Measles jab girl blinded

Daily Record, Nov 10, 1994

A teenage schoolgirl was struck blind three days after a Measles Jab.

And yesterday experts were probing the mystery of 15-year old Alison Doherty’s agonising illness.

Doctors have told her worried mother Liz the vaccination injection was NOT to blame.

But so far they have been unable to explain the reasons for Alison's condition.

Liz said: "it must be the injection, there doesn’t seem to be any other reason. And the doctors don’t know when she’ll get better."

Tests at St’John’s Hospital, in Livingston, West; Lothian, have also ruled out meningitis.

Alison was given the measles and rubella, vaccination last Thursday at Linlithgow Academy. But she developed severe headaches on Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday, she began to complain about pains in her eyes and she was rushed to hospital on Monday.

Liz, 40, of Glendevon Park, Winchburgh, West Lothian, told how light and sound caused Alison unbearable pain.

The fourth.year pupil was unable to open her eyes for 48 hours as she lay in a blacked-out room.

Liz said: "She couldn’t see to go anywhere. She was on two different pain killers but they had no effect.

"They don’t know when she’ll get better or when she’ll get home.

"The hospital have ruled out the jab.  But the light and noise problems are typical measles symptoms.

She added:  "Alison seems to be a bit better.  I dread to think what would have happened if a five year old had caught it. A kid of that age couldn’t cope."

A spokeswoman at St John’s denied there was a connection between Alison’s sudden illness and the measles jab.

She added:  "Alison is quite comfortable."

Meanwhile, a grand mother warned yesterday that many kids will fall victim to the jab.

Helen Scott has battled for more than 20 years to highlight the dangers.

Her son Alastair, now 33, suffered vaccine encephalitis after he was given a smallpox jag.

They were awared 10,000 because he was left mentally retarded.   Helen, of Edinburgh said: "Parents have to know that they are playing Russian roulette.  "

"If they decide to take these jags, go into all the ifs and buts."

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