life.

The case against vaccination is first an Islamic one (based on an Islamic ethos) regarding the perfection of the human body (immune defence system), with the great prophetic Islamic measures set in place, in order to avoid most infections. But, it is also a medical issue due to the recent rise in the west of new discoveries pertaining to the many serious medical/ health hazards affecting those who were vaccinated.

Allow me to firstly clarify some basic points:

 - Breastfeeding (up to 2-years) will give permanent immunity for life, as they say, and you will not need vaccination thereafter.

- The first 2-years are crucial to build a natural mature immune system in the body of the child. Vaccination, however, disrupts this natural process of development as most vaccines are given to our children in the first two years of life.

- Allah the Creator, the Designer, has organised for many germs/virus’ to be destroyed through the natural process of entry and defence (skin, mucous, blood etc.) and not to put it all directly inside the blood/ body without crossing the different natural defence barriers.

25 infections (diseases) are forcibly put inside the sensitive and fragile bodies of our innocent children by the age of 13 months while they are in a stage of formation and development.

- Some infections are required to build an immune defence system for the future in order to protect against future infections, which has been proven medically.

- Many vaccines, especially those given to our children, are full of haram substances, e.g. human parts, gelatine from pork, alcohol, animal/ monkey parts, all coming from the west who do not have knowledge of halal (Islamically prescribed) from haram. Hence, it is wrong for Muslim doctors to have adopted its use.

It is forbidden in Islam to have any of these haram substances in our bodies. 

And the people who have made vaccinations mandatory are the giant drug companies who have built their business to gain profits.

- Mercury and lead are two of the most harmful chemicals in vaccines.

They are proven to cause many medical harms today, including brain damage and damage to the nervous system.

- Overloading the child's body with many types of infections or subinfections and harmful chemicals:

Children in the UK will receive 25 separate components by the age of 13 months

2 months - diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, hib meningitis and polio

+ pneumococcal (six components, two needles).

3 months - diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, hib meningitis and polio

+ meningitis C (six components, two needles).

4 months - diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, hib meningitis and polio

+ pneumococcal + meningitis C (seven components, three needles)

12 months - hib meningitis and meningitis C (two components, two needles)

13 months - measles, mumps, rubella + pneumococcal vaccine (four components, two needles).

This is a grave medical assault inflicted deliberately on the weak defenceless bodies of our innocent children.

- All different chemicals in vaccines are causing allergies.

Today, doctors are unable to cope with the epidemic and endemic allergic diseases in our clinics and hospitals.

- Also linked to vaccinations are the rising number of Autoimmune Diseases, which arise because we have destroyed in early childhood the natural immune defensive system resulting in the body beginning to attack itself.

- Vaccine for every ill person is a very dangerous and wrong trend taken by the medical arena today.

No doubt Islam would like us to be heathly and to avoid any infections or diseases, but in Islam, we have many prescribed ways of avoiding most infections:

- Personal hygiene through washing hands, e.g. during ablution (wudu).

- Building of a strong immune system through breastfeeding, halal and pure/ natural (tayyib) food and drink like honey and ginger; Qur’anic food/fruits, prayer, fasting, blood-cupping, black seed oil, all of which are medically and scientifically proven to work.

And because a weak immune system is the causes of most infections, we need to go back and build the natural strong immune system.

In the west today there is a growing movement for alternative medicine to achieve this objective.

We are also asked in Islam to look and find the right medicine and treatment for diseases and this is the proper medical practice.

Sometimes an infection can be a blessing and a part of the destiny written by God for many good reasons.

It is very wrong, therefore, to see practicing Muslim doctors in a state of denial, fully blind to the west’s unlawful and harmful vaccines, and refusing to know, read or consider opening the subject to debate, especially when Muslim children are at threat.

All I am asking now is to open the debate on vaccination; is that too much to ask?