Dr A. Majid Katme

 [Dr A. Majid Katme is spokesman Islamic Medical Association.  He has drawn the fire of the medical mafia by speaking out against vaccination.]

Opening the debate on vaccination BY Dr A. Majid Katme

The actions of The Sunday Times today confirmed they are pursuing an agenda to stifle justified concerns regarding child health safety and vaccination.

In the Sunday Times letters column today there were 3 letters - all supporting vaccination.  The Sunday Times did not print Dr Majid Katme's response and he was the person the article last week was about.  That speaks reasonably clearly for itself. 

The three letters were from Dr David Salisbury, Head of Immunisation at the Department of Health, Ian Jones,Professor of Virology,University of Readingand one from a Muslim doctor Dr Imteyaz Khan.

As Dr Katme notes, the two "new Imans", Dr Salisbury and Ian Jones, are now teaching muslims their own religion. 

All of Dr Katme's corrections were ignored.  So, for example, according to The Sunday Times, Dr Katme remains the head of the Islamic Medical Association - a role to which their journalist "promoted" him.  He is the spokesman and not the head.  The accuracy of the rest of the Sunday Times story can be measured against that kind or inaccuracy.