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Educate Before You Vaccinate: Vaccines Caused Son’s Tourette’s Syndrome


Tourette's Syndrome/Hep.B vacc

Binstock, T. Hypothesis: Infection, antibiotics, vaccination-induced neuropathies: Mechanisms of pathogenesis in some cases of autism, ADHD, Tourette's, OCD, and other neurological disorders. Bit.listserv.autism January 3 1997.

.....ABSTRACT..... Cytokines are released in response to vaccination (i) as part of the processes by which vaccinations induce antibody formation, and (ii) as indicated by the occurrence of fever and, in many children, lethargic behavior. The cytokines so released are causally associated with two other processes: (i) edema within the cns, and (ii) clonal expansions of T-cell and B-cell subsets already activated by specific antigens from recent processes within the central nervous system (cns). Of significance to autism, OCD, Tourette's, ADHD, etc, is that some T-cells and B-cells in peripheral circulation may be encoded with neuron-derived epitopes (NdEs) subsequent to various infections and/or various treatments with antibiotics. In children having such NdE-encoded T-cells, B-cells, and antibodies, vaccination-induced clonal expansions of those T-cells and B-cells may, in some cases, initiate further neuronal damage. In other words, brain regions whose pre-vaccination neuronal damage had been relatively insignificant may, via vaccination-induced clonal expansions, suffer additional damage. The sequence is as follows: individuals primed with NdE-encoded immunological cells may, given cytokines-release induced by one or more vaccinations, experience clonal expansions of those T-cells and B-cells, which can re-cross the bbb into the brain and then induce additional damage, ie, resulting in vaccination-enhanced neuropathy presenting clinically as autism, tics, Tourette's syndrome, OCD, ADHD,


1. In his book VACCINATION, SOCIAL VIOLENCE, AND CRIMINALITY, Harris Coulter makes an important observation: in many children, post-vaccination traits appear to be similar to those described as sequelae to various CNS infections (15). This paper's hypothesis presents molecular mechanisms that may account for the similarities in sequelae to various CNS infections and, in some children, to vaccinations.

2. Based upon the facts (i) that fever is a vaccination reaction experienced by many individuals (9), and (ii) that fever and edema are stimulated by similar cytokines (34, 43, 57), a subset of vaccinated children -- as a direct result of vaccination-induced cytokines release -- may be likely to experience both encephalitis and subsequent encephalopathy.

3. For instance, recent research findings are instructive regarding autistic children for whom -- as neonates, infants or toddlers -- medical records show a history of infections, antibiotic treatments, vaccinations, and temporally associated onset of autistic traits (eg, 3, 15).

4. As suggested by Coulter (15) a range of mild but significant post-vaccination neuropathies may occur, and the following rationale applies not only to autism but also to traits such as tics, ADHD, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), etc. A. Fever is strongly associated with interleukin-1, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor alpha (IL-1, IL-2, TNF-alpha; ref 34). B. Brain inflammation is strongly associated with those same cytokines (6, 12).....

I recently read about a medical facility in my area requesting volunteers for a new experimental flu vaccine with a mention of adjuvent..... Alarm bells rang off in my head. I called the Dr. (She called me back and confirmed one of the arms in the 10 vaccines has MF-59 squalene!!!!!Chiron is the manufacturer,and the NIH is funding it,I believe(she mentioned how the NIH was somehow behind it). Please call me to discuss what I can do to expose the immunologist and the medical facility,ASAP. I called Fox news local and national, they didnt have you listed. HELP! Heidi Schlossberg 408-646-9955 I live in the san Jose area, and I have to go find out which hospital it is. Hopefully you'll see this post soon. Thankyou.My oldest child had a severe reaction to the old DPT shot, which triggered(according to his pedi- nuerologist) tourettes syndrome. (he's 17 and fine now) Thus my journey and interest into the medical field. I am a CNA, and used to work in Hospice.I now work as an artist and art teacher TO GARY MATSUMOTO URGENT!!!Please READ